How to create a mermaid braid: The braiding tutorial you won’t want to miss!

Tempted to learn how to do a mermaid braid (or a side mermaid braid) for your summer 'do? Then it's your lucky day, because we're going to show you!  

back shot of a woman with long brunette in a mermaid braid



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As we’re sure you already know: mermaid hair has become the look to rock. We’ve already seen mermaid-inspired hair colours and now we’re seeing mermaid braid styles take centre stage. But don’t worry if you’re at a total loss for where to start, because the All Things Hair team is here to help!

Want to know how to make a mermaid braid from the comfort of your own home? Then just follow our step-by-step mermaid braid hairstyle tutorial below, and you’ll soon be on your way to enchanted-looking locks. Move over, Ariel! 

Tutorial: How to do a mermaid braid in 5 steps



Prep your hair.

Begin by brushing through your hair to remove any knots or tangles. Then apply some Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment to help replenish lipids, soften and add shine to your mane.

woman with long brunette hair applying a hair oil

Curl your hair.

Now, while you can rock a mermaid braid with uber straight strands, we think that curls look best!

So grab your curling iron and curl 2-3 inch sections of hair until you’ve got a head full of luscious curls.

back shot of a woman with long brunette hair curling her hair with a curling tong

Section and braid.

Okay, let’s learn how to do a mermaid braid! Start by sectioning off 3 pieces of hair from the back of your crown.

To braid, start weaving your hair into a traditional 3-strand plait all the way to the ends. You don’t want to make the braid too tight, however, so if it is too neat use the pancaking method to loose them.

back shot of a woman with long brunette hair braiding her hair

Weave in extra hair.

Now to give your look that mermaid effect, pick up small pieces of hair from either side of your braid and weave them through the braid.

back shot of a woman with long brunette hair adding extra hair into her braid

Secure with a hairband

Once you’ve interwoven hair all the way along your braid, secure it together with with a hairband.

back shot of a woman with long brunette hair securing her braid with a hairband

Final look.

And there you have it: a magical mermaid braid fit for all occasions in the human world.

back shot of a woman with long brunette in a mermaid braid wearing a pink top


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