Style It On: How to do an inverted French braid bun by Nikki Phillippi

Ever wondered how to make a French braid inverted? Well wonder no more, because we're going to show you how to do an inverted French braid bun in 7 simple steps!  

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Ladies of great style, please gather around: we have some exciting news to share with you. Mega-babe Nikki Phillippi is the first beauty vlogger to take part in our brand new Style It On series, where she’s demonstrating how to create an inverted French braid bun!

Each month, we’ll be testing the hair skills of our favourite beauty vloggers, by providing them with a hairstyle theme and a box full of handy hair products. Then, we’re leaving it completely down to them to create a tutorial of their favourite hairstyle.

If you want to try her fabulous French braid bun, just read below for our step-by-step guide to creating an inverted French plait!

How to do an inverted French braid bun


Wash, dry and section your hair.

Begin by washing your hair with the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This will help make your hair look shiny and moisturised, without weighing it down.

Then, on damp hair, Nikki advises that you should apply some TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Dual-Action Maximiser from root to tip, to help add volume.

Next, blowdry your hair! Once dry, brush it through to remove any knots or tangles. Then section your hair in half, clipping the top half up and out of the way for now.

nikki phillippi inverted french braid bun tutorial style it on

Curl your hair.

Working on the bottom part of your hair first, take small sections and curl them using a curling wand with a medium-sized barrel. Curl each section in a different direction to get that undone, messy effect.

Once you’ve finished curling all of the bottom section, move onto the top half of your hair which you clipped aside in step 1. 

Nikki’s top tip: When releasing your ringlet from the curling wand, hold it in your hand for a few seconds. This will help the curl last longer.

how to do an inverted french braid with nikki phillippi

Section the front.

Create a parting down the side of your head, and another down the back, to help divide the front section of your hair. Pull the back pieces up into a mini bun.

nikki phillippi inverted french plait bun style it on tutorial

Create your inverted French braid.

To make a French braid inverted, divide the front section of hair into 3 equal sections. Now begin to weave by crossing the left section of hair under the middle section, and then the right section under the middle.

Continue this plaiting process while picking up more hair from each side, adding it to your braid as you go.

french braid inverted bun tutorial how to

Pancake your braid.

When you reach the bottom of your inverted French braid, secure it with a hairband, then pancake it to thicken it up. You’ll be left with a chunky-looking braid, just like Nikki’s!

inverted french braid bun tutorial nikki phillippi

Create a bun.

Now it’s time to turn your inverted French plait into a bun. Take the rest of your hair out, gathering your loose hair and the end of the braid together. Pull it into a messy, low side bun before securing with a hairband.

Pin any loose strands in place with bobby pins that match the colour of your hair.

How to do an inverted French braid bun with Nikki Phillippi

Final look: Finish with hairspray.

Complete the look by spritzing your mane with some TRESemmé Volume & Lift Ultrafine Hairspray to help hold your cool-girl updo in place all day.

Now go out there and rock that inverted French plait bun!

Nikki Phillippi's inverted French plait bun tutorial


If you’re planning on trying out Nikki’s inverted French braid bun tutorial, remember to use the hashtag #StyleItOn when posting your finished look to Instagram or Twitter. Nikki will be passing on her challenge to the lovely Breanna (AKA MiniMarley12), so don’t forget to check back in to see her take on this month’s #StyleItOn.

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