20 fairy tale flower braids we love

If we could wave a magic wand, we'd wear flower braids every day!

Flower braids: A favourite among bridesmaids and flower girls (for obvious reasons), they’re also an ideal way to elevate your usual everyday braids into something more special.

Don’t let their intricate appearance deter you, as the actual method is far easier than you’d think. After creating a regular braid, you simply pancake the outer layers of the braid to create a petal effect et voilà, it’s as easy as that! So, what are you waiting for? Check out 20 princess-worthy flower braids, below.

Blonde woman with a half-up half-down flower braid hairstyle.
Blooming beautiful! Credit: Instagram.com/braidsbypetra

1. Half-up, half-down hairstyle

Half-up, half-down bun hairstyles are everywhere at the moment but if you’re looking for a way to take this casual style and make it more occasion-worthy, look no further!

With its pretty flower detailing, this gorgeous half-up ‘do is the epitome of fairy tale hair and works well on girls of all ages. Credit: @braidsbypetra

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Woman with long brunette hair in a topsy tail flower braid standing outside
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! Credit: Instagram.com/hairby_ari_jandy_

2. Topsy turvy braid

Looking for a showstopping style that people will be talking about for months to come? We’ve got just the thing. Rapunzel-inspired topsy-turvy flower braids are a true work of art and are bound to get people talking. Credit: @hairby_ari_jandy_

Woman with light brown hair in a half up waterfall flower braid hairstyle
Don’t go chasing waterfalls… Credit: Instagram.com/sweethearts_hair

3. Waterfall flower braid

For a truly romantic style, why not combine your flower braids with a classic waterfall braid? Create a faux flower crown effect by making a waterfall braid that wraps around from one side of your head to the other, and finish up with a pancaked flower bun for added detail. Credit: @sweethearts_hair

Woman with long ash blonde hair in a fishtail flower braid style wearing a white tshirt with a skull on it.
Upgrade your fishtail braid with a floral detail! Credit: Instagram.com/n.starck

4. Fishtail flower braid

Fishtail braids never fail to impress, so if you’re looking for a way to make the most of longer lengths, you won’t find a better look than this! Made up of a half-up flower bun, the remaining hair is woven into a detailed fishtail plait and pancaked for a full and fluffy effect. Credit: @n.starck

Woman with two low flower braided pigtail buns
Pigtails aren’t just for the playground! Credit: Instagram.com/alexandralee1016/

5. Flower bun pigtails

These cute-as-a-button double flower buns are the perfect festival-friendly style, wouldn’t you agree?! The best part about this style is that pigtail flower braids work just as well on short, medium and long hair, so anyone can give this look a go. Credit: @alexandralee1016

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Woman with strawberry blonde long hair with her hair styled in a half up space bun flower braid style
The space bun trend is here to stay! Credit: Instagram.com/missjessicaashford

6. Floral space buns

In case you hadn’t noticed, our love affair with space buns is stronger than ever! If they’re a bit too edgy for you, why not try a girlier floral alternative using flower braids like this Instagrammer? Credit: @missjessicaashford

Brunette with double Dutch braids into a flower braid bun, wearing a low back grey tshirt with a back tattoo.
This look is so pretty! Credit: Instagram.com/alifetoliv

7. Floral updo

All we could think about when we came across this hairstyle is how good this braided updo would look with a low back dress. Whether you’re off to a wedding or just want a cute style for afternoon tea, this hairstyle will give any outfit a glow-up. Credit: @alifetoliv

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Blonde woman with curled hair in a low ponytail with braided flower detail
Bet you didn’t think a ponytail could look this good! Credit: Instagram.com/thecreativestudioathens

8. Flower braid low ponytail

Ponytails might not seem like the most occasion-worthy style but add flower braids to the mix and then we’re talking! For the finishing touch, use a curling wand on your lengths to create dreamy loose curls and ta-da – instant princess locks! Credit: @thecreativestudioathens

Woman with long brunette curly hair in a triple mini flower braided bun style
These mini buns are too cute to handle! Credit: Instagram.com/luxeremi

9. Mini flower buns

If you like wearing your hair down but want to find a way to spruce your strands up, put down the accessories and start creating these adorable mini flower braids! The equivalent of a cute hair clip, they’ll take your hair and turn it into something pretty spectacular. Credit: @luxeremi

Woman with straight blonde hair and her bangs in a flower braid
Of all the ways to style your bangs, this has to be the prettiest! Credit: Instagram.com/braidsbypetra

10. Braided bangs

Growing out a fringe? Working your bangs into flower braids is an ingenious and flattering way to sweep your hair out of your face, while opening up your facial features and accentuating your natural beauty. Credit: @braidsbypetra

Brunette girl with flower braids around one side of her ear with long straight hair
You might not think flower braids could look edgy, but we’d argue otherwise. Credit: Instagram.com/hairstylespizz

11. Braided undercut

This quirky braided style uses flower braids to create an undercut effect, resulting in a look that’s equal parts edgy and girly. Credit: @hairstylespizz

Woman with platinum blonde long hair in a bubble ponytail and flower braid style
Combine a bubble pony with braids for a unique look. Credit: Instagram.com/lettileipuri

12. Bubble ponytail

There’s nothing like a bubble ponytail to inject some fun into your ‘do and this bubble flower braid combo is ultra sweet. You can position the flowers between each of the bubbles, or keep them at the top and bottom of the ponytail. Credit: @lettileipuri

Brunette with an upside down French braid updo into flower braids
Flower braids complete this upside-down updo. Credit: Instagram.com/myhairstyle_xo

13. Upside-down French braid

Made up of an upside-down French braid, mini flower braided buns and curled ends, this prom-worthy updo has everything going for it. Adorned with tiny pearl accessories, it’s on-trend, too. Credit: @myhairstyle_xo

Close-up of a darked haired woman with a sleek ponytail tied with a flower braid
The secret to nailing this pony is to keep the lengths super sleek. Credit: Instagram.com/braid_with_me

14. Sleek pony

Gorgeous and understated, this sleek pony style could easily take you from a meeting to post-work drinks. Note the addition of the white rose clip in the center of the braid? It’s #flowerception. Credit: @braid_with_me

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Brunette with a curly flower braid accent braid
Keep it low-key for daytime with a single flower detail. Credit: Instagram.com/annastyleshair

15. Accent braid

Sometimes you just want a quick hairstyle that’s going to liven up your look, but this one will still make people think you’ve spent time on your hair. Credit: @annastyleshair

Woman with brown ombre and multicoloured rainbow hair in a half-up half-down flower braid
This look is made even more fabulous with its rainbow hues. Credit: Instagram.com/jxmmaa_vie

16. Pastel brights

Colour fans, feast your eyes on this rainbow flower braid of dreams. The best part? You don’t even need to dye your hair to get the look, hair chalks will look just as good and they’re perfect for festivals. Credit: @jxmmaa_vie

Platinum blonde curly hair in a half-up half-down looped flower braid
Create a real statement style by giving your braid a looped look. Credit: Instagram.com/abbyartistry

17. Loop braid

For those looking for a braid that’s anything but ordinary, enter: the loop braid. Looks difficult but it’s actually just a normal flower braid, with the outer pieces of hair pancaked to give a “looped” look (hence the name!) Credit: @abbyartistry

Bronde haired woman with a voluminous side braid and a flower braided headband
Who needs a flower headband when you can braid one yourself? Credit: Instagram.com/cosmoprofbeauty

18. Braided headband

Anyone else fawning over this Princess Jasmine-esque headband side braid? The flowers give it that extra level of detail only a real princess could pull off. Credit: @cosmoprofbeauty

Blonde haired woman with a large side flower braid updo wearing red lipstick and a blue striped top
For when only an updo will do! Credit: Instagram.com/sj_hair

19. Side updo

Braids? Check. Updo? Check. Retro flair? Check check check! This look has vintage vibes in abundance and we’re totally here for it. Credit: @sj_hair

Close-up of a woman with pastel pink hair styled in rosebud flower braided buns with gold butterfly clips.
Stop and smell the roses! Credit: Instagram.com/heatherhairandbridalstylist

20. Rosebuds and butterflies

With rose shaped braids and butterfly clips, hair doesn’t get more romantic than this. The sugary sweet candyfloss pink hue only adds to the fairy vibes. Credit: @heatherhairandbridalstylist