How To Do a Dutch Braid in 6 Easy Steps

The Dutch braid tutorial you've been waiting for.

Similar to a French braid, Dutch braids are created by adding in more hair as you plait. However, instead of crossing the strands over each other, you cross them underneath instead to create a 3D effect.

Also known as cornrows and reverse French braids, whatever you call them, Dutch braids are an undisputed Instagram (and festival) fave. Topped with glitter roots for a party-perfect update or plaited tightly to wear to the gym, this multi-tasking look is a styling essential.

Don’t fear though, whilst they might look tricky to master by yourself, the truth is, learning how to do a Dutch braid couldn’t be simpler. Master the style in no time with our simple step-by-step guide below and how-to video above. Plus, keep scrolling for extra styling inspo once you’re a certified plaiting pro…


Start with dry shampoo.

Start with dry hair and spray the TONI&GUY Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo all over your locks.

This will give the hair grip and texture, making the braid last longer. 


Divide a small section of hair.

Using your fingers, take a small section of hair from just above the crown and divide it into three equal sections.

This will form the start of your braid. 


Start braiding.

Start weaving your tresses by taking the outer strand and pulling it under the centre section. 

Take the opposite outer strand and weave it under the centre, creating a plait as you move down the hair. 

Repeat this process moving towards the back of your head and down to the nape of the neck, weaving in hair from opposite sides of the braid into the braid as you go down. 


Secure your Dutch braid.

Once you have come to the end of the braid, leave a small section loose at the end and tie it tightly with a hairband. 


Set the look with hairspray.

Double check in a mirror that the braid looks exactly how you want it to and then set the style in place with the VO5 Invisible Ultimate Hold Hairspray.

Mist the hair from front to back, smoothing down any loose ends or frizz as you go.


The finished look.

And that’s all there is to it. You’ve now mastered a sleek, stylish Dutch braid. 



More Dutch Braid Inspiration

Mastered how to do a Dutch braid? Now you’ve got the basic technique down, here are 3 other ways you can rock the style.

An Elegant Updo

ducth braid tutorial for an elegant updo
The elegant updo. Credit:

Do you have a wedding on your social calendar? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a pretty way to wear your hair to your next sophisticated soiree? Then this elegant updo is the answer to all your hair prayers! Credit: @haleynaulthair

Just create 2 Dutch braids on either side of your head, securing each one with a clear hairband when you reach the nape of your neck. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to turn your Dutch plait into an updo by creating a soft flower bun with the rest of your tresses.

To finish, gently pancake your plait and pin it in place with some bobby pins. And there you have it: an elegant updo that ticks all the style boxes!

Pierced Dutch Braids

How to do a Dutch braid with stud decoration
Stud-embellished hair. Credit:

For all you punk chicks out there wondering how to do a Dutch braid, please turn your attention to this edgy ‘do. This studded look is the ideal accompaniment to your signature style, yet still has an air of femininity about it! Credit: @blowoutbeautybar

To get this wild child look, start by create a middle parting and begin plaiting your upside down Dutch braids. When you reach the crown of your head, twist the ends of your hair to create 2 space buns, securing them with some bobby pins. Once your buns are firmly in place, finish off your look by grabbing your accessories to ‘pierce’ your hair.

Glitter Roots

How to dutch braid: Close-up Instagram shot of a woman with copper hair with glitter roots in Dutch braid cornrows
Glitter roots. Credit:

Need more sparkle in your life? Then, you’ll definitely love this jazzy hair idea! You only need to know how to Dutch braid and have access to large amounts of glitter to shine bright this season. Credit: @cornrows_braiding

Start by creating standard Dutch braids (we suggest 4 or 5) and finish off the look by piling on the glitter. It’s a great way to add glitz to your ‘do, while also being a sneaky way of hiding your roots in between salon visits!


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