How to halo braid natural hair: A step-by-step tutorial

Amra | 21 November 2017
woman with natural curly hair in a halo braid outside
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Constantly searching “how to halo braid natural hair”? Well, you can finally learn how to halo braid black hair like a pro with our step-by-step guide, here!


Love the halo braid? Us too. This dazzling high-profile hairstyle has been spotted on the likes of Beyoncé, Ciara and Tracee Ellis Ross, all of who show that the black-girl halo braid works for a variety of occasions – even weddings!

Now, if you’re tempted to covet this style, and want know how to halo braid natural hair, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Surpisingly easy to master and ideal for all hair lengths (yes, you can halo braid short natural hair!), this natural hair halo braid is beyond impressive once it’s mastered. So, if you’re looking for a charming, protective style that feels fresh and stylish, discover how to do a halo braid on black hair, below.

How to do a halo braid on natural hair: 6 easy steps


woman with natural curly hair spraying her hair with a primer

Prep and blowdry.

Before you learn how to halo braid natural hair, prepare your tresses for styling by misting your mane with the VO5 Express Primer Spray, which will help protect your strands from heated styling damage, as well as taming frizz and flyaways, too!

Once you’ve done this, blowdry your hair working on small sections at a time. To do this, take a brush and a hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle, and use them simultaneously to smooth your strands, until they’re relatively straight.

Tip: Following this process will make your natural hair halo braid a lot easier to work with, but if you prefer to halo braid black hair without using heat, just skip this step!

woman with natural curly hair braiding her hair

Begin to braid.

Create a side parting and begin to Dutch braid (crossing the 2 outside strands under – not over – the middle strand) on the heaviest side of your parting.

After you make your first couple of stitches, slowly begin to incorporate more hair from the sides, to create a Dutch effect.

back shot of a woman with natural curly hair weaving a halo braid in the back of her head

Braid around your head.

Continue to braid along the hairline towards your ear, pulling in extra sections of hair as you go. When you reach just behind your ear, switch hands and keep braiding around the back of your head.

woman with natural curly hair pinning her halo braid in place

Pin in place.

When you run out of extra hair to incorporate, finish plaiting your mane with a 3-strand braid to the ends and secure with a clear elastic.

Bring the tail of your braid to meet the start of your Dutch braid on the other side. After you’ve done this, secure with as many bobby pins needed.

woman with natural curly hair spraying her loose hair with a gel

Pancake and spray.

Now that you have your halo braid in place, it’s time to make your gorgeous plait look fuller and thicker. Simply do this by pancaking your braid, using your thumb and forefinger to gentle tug at each section.

Then grab your bottle of the VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray and use it to tame any loose, flyaway hairs.

woman with natural curly hair in a halo braid

Final look.

And just like that, your halo braid on black hair is complete. Gorgeous enough for any occasion, yet quick enough to do everyday – it really is a naturalista’s dream come true!!

How to halo braid short natural hair


halo braid african american hair: model with halo braided short natural hair
Wondering how to halo braid short natural hair? We’ve got the answer! Credit:

Think having cropped natural hair means you have to miss out on trying this natural hair halo braid? Not anymore!

Creating a halo braid on short natural hair is super easy: just follow the method above, but use braiding hair extensions to give you an extra hand in the length department! Credit: @bambybecky

halo braid african american hair: model with natural halo braid hair with gold accessory
Natural halo braids look mesmerising with accessories! Credit:

Now sit tight, because we haven’t told you the best part about rocking this beautiful black girl halo braid. Aside from being super quick to create (as you’ve seen!), it can easily be dressed up or down, too!

Whether you decide to partner your natural hair halo braid with flowers or a sparkly headband is up to you, just know you’ll be causing head to turn wherever you go. Credit:


We hope you enjoyed learning how to halo braid natural hair – it wasn’t as hard as you though, was it? And now you’re a pro, you should skip on over out our Braids page, to see what other looks you can master!