How to create a four strand braid – it’s easier than you think!

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Always wanted to know how to do a four strand braid? Now you can with our four strand braid tutorial!

Curious about how to braid four strands? We know it sounds rather tricky but despite its appearance, learning how to create a braid with four strands is easier than you’d think!

This hairstyle is simple once you have the know-how and you can quickly master it with our four strand braid tutorial, below.

So, scroll down to discover how to braid with four strands and make all your friends practically green with hair envy!

Four strand braid tutorial


How to do a four strand braid: A blonde woman looking down with a four strand braid, wearing a stripy top and smiling
Want to know how to braid with four strands? Now you can!

Step 1: Prep your hair

Refresh your hair by spritzing your roots with the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo. This will help revive second-day hair and make fine tresses easier to plait by providing some grip.

Step 2: Create a ponytail

Gather your tresses and use a brush to smooth and detangle. Then secure your hair into a low ponytail with a hairband.

Step 3: How to four strand braid

Now it’s time to learn how to four strand braid! Evenly divide your ponytail into four sections.

Take the outer left section (strand one) and cross it over strand two and then under strand three.

Now take strand four and cross it underneath strand three, and then over strand two.

How to braid with four strands: A back view of a blonde woman with a four strand braid, wearing a stripy top and smiling
Isn’t the four strand brand stunning?

Step 4: Continue plaiting

Repeat the weaving process from step 3, until you’ve plaited all of your hair.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect the first time round – practice make perfect!

Step 5: Secure your four strand braid

Once you’ve plaited all of your hair, secure your four strand braid with a hairband.

Gently pancake/pinch your braid using your thumb and index finger to make it look fuller.

Finally, finish with a spritz of the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray to help you maintain your pretty plait all day long.


Now you know how to braid with four strands, why not learn how to create a French plait or Dutch braid next? Go on, we know you want to!

05 April 2017