Learn how to create a flower braid with our step-by-step guide to bloomin’ beautiful hair

The prettiest plait on our radar? A botanical-inspired flower braid...

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Blonde woman back of head with flower braid

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We know – florals for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking – but they’re certainly beautiful. If you’re looking to extend the botanical trend from your sartorial choices to your hair styling routine, we’ve got just the ticket: a flower braid.

This style would be perfect for a festival – Natascha


Also known as a rose braid, this look offers up high-fashion, feminine vibes that are perfect for a festival, FROW or any fancy occasion. Intimidated? Don’t be! The Dutch flower braid might look like it takes some serious plaiting (flower) power, but in reality, this technique couldn’t be simpler to create.

Now we’ve planted the seed, it’s time you grew your hairstyling repertoire with our 9 step tutorial. Phone camera at the ready, you’re braiding skills are definitely about to bloom…

How to create an intricate flower braid


Add texture.

Starting with dry, tangle-free locks, mist the TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray all over your hair. 

This will add additional texture and grip to your tresses, making them easier to braid.

Blonde woman spraying hair with product for flower braid tutorial

Start braiding.

Take a section of hair close to the hairline on your preferred side and begin creating a Dutch braid

Do this by dividing a section of hair into three equal parts. Weave the outer section under the centre strand and repeat, pulling in hair to the outer section as you plait.

Blonde woman plaiting to create flower braid

Plait from one side to the other.

Continue braiding, working back towards the crown of your head and then in the direction of the opposite side to where you started.

Blonde woman braiding hair to create flower braid

Work your way down.

Once your braid starts to curve, pick up smaller pieces of hair from the bottom of the braid. 

This will ensure that the flower bun will lie flat against the head, giving the style a seamless finish. 

Blonde woman plaiting to create flower braid

Create an 'S' shape.

Continue plaiting the hair in an ‘S’ shape, weaving from one side of your head to the other. 

Once all the hair has been braided, weave the remaining strands into a classic three-strand plait and secure with a hairband. 

Blonde woman tying plait in hairband for flower braid tutorial

Pancake your plait.

In order to create the ‘petals’ of your flower braid – you need to pancake your plait.

Gently tug on one side of your braid with your fingers to loosen the weave and flatten the appearance of the hair. 

Blonde woman pancaking hair to create flower braid

Create the flower.

Create a flower bun by wrapping the loose plait into a spiral shape just above your bottom section of Dutch braid.

Tuck in the end of the plait so it’s hidden away and use bobby pins to secure the bun into place.

Blonde woman creating flower braid

Secure with hairspray.

Once you’re totally happy with the look and placement of your flower bun, spray your head from front to back with the TIGI Catwalk Firm Hold Hairspray to lock in the look.

Blonde woman using hair spray on flower braid

That's all there is to it.

And… you’re done! Whether you call it a flower braid, rose braid or flower bun, our tutorial proves that this botanical-inspired style is deceptively simple to master.

Blonde woman with flower braid





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