4 flat twist looks from Instagram that you have to try

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Want to know how to flat twist your strands? Then read on for some seriously hot flat twist looks from Instagram!


Listen up black-haired ladies! Are you stuck for styling ideas for your natural hair? If you’re on the lookout for something a bit more imaginative than standard cornrow braids, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Flat twist ‘dos are some of our favourite hairstyles for black hair and we just so happen to have found the best that Instagram has to offer!

Not only do flat twist styles look absolutely stunning, they also help to protect your tresses and are much easier to do than more intricate braiding methods. So, click through the gallery above to see some our favourite styles and keep scrolling to learn how to flat twist at home…

4 flat twist hairstyles from Instagram that we love


black woman with halo flat twist updo
Flat twist ideas: Halo updo. Credit:

Halo updo

Whenever we get stuck creating a new look, we always turn to social media for a helping hand. And the second we saw this style maven’s stunning halo-effect updo, we totally fell in love!

While it looks complicated, in reality, it’s easier than a traditional halo braid, as it’s formed with a simple flat twist out rather than a Dutch braid. Simply take a section of hair from either side of your temples and twist. Then wrap each twist around your head to form a halo. Pin them in place and you’re all done! Credit: @actually_ashly

Flat twist hairstyles: black woman wearing white tshirt with long black straight hair and twisted bangs
Flat twist hairstyles: Braided bangs. Credit:

Braided bangs

On days when we don’t have as much time as we’d like to get ready, we’re big fans of faux braided bangs. Whether you’re currently rocking an au naturel ‘fro, or you’ve straightened your locks, this flat twist hairstyle is a perfect way to instantly spruce up your mane.

Plus, they’ll fool people into thinking you’ve put loads of effort into your look (even though you haven’t – we won’t tell if you don’t!). Credit: @dr_kami

flat twist styles: Black model wearing patterned scarf with hair in low flat twist out braided buns
Flat twist styles: Low buns. Credit: Instagram/lipstickncurls

Low buns

Let’s go back to basics. Buns are some of the most practical ways of styling natural hair. But if you’re bored of ballerina buns and over the space buns trend, why not try creating low pigtail buns, like the Instagrammer above? Credit: @lipstickncurls

To get this flat twist hairstyle, section your hair into 4 portions, using clips if necessary. Then create 2 sub sections and begin to twist. As you move along your head, start adding extra hair to the twists (like a French braid), until you reach the nape of your neck and secure with a hairband.

Repeat this process on the remaining portions of hair, securing each one at the nape of your neck. Now take the remaining hair from 2 of your twists and continually wrap them around one another until you have formed a bun shape. Do this with the other twists and secure with a headband and pins. Et voila, flat twist out buns to die for!

how to flat twist: black woman wearing grey tshirt with a flat twist hairstyle
Flat twist out ideas: Braided updo. Credit:

Braided updo

Want to really show off your styling skills? Then take note of this look. This is one of the most intricate and unique flat twist styles, incorporating a variety of larger and smaller-sized braids for a seriously high-impact ‘do! Credit: @parlourrva

Editor’s tip: Don’t forget that black hair needs extra hydration, so nourish your strands before styling with a good leave-in conditioner. We recommend the TRESemmé Bi-Phase Conditioning Mistas it’s in an easy spray bottle format, making it great for on-the-go application!


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26 February 2017