Do the twist! 13 flat twist hairstyles from Instagram that you have to try

Want to know how to flat twist your strands? Then read on for some seriously hot flat twist looks from Instagram!  

We have breaking news: it’s time to ditch the same old styles and take your hair from ‘meh‘ to mesmerising! How, you ask? With flat twist hairstyles, of course, which just so happen to be some of our favourite looks for black hair.

Not only do flat twist styles look absolutely stunning, they also help to protect your tresses in the colder months and are much easier to do than more intricate braiding methods. We know, what’s not to love?

So if this sounds like something you want to get in on, click through the gallery above to see some our favourite looks and get ready for your hairstyle overhaul…

13 looks to convince you to try a flat twist hairstyle


black woman with halo flat twist updo - flat twist hairstyles
This pretty halo updo will get all eyes on you! Credit:

1. Halo updo

Whenever we get stuck creating a new look, we always turn to social media for a helping hand. And the second we saw this style maven’s stunning halo-effect updo, we totally fell in love!

While it looks complicated, in reality, this flat twist hairstyle is easier than a traditional halo braid, as it’s formed with a simple flat twist out rather than a Dutch braid.

Simply take a section of hair from either side of your temples and twist, then wrap each twist around your head to form a halo. Pin them in place and you’re all done! Credit: @actually_ashly

Editor’s tip: Black hair needs extra hydration as the coiled structure of the strands makes it more difficult for oils from the scalp to make their way down the hair. So, it’s good to nourish your strands before styling with a good leave-in conditioner.

We recommend the TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Bi-Phase Conditioning Mistas it’s in an easy spray bottle format, making it great for on-the-go application!

Flat twist hairstyles: black woman wearing white tshirt with long black straight hair and twisted bangs
Braided bangs are a perfect way to mix up your look. Credit:

2. Braided bangs

On days when we need to be up and out the door, we’re big fans of faux braided bangs – AKA one of our fave flat twist hairstyles!

Whether you’re currently rocking an au naturel ‘fro, or you’ve straightened your locks, this flat twist style is the perfect way to instantly spruce up your mane. Credit: @dr_kami

flat twist styles: Black model wearing patterned scarf with hair in low flat twist out braided buns
Low buns are fun and stylish. Credit: Instagram/lipstickncurls

3. Low buns

Let’s go back to basics. Buns are some of the most practical ways of styling natural hair. But if you’re bored of ballerina buns and over the space buns trend, why not try creating low pigtail buns?

To get this flat twist hairstyle, section your hair into 4 portions, using clips if necessary. Then create 2 sub sections and begin to twist. As you move along your head, start adding extra hair to the twists (like a French braid), until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure with a hairband.

Repeat this process on the remaining portions of hair, securing each one at the nape of your neck. Now take the remaining hair from 2 of your twists and continually wrap them around one another until you have formed a bun shape.

Do this with the other twists and secure with a headband and pins. Et voila: flat twist out buns to die for! Credit: @lipstickncurls

how to flat twist: black woman wearing grey tshirt with a flat twist hairstyle
Style your tresses into a pretty braided updo. Credit:

4. Braided updo

Want to really show off your styling skills? Then take note of this look. This is one of the most intricate and unique flat twist styles, incorporating a variety of larger and smaller-sized braids for a seriously high-impact ‘do! Credit: @parlourrva

front view image of a woman with her hair in a high bun - flat twist hairstyles
We’re loving this full, high bun. Credit: :

5. Multi-layered twisted bun

If it’s optimum ‘wow’ factor you seek with flat twist hairstyles, then we think you’ll be mighty pleased with this lovely ‘do.

It’s striking, simple to recreate and the perfect style to take you from desk to dance floor. Wrap your flat twists on top of each other until you create a chunky, multi-layered look with plenty of height. Credit: @ebonybomani 

side view of a woman with her hair up - flat twist hairstyles
Try your hand at this elegant ‘do. Credit:

6. Halo twist

The halo twist is one of those protective styles you’ll want to rock all winter long. Not only will it keep your tresses protected from the harsh winter climate, but it will look amazing – plus it’s pretty simple to style!

Create your parting, then start at the top of your head twisting as you go. Repeat on the other side, then secure both sections at the nape of your neck and tuck them under. Simply beautiful! Credit: @nossacarapinha

side view of a woman with black hair in two pigtails - flat twist hairstyles
We’re loving this cute on-trend look. Credit:

7. Flat twist pigtails

Thought because you were going to twist your strands that you couldn’t also get in on one of this season’s hottest trends? Think again! We’re big fans of pigtails and when you incorporate them with flat twist hairstyles, they go from super cute, to totally cool.

This ‘do is perfect for off-duty days spent at the gym or out for drinks with the girls, and could even be addorned with some glitzy hair rings for some extra style points… just a idea! Credit: @nossacarapinha

front view image of a woman with black hair in a faux mahawk style - flat twist hairstyles
Go for this faux-mohawk style for an ultra cool edge. Credit:

8. Flat twist ‘faux’ hawk

If you’ve always been wanting to try a mohawk, but can’t bring yourself to part with your locks, then the faux-hawk is the answer! This style is all about keep the sides of your hair incredibly sleek and frizz-free.

Fold your flat twists on top of one another over the centre of your head until you create a ‘mohawk’ effect. Cool and pretty… there’s nothing not to love about this look! Credit: @serenanaturalstyles

multiple images of a woman with black hair in a flat twist styles
There are so many ways you can rock flat twist styles! Credit:

9. Reverse flat twists

The idea behind reverse flat twists is that they start at the nape of your neck and work upwards in sections, rather than from the top of your head downwards.

This is such a lovely way to mix up your repertoire of flat twist hairstyles, that we think it’s definitely worth adding to your list of ‘must try styles’. Credit: @embracehairart

front view of a woman with pigtails and flat twist hairstyles
This super stylish do is sure to be a hit! Credit:

10. 2-in-1 twisted pigtails

In our book, the best looks combine multiple trends into one style. But if you’re unsure on how to pull off such a feat, then take a look at how this mega babe rocks her pigtails in a twisted headband!

To achieve this same effect, roll your twists outwards (unlike the earlier pigtails which were rolled inwards), twisting away from your face to create the height and volume you need to get that headband effect. Credit: @curldaze

back view of a woman with black hair and flat twist braids at the back
Flat twist hairstyles with a difference?
This do! Credit:

11. Reverse twists with curls

Don’t follow the crowd this season! Break free of conformity and rock a look that’s got tonnes of personality and charm. The look you need? A reverse twist updo.

Start at the back of the head and work your way upwards, until they cascade into curls. It allows you to neatly twist your strands away but also shows off your wonderful natural texture too! Oh and a few well-placed hair cuffs wouldn’t go amiss, either.  Credit: @naturallydoinme

front view of a woman with flat twist hairstyles
Give this stunning almost milkmaid twist a go! Credit:

12. Milkmaid twist

So you love an on-trend updo? Don’t we all? But if you’ve tried your hand at your fair share of pineapples and half-up styles, it’s about time you tried this edgy version of the milkmaid twist hairstyle.

Keep the front of your locks super sleek and create plenty of volume in your twists by taking large sections of hair each time you twist. Pretty fabulous we say! Credit: @swaaray 

front view image of a girl with a flat twist hairstyle and sunglasses
Flat twist hairstyles are protective and pretty. Credit:

13. Undone twist

Time poor but want to rock an awesome flat twist hairstyle? Then this ‘undone’ flat twist halo braid will be perfect.

All you have to do to recreate this style is be a little more relaxed with your twists. Instead of doing your twists super tight, try weaving them a little looser for a more lived-in look, it will still look super stylish, we promise! Credit: @afrugalafrogalhair


Did you enjoy this flat twist hairstyles round-up? If you did, click through to our Braids page, where you can try your hand at other woven ‘dos, all of which are sure to elevate your mane game!

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