13 easy braids for short hair that we love

These easy braided hairstyles for short hair are sure to inspire your next look.

You don’t need us to tell you that braided hairstyles are highly coveted these days, with everyone who’s anyone rocking a woven look, especially over the summer festival season. Yet while you gaze around, you’ve probably realised that it’s mostly those with Rapunzel-worthy locks who have braids – but with our round-up of easy braids for short hairwe’re proving that no one has to miss out this season!

Easy hairstyles, braids, short hair; not exactly words you would associate together, but once you’ve seen our gallery, above, you might just have a change of heart.

Easy braids for short hair: Woman with a short blonde bob with her hair in half-up, half-down Dutch braids.
We need a festival, ASAP. Credit: Instagram.com/hannahh_b00o

1. Half-up, half-down double Dutch braids

Boxer braids are a summer staple, but if your hair is too short (or you’ve got layers), it’s not always so easy. If you’ve been struggling, you’ll find you can get the same effect (and not have to worry about it falling out!) by tweaking it into a half-up version like this one instead. Problem solved! Credit: @hannahh_b00o

Editor’s tip: You may not know this, but braids are actually great on day-old, unwashed hair. Just spray the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray to give your hair a little more grip and add more texture.

Easy braids for short hair: Woman with lob length dark hair tied in a ponytail with a cornrow accent braid
We can totally see Dua Lipa rocking this look. Credit: Instagram.com/alex_haircraft

2. Accent braid ponytail

When it comes to easy braids for short hair, accent braids are a good one to have up your sleeve on days you’re feeling uninspired. Whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, adding in a quick micro braid detail is sure to add a stylish edge. Credit: @alex_haircraft

Easy braids for short hair: Woman with a blonde long pixie with dark roots, with a headband braid detail.
Who knew you could accessorise with your own hair? Credit: Instagram.com/chloenbrown

3. Headband braid

Rocking a long pixie or bob and looking for an easy braid? Short hair works really well with headband braids and you can rock them with or without a fringeCredit: @chloenbrown

Easy braids for short hair: Back view of short blonde hair in two French braided pigtails.
Pigtails look super adorable on short hair. Credit: Instagram.com/melangesalon

4. French pigtail braids

They look great, obviously, but did you know that French braids are also pretty much life-proof? The tighter you do it, the more durable it’ll be (great for the gym), but for a more casual finish, you can do it a bit looser. Credit: @melangesalon

Easy braids for short hair: Blonde woman with short lob hair in a half up pull-through braided bun.
Can’t braid? Pull through braids give the same look. Credit: Instagram.com/beckahere

5. Pull-through half-up bun

If you get frustrated when braids don’t go your way, the pull-through braid might be a mane-changer for you. They basically give you the look of a braid, but with no actual plaiting required – the dream, right?! Credit: @beckahere

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Learn how to do a simple pull-through braid with our how-to.

Easy braids for short hair: Side profile of a woman with dark blonde hair styled in a twisted braided bun.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, twist. Credit: Instagram.com/hair_do_salon

6. Twisted bun

Another easy braid for short hair is this twisted bun, it’s super effective when you’re short on time but still want your hair to look ‘done’.

Just start twisting two sections of hair together, adding in a little more hair from the surrounding area as you twist. Then, just tie it all together in a bun for a classy updo. Credit: @hair_do_salon

Easy braids for short hair: Back view of a woman with ash blonde hair in a half up twisted with small braided details
Mixing different braid types will show off your skills. Credit: Instagram.com/linguagem_feminina

7. Mix and match half-up

What do you get when you mix all of your favourite braids together? A masterpiece, that’s what! The next time you have a spare couple of minutes to do your hair, get creative by working 2 different braid looks together and see how it turns out. Twists and a fishtail? Waterfall and Dutch? So many combinations, so little time! Credit: @linguagem_feminina

Easy braids for short hair: Side view of pink bob with chunky braid on the side
Go chunky or go home! Credit: Instagram.com/roc_coco_salon

8. Chunky side braid

If you can tear your eyes away from this Instagrammer’s fab pink hair hue for a second, you’ll notice how incredible her chunky braid is. By opting for a thicker weave for her braid, she’s showing off her gorgeous hair colour to the max and creating a true statement style – kudos! Credit: @roc_coco_salon

Editor’s tip: For a flawless frizz-free finish, we’d recommend trying the TONI&GUY Shine Gloss Serum. Giving your mane control and shine, the lightweight formula won’t leave your hair feeling weighed down.

Easy braids for short hair: Side view of short curly blonde hair pinned back braids
This short curly ‘do is ideal for a wedding. Credit: Instagram.com/emmaellalouisecox

9. Braided bridal hair

Whether you have natural curls or fake it with a curling wand, this braided hairstyle is screaming beautiful bridal hair to us.

Simply create a single braid from a middle parting and secure the tips discreetly under your curls. It’s sweet, subtle and oh-so-romantic! Credit: @emmaellalouisecox

Easy braids for short hair: Side view of blonde hair long pixie with two side braids
When one braid just isn’t enough. Credit: Instagram.com/onelittlemomma

10. Double braids

Are you looking for easy braided hairstyles for short hair that can be created in a matter of minutes? Then look no further than this stunning double braided style.

Created side by side along the top of your head, these simple 3-strand plaits make for double the fun and double the style points! Credit: @onelittlemomma

Easy braids for short hair: Back view of dark blonde hair with half-up, half-down braid
Easy and elegant. Credit: Instagram.com/entrenzada

11. Half-up, half-down braid

Just because your locks are slightly shorter, that doesn’t exclude you from having unruly strands! So when you want to keep it under control (and show off your styling skills) we suggest trying this half-up, half-down look.

Whether you have yoga in the morning or drinks in the evening, make this chic and elegant braided style your new everyday ‘do. Credit: @entrenzada

Easy braids for short hair: Side view of rope twist on bob length pink hair
Let’s do the twist! Credit: Instagram.com/xandervintage

12. Twisted braid

Make your braided hairstyle stand out by going for the uber-popular rope braid. Not sure where to even start when creating a rope braid? Then once again you’re in luck as we have a step-by-step guide to show you how. Credit: @xandervintage

Editor’s tip: Lock your braided ‘do in place with a generous spritz of the VO5 Wave Creation HairsprayNot only will its lightweight, ultra-brushable technology help you create sultry texture and bouncy waves, it also gives an invisible, workable hold that’ll last all day long!

Easy braids for short hair: Dark to blonde ombre long bob with side cornrow braid
Cornrow styles are a short hair gals best friends. Credit: Instagram.com/annarussett

13. Cornrow braids

Cornrow hairstyles may not be anything new, but this hard-hitting style has recently seen a huge resurgence with celebrities – and even on the catwalks.

Draw inspiration from this Instagrammer and team your short hairstyle with a single cornrow braid on the side or, if you’re really in need of a steadfast ‘do, go for a full head of cornrows like Kylie JennerCredit: @annarussett