Easy braid hairstyles you can do even if you’re not a hair pro

On the hunt for easy plait hairstyles? Well, keep scrolling to discover some simple braided hairstyles to try now. 

Love plaits, but find them too complicated to wrap your head around? We hear ya – and we have some good news. We’ve put together a rundown of simple braid hairstyles that only require you to be able to do a standard three-strand plait! Which means they’re pretty much foolproof (yay)! Even if you’re not the most confident when it comes to hair, you can master these ‘dos, we promise.

Don’t believe us? Just click through our easy braiding hairstyles gallery. It’s guaranteed to help you look as pretty as a picture.

Easy braided hairstyles to try out now


easy braiding hairstyes: Young black woman wtih pigtail
Pigtail braids.


We know what you’re thinking: simple braids like pigtails are reserved for the playground. But the recent round of catwalk shows has proved otherwise.

Love them or hate them, the coolest fashion kids on the block – namely Karlie Kloss and Kim Kardashian – have all been rocking plaited pigtails all around town.

So, how can you nail the look if you’re not a hair pro? Just ditch the cornrow version in favour for two simple braids! See? We told you it was easy!

easy braiding hairstyles: young medium brown haired girl with simple double milkmaid braid
Milkmaid braid. Credit: Dvora.

Milkmaid braids

If pigtails really aren’t your cup of tea, then why not try milkmaid braids? The great thing about these simple braids is that they look far more complicated than they really are. But the secret is that they’re just 2 plaited pigtails pinned up!

Start by spraying your hair with some Toni&Guy Casual Rough Texturiser to help give your hair more grip and make it easier to braid.

Then, create two pigtails and secure each one with an invisible hairband. Then take one of your plaits and place it over and across your head. Hold the braid in place, and pin discreetly behind your ears with bobby pins. Repeat the same process on the other side, et voilà: a boho-tastic, festival-friendly ‘do that even Sienna Miller would be proud of!

Simple braid hairstyles: blonde messy blonde braid
Messy braid.

Messy braid

Blessed with Rapunzel-length locks and looking for easy braided hairstyles? Why not try a plaited ponytail? Don’t overlook this ‘do just because it’s simple – it’s actually a great way to keep lengthy locks neat and out of the way while working out at the gym, or at a casual brunch with the girls. Don’t worry if you’re not the neatest plaiter; the messier the braid, the better it looks. Music to our ears.

Tip: If you have ultra fine hair, try spritzing your locks with the VO5 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo prior to styling. This will help you create easy plait hairstyles with thin tresses in an instant!

Easy plia hairstyles: hidden braids bohemian hairstyles
Peekaboo braids. Credit: Dvora.

Peekaboo braids

Looking for easy braided hairstyles for Wireless or The Secret Garden Party? Then look no further, we love these cute, hidden easy braids for day one festival hair.

Simply take one inch of hair from the under layers of your tresses, weave a three-strand plait and secure with an invisible hairband. Repeat with as many sections as you like! Just remember to spread out your plaits for a peekaboo effect.

Easy braided hairstyles: the back view of a young woman and a plait with a silk ribbon
Scarf braid. Credit: Dvora

Scarf braid

Love the messy braid but find it just a little too plain? Then this ‘do might be the answer to your plait prayers. So what’s the secret to jazzing up your easy braids? A humble silk scarf.

To get the look, create a ponytail and secure with a hairband, then take a long scarf and tie it around the base of your ponytail. Divide your hair into three equal sections, incorporating your pretty scarf into one of the strands, then begin weaving your standard plait – it’s that simple!

Tip: Wrap the end of your scarf around the bottom of your hair to secure your plait with a hairband.

Easy plait hairstyles: blonde woman with dark roots with a snake braid hair bun
The snake braid hair bun.

The snake braided bun

Want a high-impact updo, but don’t have the styling confidence? Then this is the easy bun hairstyle to solve all your party hair problems. Despite its intricate appearance, this braided bun is so simple to do, because it only requires you to create lots of classic three-strand plaits! And by working in a hot new colour for the season ahead, this multi-braided ‘do is sure to really pop!

For a quick and easy tutorial on how to get the look, click here to see our full step-by-step tutorial, and let us guide you on your journey to becoming a braiding master!

Easy braid hairstyles: Brunette girl with braided ballerina bun looking down
Braided ballerina bun. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Braided ballerina bun

Do you love the classic ballerina bun, but looking for a way to spice it up? Well, in that case, give your go-to updo loads of extra interest by trying this braided version.

Start by creating a ponytail and divide it into 3 equal sections, before weaving a classic 3-strand plait from halfway down your pony. Then, lightly twist and wrap your hair around the base (excluding your plait), to form the bun and securing it with bobby pins. Finish off your look by wrapping your braided section around the base of your bun and pin in place. Easy peasy, eh?

Editor’s tip: Planning to use straighteners on your tresses before creating this bun? Then don’t forget to guard your hair from heat damage by using a heat protectant, like the VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Spray. Trust us, your strands will thank you for it!


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