19 Dookie Braids That’ll Speak to Your Inner ’90s Babe

You're going to be seeing dookie braids everywhere this season!  

’90s hairstyles have made a major comeback this year (ahem, space buns!) but just when you think you’ve seen them all, an even cooler throwback trend makes a fashionable revival in the black hair world: dookie braids.

Just like Poetic Justice braids (but with a thicker weave) these beautiful box braid styles have been on our mane radar ever since we spotted them on Rihanna. And now, everyone who’s anyone is rocking them — which means you should totally try them, too!

1. Rapunzel-inspired dookie braid style

Dookie braids: Close up shot of woman with long jumbo box braids wearing glasses and white shirt
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair! Credit: Instagram.com/missshan_shan

Have you been living for the long hair trend lately? Us too! So when we spotted this trendsetter with long dookie braids, we just had to include her in our edit.

This Rapunzel-worthy braided style will have you feeling super stylish 24/7, as you’ll be rocking two trends at once. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to do that? Credit: @missshan_shan

2. Short dookie box braid style

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with naturally curly hair styled into dookie braids.
You don’t always have to get long extensions. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

While we adore Rapunzel-worthy plaits, we really think short dookie braids are equally drop-dead gorgeous! Don’t believe us? Just one glance above is all you need.

As this trendsetter demonstrates, the shorter take on the trend is both minimalist and It-girl-worthy. We especially love how the ends have been left undone for a distinctly modern edge — pretty neat, right?

3. Golden dookie braids

Side shot of woman with golden dookie braids with flowers in them.
Dookie braids look gorgeous in any colours! Credit: Instagram.com/itsnicholelee

For those days when you want to look like a golden goddess and wear your hair down, you’ll want to rock this colourful braided look.

The best thing about this practical style? It’s less time-consuming than standard box braids (since you’re working with a bigger circumference of hair) and an easy yet protective way for you to rock the colour of your dreams. Credit: @itsnicholelee

4. White braids with accent colour

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with white blonde dookie braids and an accent pink braid.
Create a look full of contrasts by getting an accent colour. Credit: Instagram.com/africansbraid

Add a creative flair to your colourful braids by getting an accent colour done, just like this. Credit: @africansbraid

Editor’s tip: Want to ensure your hair is taken care of while in dookie braids? Then make sure to mist them with the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist! 

This amazing product will help keep your hair looking and feeling softer, smoother and more hydrated, all while leaving it smelling divine.

5. Half-up, half-down braids

Dookie braids: Close up shot of red box braids styled into a half-up, half-down braid.
Double the braids, double the fun. Credit: Instagram.com/_.fabhairbycee

These fiery red braids aren’t for the shy and retiring sort, but if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, you definitely will with this half-up, half-down braid hairstyle. Credit:@_.fabhairbycee

6. Two-tone braids

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with two-tone purple and black dookie braids.
Have you ever seen purple dookie braids? Credit: Instagram.com/_yaramel

What’s not to love about these two-tone braids? With a deeper purple, you’ll be able to go to work with colourful hue that won’t go against the dress code. Credit:@_yaramel

7. High ponytail + dookie braids

shot of a model with jumbo box braids styled into a high ponytail hairstyle
Janet Jackson is that you? Credit: Instagram.com/beigeojai

While no braided hairstyle could ever truly top Janet Jackson’s original look from the Poetic Justice film, we reckon these stylish braids, above, come pretty close.

Notice how this Instgrammer has styled her dookie braids into a high ponytail? And how’s she’s also paired the look with a plain headscarf? Now that’s what we call a killer combo. Credit: @beigeojai

8. Braided bun

Shot of woman with dookie braids styled into a high bun updo
The best thing about dookie braids? You can play around with a variety of styles! Credit: Instagram.com/kersti.pitre

Fancy an updo? Try a beautiful ballerina bun, as this lady has done.

Whether you’re heading to brunch or running to catch your morning train, this pretty ‘do has totally got your back. Credit: @kersti.pitre

9. Triangle parting + dookie braids

Shot of woman with half up half down big dookie box braids
Have you heard? Triangle parted box braids are trending, too! Credit: Instagram.com/beautycreationsinsta

Who said that your partings have to boring? If you’re looking for a subtle way to spice up your next dookie braid style, going for a triangle parting is a simple yet stylish way to switch things up.

To really show off your cool parting, try rocking a half-up, half-down bun hairstyle and just watch as the compliments pour in. Credit: @beautycreationsinsta

10. Slanted parting

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with contrast parting and long dookie braids.
Playing with partings has its pluses! Credit: Instagram.com/brandiamarion

We love this slanted parting! This parting type is just the right amount of cool, not to mention a great way to make your look super unique. Credit: @brandiamarion

11. Romantic half-up, half-down hairstyle

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with long dark brown dookie braids styled into a half-up, half-down hairstyle.
Playing around with different styles will keep your look interesting. Credit: Instagram.com/nnoorxo

Prepping for a hot date? Look the part with this romantic half-up, half-down hairstyle that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Credit: @nnoorxo

12. Pink bob

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with pink dookie braided bob.
We love pink braids! Credit: Instagram.com/futibraids

Pink hair and bobs are always in vogue! Channel your inner Barbie and try this cute candyfloss hue with your next dookie braids choice. #Slay! Credit: @futibraids

13. Set It Off inspired braids

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with short dookie braided bob hairstyle.
Jada Pinkett Smith would seriously approve. Credit: Instagram.com/therealateku

Janet Jackson wasn’t the only star rocking big braids on the screen! In fact, Jada Pinkett Smith’s short braided mane in the 1996 classic Set It Off also had us swooning. So, when we saw this beauty’s take on them, we couldn’t help but show you. Credit: @therealateku

14. French girl hair

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with long blonde braids with a red beret hairstyle standing on a bridge.
This is the perfect way to get in on the trend. Credit: Instagram.com/magavilhas

The secret to street style-worthy hair? The right accessory, of course! And if you’re keen to get snapped by a fashion week photographer, you’ll need to team your braids with a beret, just like this. Credit: @magavilhas

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15. Ribbon braids

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with long, dark brown dookie braids styled into the side with a ribbon hair accessory.
Give your dookie braids a cute edge with some ribbon. Credit: Instagram.com/beautyrebellion_

Ribbon can be worn in multiple ways — around the base of a box braids ponytail to channel runway vibes, or on a singular dookie braid, like it’s worn here, for a subtle yet striking effect. Credit:@beautyrebellion_

16. Lemonade braids with dookie ends

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with long dark brown dookie lemonade braids.
Because who wouldn’t want to look like Beyoncé? Credit: Instagram.com/braidedbytee

Another great thing about dookie braids? They’ll allow you to experiment with other braiding styles while still maintaining the thickness that is associated with them.

In this example, this beauty has channelled Lemonade vibes with her cornrow-style braids, but left the rest of her braids bigger to get on the dookie bandwagon. Credit: @braidedbytee

17. Sleek braids

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a model with chocolate brown sleek big box braids.
To create any sleek look, you’ll need gel. Credit: Instagram.com/beautifulbraidsofcolour

Want to slay your dookie braids and have them look as chic as this? To make your mane look sleek and selfie-ready, you’ll need a good hair gel and that’s it! Credit: @beautifulbraidsofcolour

Editor’s tip: Recreating this polished look will be a breeze with the Alberto Balsam Ultra Strong Gel at hand, as it provides a long-lasting hold and keeps frizz at bay.

18. Braided Bantu knots

Side shot of woman with dookie braids styled into bantu knots.
Love Bantu knots? You can create them with these ’90s braids. Credit: Instagram.com/mominatu

Are Bantu knots your go-to style for parties? Hate it when they come undone halfway through the night? Just take a look at how this lady has created them with dookie braids and you’ll give your style some extra security in a pinch! Credit: @mominatu

19. Edgy dookie braids

Dookie braids: Close up shot of a woman with long big braids with undercut.
An undercut can do amazing things. Credit: Instagram.com/authentically.b

The combo of big braids with an edgy undercut is sure to make you feel like a serious badass. Complete the look with a denim or leather jacket, and enjoy. Credit:@authentically.b

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