7 Cute braids you can wear all summer long

Practical, pretty and oh-so-perfect for summer, there's nothing we don't love about plaits!

With holiday and festival season just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start experimenting with super cute braids that you can wear all summer long.

Perfect for adding a touch of ethereal romance, or a pinch of playfulness to your favourite hot weather ensembles, there’s no denying that plaits – which come in all shapes and sizes, nowadays – never fail to make a lasting impression. And the great news is, they happen to be one of this season’s key hair trends, too.

So, if you’re after some fresh braided hairstyle ideas, head right this way. We’ve rounded up 7 cute braids that’ll take you from city to beach, pool to bar, office to drinks – and wherever else you’re going – below!

7 Cute braids to try now


milkmaid braids cute braid hairstyles
Milkmaid braids.

1. Milkmaid braids

When the temperature rises, many of us want our hair off our faces. The tried-and-tested milkmaid braid is the perfect summer solution that will allow you to add a fun, feminine twist to your favourite outfits.

Above all, once it is in, this is a hairstyle that requires very little maintenance, making it ideal for those long festival weekends and never-ending alfresco soirees. Tip: if you’re feeling creative, you could always weave a few bright buds or sparkling gemstones into the braid as you create it!

Want to know how to do milkmaid braids? See our step-by-step tutorial!

bohemian cute side braid
Bohemian side braid.

2. Bohemian side braid

Perfect for just about any occasion – be it a long, lazy weekend in the sun or a fun music festival – this foolproof twist on the traditional three-strand plait is one of the simplest, yet most effective upgrades you can give to your braided ‘do!

half-up fishtail cute braids
Half-up fishtail braid.

3. Half-up fishtail braid

Romantic and feminine, but with a subtle bohemian edge, this unique take on one of this season’s key trends, the fishtail braid, is a great compromise if you just can’t make your mind up about whether you want to wear your hair up or down. Plus, it looks great when teamed with soft, cascading waves, so if you’re the proud owner of curly or wavy tresses, you’re pretty much already winning.

cute hairline braid for short hair
Hairline braid.

4. Hairline braid

Who said that braids were out of bounds for short-haired girls? This cute mini French plait, created along the hairline actually works a treat on all hair lengths! Plus, it’s great for those who want to keep their bangs off their forehead when the weather gets really hot.

fun easy cute braids
Heart braid.

5. Heart braid

Romantic, elegant and unashamedly feminine, this is a look that will get heads turning wherever you go. Ok, we admit, it’s not the easiest of hairstyles to master (you may have to enlist the help of a professional or a friend who’s a plait pro), but it’s well worth the effort, especially if you’re off to celebrate a special occasion.

braided bun cute braids
Braided bun.

6. Braided bun

A braided bun is the ultimate summer hairstyle, mainly because it never fails to look effortlessly chic, while keeping you cool under the burning sun. And the bonus? It’s one of the easiest cute braids on our list today. What’s not to love?

simple French braid cute hairstyles
Classic French braid. Credit: Dvora

7. Classic French braid

If you have long, luscious locks, a simple French braid always looks amazing, not to mention we’ve been seeing a number of high profile celebrities sporting this timeless look on red carpets around the globe all season long. So whether you’re attending a formal event, or are just lounging by the pool, this is a sunshine-appropriate ‘do that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. Just goes to show: sometimes, nothing beats a good old classic!

Tip: do you find your fine locks are difficult to braid? Try spritzing your hair with the Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (£7.49*), before you start weaving your plait. It’ll help give your hair texture and grip, making it easier to create your hairstyle. Then, finish off with the VO5 Classic Styling Ultimate Hold Hairspray (£3.29*) – it’ll help you keep your pretty plait stay put all day long!

So, which one of these irresistibly cute braids will you be trying out first?

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