Crochet twist: Ways to rock crochet braid styles

Weave your mane differently this season with a crochet twist!  

We’re all about crochet twist hairstyles right now at All Things Hair HQ, but if you don’t know what these styles are, let us tell you. Crochet twist braids work by using different hair extensions which are ‘crocheted’ onto pre-braided strands.

With little maintenance and your choice of crochet twist pattern, these woven ‘dos have fast become the go-to technique for women wanting to achieve a more natural look. So, if you are looking for a new ‘do – and need inspiration on what look to try next – check out our edit of the best crochet braid styles, below!

Crochet twist braids


Nubian twist hairstyle using crochet twist pattern method - Instagram
Crochet Nubian twist braids with space buns style. Credit:

Nubian twists

Crochet twist braids are a great alternative to the popular box braid hairstyle, while still offering the same level of style factor and versatility! With varied lengths available, we love how this crochet twist hairstyle is rocking the cut of the moment, lob hair.

Now, having medium, shoulder-length hair shouldn’t limit your styling capabilities! Simply jazz up your crochet twist look with fun space buns and work 2 trends at once. Credit: @voiceofhair 

Faux locs hairstyle with crochet twist - Instagram
Faux locs hairstyle using the crochet twist method. Credit:

Faux Locs

Have naturally short hair but want Rapunzel-length strands in a matter of hours? Or have you always wanted to rock a dreadlocks hairstyle, just without the endless time taken to achieve the look? Then this faux locs style is for you.

One of the best aspects that crochet braid hairstyles offer is the endless styling opportunities! Just bling out your locs for added authenticity by using hair cuffs, rope or jewellery. Credit: @_therealmami 

Jumbo Senegalese crochet twist hairstyles with shaved sides - Instagram
Jumbo Senegalese crochet braids rocked with shaved sides. Credit:


If you like your twists a little chunkier, then try Senegalese twists. Known for their smooth texture and sleek finish, Senegalese twists are normally attached to waist-length or longer hair, and have become a favourite for women who like a stand out style.

You often see Senegalese crochet braid hairstyles worn with fun and interesting hues, for an added pop of colour. Credit: @brittj_mua 

Crochet twist braids with grey Havana mambo hair - Instagram
Crochet twist braids using grey Havana mambo twists. Credit:


As with Senegalese twists, Havana hair is known for its full bodied appearance. Havana braids are also lighter than other types of hair, such as Marley, due to the texture being less dense and more fluffy.

For inspiration, take the above example: the contrast between the dark root of natural hair and the grey Havana twists makes this look even more striking. The finished style – complete with a ponytail and sweeping fringe – looks soft and manageable. Credit: @umonahair

Mambo crochet twists hairstyle - Instagram
Unravel your mambo twists to reveal this gorgeous crochet twist braids style. Credit


Love your crochet twist hairstyle but ready for something new? Wait, don’t start to remove your twists just yet. You can easily switch up your mambo twists in a matter of minutes. How? Well, simply unravel your twists by gently separating the 2 twisted strands, to reveal a fuller bodied twist-out style. Plus, by doing this you are able to keep your look for a few more weeks – bonus! Credit: @imadamejay 

Editor’s tip: To ensure you keep your twists in tip-top condition, ensure they’re fully moisturised using the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist.


Has this left you inspired to try out a new style? Then check out our edit of the best braided mohawk hairstyles and box braids, for more natural hair style inspiration.

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