24 fresh ways to rock coloured braids

We bet you'll want to try at least one of these coloured braids...

Always wanted to give coloured braids a go, but feel a little uninspired? Well, the good news is that we’re here to help change that. We’ve put together 24 of our favourite colourful braids styles, to inspire you to take the plunge.

Whether it’s rainbow box braids or ombre braids you’re searching for, our varied selection of looks will make you want to get in on this trend, pronto.

24 coloured braids that will make your hair feel new again

pink coloured braids: close up shot of woman with pink box braids, wearing a stripe top and posing against a white setting
Think pink! Credit: Instagram.cpm/alaidecassiano

1. Rose gold box braids

Think having box braids means you can’t try the hottest colour of the season? This beauty’s rose gold coloured braids will seriously make you think again. Credit: @alaidecassiano

coloured braids: close up shot of a woman with long, wavy pink pastel hair styled into half up braids, posing outside
How dreamy is this pink half-up style? Credit: Instagram.com/beautylaunchpad

2. Pastel pink braids

This pretty half-up, half-down crown braid is exactly what you need to help you flaunt your new pastel pink hue. By teaming this style with beachy waves, you’ll be ticking all our hair goal boxes. Credit: @beautylaunchpad

Editor’s tip: If you’re planning on getting your hair dyed, you’ll need to make sure to switch up your usual shampoo and conditioner for ones made for colourful strands.

You can’t go wrong with Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioneras it will help you maintain your hue’s vibrancy and keep your mane looking and feeling healthy.

coloured braids: close up shot of a woman with medium pink wavy hair styled into half-up, half-down braided space buns, wearing a black top and posing in a festival setting
Party-perfect hair does exist! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. Half-up, half-down space buns

This sweet look combines braided half-up space buns with glitter — wear it to a festival or a party, and you’ll be sure to stand out.

coloured braids: close up shot of mery racauchi with neon pink hair styled into a milkmaid braid, wearing a floral top and posing on the red carpet
Elevate your milkmaid braid with this neon pink hue. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

4. Neon milkmaid braid

Will you become the next neon hair queen? That’s something you’ll find out — that is, if you decide to go for this fierce neon pink hair colour, complete with a milkmaid braid.

purple coloured braids: close up shot of justine skye with long purple box braids, wearing neon green top and shorts, with backpack and sunglasses, posing outside
Purple rain, purple rain! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

5. Long purple box braids

Love long box braids? Channel your inner Justine Skye by getting them in her signature colour: purple.

coloured box braids: close up shot of woman with purple tree braids styled into pigtails, wearing checked top and posing outside
Pigtails aren’t just for the playground. Credit: Allyson Alapont

6. Tree braids

It’s no secret we’re huge fans of coloured box braids, but there is a way to make them look even more enchanting. How? By leaving the ends loose for a different look!

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coloured braids: close up shot of a woman with lilac braided space buns
You’ll fall in love with these lilac space buns. Credit: Instagram.com/hairromance

7. Lilac space buns

Want to make your space buns look the part for any events you’ve got coming up? We’ve got the answer: go lilac and weave these upside down Dutch braids. Credit:@hairromance

coloured braids: back shot of model with lilac hair styled into upside down French braided ponytail, wearing stripes and posing in a studio setting
Make the most of your regrowth!

8. French braided ponytail

If you’ve been bold enough to dye your hair a pastel colour and have regrowth, braiding your hair like this will really showcase your grungy hue.

coloured braids: close up shot of ruby rose with long pixie hair with ombre emerald ends styled into a crown braid, wearing white and posing on the red carpet
This emerald braid will be your crowning glory. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

9. Crown braid

Just ask Ruby Rose — a crown braid will make your short, emerald green tresses pop. Ready to try this elegant style? Learn how to master a crown braid for short hair.

colourful braids: A young brown haired woman with a green fishtail braid over her shoulder
Under the sea. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

10. Fishtail braid

Coloured braids like this seafoam green fishtail braid, are all you need to help you channel your inner mermaid.

Editor’s tip: If you’re not pancaking (AKA gently pulling apart each section of your plait to make it look thicker), you’re seriously missing out!

To pancake like a pro, you’ll need the TONI&GUY Root Lift Sculpting Powderwhich gives instant lift, volume and texture. Dust it over your finished braid before pancaking and prepare to be amazed.

coloured braids: close up shot of jillian hervey with long red box braids, wearing a red top and posing on the red carpet
Are you ready to go red? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

11. Red box braids

If you’re not totally sold on purple or green coloured braids, here’s a fiery look that’ll convince you to join the red hair club.

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coloured braids: close up shot a woman with a cinnamon cornrow braided bun. wearing matrix style sunglasses with white mesh top and posing against a white background
This cinnamon hair colour will spice up any braided styles. Credit: Instagram.com/ magavilhas

12. Cinnamon braided bun

What’s better than cinnamon swirls? This chic cinnamon braided bun. Turn your go-to cornrows into something extra sweet by fashioning them into this ‘do (with or without micro sunglasses). Credit: @magavilhas

coloured braids: close up shot of tiffany boone with long blonde box braids styled into a ponytail updo, wearing a red dress and posing on the red carpet
Blonde coloured braids are the stuff #hairgoals are made of. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

13. Blonde box braids

If anyone knows how to make a statement, it’s Tiffany Boone. She manages to make a box braids ponytail look super modern and cool with this bright, blonde hue. Are you ready to do the same?

coloured braids: close up shot of a woman with long silver hair styled into a loose a fishtail plait, wearing a striped jumpsuit and posing against a white background
This braid won’t let you down. Credit: Instagram.com/emilyrosehannon

14. Silver fishtail braid

If you’re eager to get on the loose plaits bandwagon, you’ll want to screenshot this picture.

With this sparkling, silver fishtail braid, you’ll be serving off-duty vibes wherever you go. Credit: @emilyrosehannon

close up shot of woman with grey box braids styled into a side ponytail, wearing a black top and posing against a background
Switch up your fave pony and wear it to the side. Credit: Instagram.com/ayanda_tt

15. Grey box braids

Low, side-swept ponytails have become a red carpet favourite, but if you’re after a style with a bit more pizzazz, these grey box braids will be right up your alley. Credit: @ayanda_tt

coloured braids: close up shot of a woman with straight back colourful cornrows, wearing a white bandeau top and posing in a studio setting
Colourful cornrows are a festival staple. Credit: Instagram.com/theglitterarmy

16. Coloured cornrows

For a plaited look that stylishly keeps your hair off your face, try this beauty’s sleek, rainbow cornrows. Can you imagine how good they’d look with some flowers? Credit: @theglitterarmy

Editor’s tip: To complete your look, spray a generous dose of the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray all over your mane, to help tame flyaways and add shine.

glitter coloured braids: close up shot of a woman with long boxer braids covered with glitter, wearing a teal top and posing in a festival setting
Glitter isn’t just for your roots. Credit: David Wren

17. Glitter boxer braids

Glitter isn’t just for your roots! In fact, you can apply them directly onto your go-to boxer braids to make them feel new again.

With these glittery plaits, you’re literally giving yourself a colourful hairdo without any commitment.

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coloured braids: close up shot of woman with rainbow coloured strands styled into a halo braid, wearing black and posing in a studio
Somewhere over the rainbow! Credit: Instagram.com/chitabeseau

18. Rainbow halo

Rainbow hair is pretty statement-making on its own, but when you fashion it into a halo braid, you’ll take your strands to the next level. Credit: @chitabeseau

coloured braids: close up shot of rutina wesley with side-swept rainbow box braids, wearing a white top and posing on the red carpet
Why pick just one hue? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

19. Multicoloured box braids

You can even work rainbow tones into your box braids for an edgy, playful look like Rutina Wesley.

coloured braids: close up shot of a woman with coloured half-up, half-down braid hairstyle, standing against a white background
Did someone say double tap-worthy? Credit: Instagram.com/theconfessionsofahairstylist

20. Purple dream

Did you know that when you mix shades of purple, pink and baby blue together, you get the coolest hue ever?

And this simple half-up, half-down braid just shows it off brilliantly. Credit: @theconfessionsofahairstylist

photos of coloured box braids: A young black woman with honey blonde box braids over her shoulder
Who wouldn’t want their mane to look like honey?

21. Honey-coloured box braids

If you don’t want to go too wild with the colour of your box braids, subtle honey-coloured box braids are the next best thing.

coloured braids: close up shot of a woman with long bronde ombre hair fashioned into a half-up, half-down pull through braids with wavy ends, posing at a festival
FYI, coloured braids can be subtle! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

22. Ombre coloured braids

Have 15 minutes and ombre hair? Try this boho-perfect ‘do. This half-up, pull through braid is proof that coloured braids can be subtle and still pack a fashionable punch.

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Different colour box braids: The back view of a young black woman with blue, black and white box braids
Blue and black box braids are all the rage. Credit: Allyson Alapont

23. Blue and black box braids

Why wouldn’t you want to put blue with black? We just love this hairstyle which has also managed to work in some platinum braids at the nape. This means the ‘secret’ braids are only revealed when you are wearing an updo. Smart, eh?

coloured braids: close up shot of a woman with long, dark brown box braids with an accent blue strand, wearing sunglasses and posing outside
Try getting an accent colour. Credit: Allyson Alapont

24. Accent box braids

Not sure if you want to rock all box braids with colour? Then this picture is the perfect #hairinspo!

Just choose a handful of braids to work in your poppin’ hue to nail the look. This way you get to subtly tap into the trend without rocking all over.

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