Super cute catwalk-worthy braids: Styles to try for the new term

Getting top marks in the hair stakes has never been so easy...

Back-to-school hairstyles don’t need to complicated to be cute. Truth be told, there are plenty of braids – styles that are both practical and pretty! – which are even easier to do than maths. Because thanks to this season’s runways – which provided lots of inspiration by way of simple-yet-effective braids – your options for classroom-appropriate, yet playground-ready hairstyles are endless.

Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up 4 of our favourite hot-off-the-runway looks to prove it to you. Keep reading ahead to discover what made the grade for us here at All Things Hair.

Back-to-school braids: Styles to try now


multiple braids styles
Catwalk braids: Styles for back-to-school: Multiple braids. Credit:

Multiple braids

Why have one braid when you could have four? Well, that’s exactly what the Aquilano Rimondi team was thinking when they were brainstorming hairstyles for the autumn/winter 2016 show. The best part is that you don’t even have to be a braiding pro to nail this look, as standard three-strand plaits are all that’s required to achieve this cute look!

ghana cornrow braids styles
Catwalk braids: Styles for back-to-school: Ghana braids. Credit:

Ghana braids (AKA cornrows)

We know, this isn’t exactly the newest braid on the hair block, but we have to admit that for a few seasons now, cornrows have been the plait du jour. We love this plaited hairstyle from the Emilio Pucci AW16 show, because it’s both pretty and practical. It’s also a brilliant option for ladies with natural hair, as it’s a protective hairstyle that’ll keep your tresses tucked away and safe, while you concentrate on actually getting an A in class.

Still don’t know the difference between a French plait and a cornrow? Then we suggest you read our ultimate guide on everything you need to know about cornrows, now.

pigtails with twist
Catwalk braids: Styles for back-to-school: Plaited pigtails with a twist. Credit:

Plaited pigtails with a twist

Ok, before you start telling us that pigtails are just for primary school kids: hear us out. This pigtail hairstyle by Sally Lapointe has been revamped for autumn with a simple but effective twist (quite literally!).

Although this ‘do might look like any other ordinary double plait, the back sections have been carefully crossed over to add a subtle point of difference to this school girl classic.

braids styles half halo
Catwalk braids: Styles for back-to-school: Braided half halo. Credit:

Braided half crown

Can’t decide whether you want to wear your hair up or down? Don’t worry, this half-up, half-down braid we spotted at Andrew GN is the perfect hair solution and rather simple to do.

Start by creating a centre parting, then just plait two French braids near your hairline, working your way towards the back of your head. When you reach the top of your ear, begin to plait a classic three-strand braid until you get to the end and secure with an elastic band. Then, draw both braids towards the back of your crown an overlap them, hiding the ends of the plaits to create a half crown. Use bobby pins to hold them in place and your braided half crown is complete!

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