Braided hairstyles for black women: Looks you need to try

Stuck in a styling rut over your natural mane? Sounds like you need some bold braids to up your style game! Take a look at the best braided hairstyles for black women, here...  

Are you looking for a protective hairstyle that also offers endless styling opportunities? Then a braided ‘do is your best bet. But since there are so many incredible braided hairstyles for black women to choose from, we thought we’d lend a helping hand and whittle down a selection of black women braids, just for you.

What makes braids for black women so great, is that they’re suitable for all hair lengths (even short tresses!) and come in an array of shapes and sizes. So, whether you’re already rocking a woven ‘do, or are thinking of getting one, check out our round up of the best braided hairstyles for black women, right here.

Stunning braided hairstyles for black women


Bob braided hairstyle for black women - Instagram
Bob braided hairstyles are the ideal length for most women. Credit:

Bob braids

Universally flattering, bob braids are the latest trend blowing up for black women. Braids are often worn ultra long, but by working a cropped style, you can channel those effortlessly elegant vibes, while still having a protective ‘do!

But don’t think that because of the shorter length that you’ll have fewer styling options. You can still play with tonnes different styles, like half-up-half-down looks, side swept ‘dos and even swicth up your parting for an instant update. Credit: @braidsgang

cornrows are one of the best black women braids
Create your own intricate cornrow design. Credit:


Cornrows have long been the style of choice for naturalistas wanting to transform their look. Opt for tried and tested classic rows, or be creative and work your hair into intricate patterns! You can even experiment with the width of your braids, going as big and bold as you dare.

But aside from the many innovative ways to rock cornrows, this style is favoured by so many due to it’s low maintenance and zero day-to-day styling!  Credit: @crowezilla

Marley hair braids - Instagram
Marley twist braided hairstyle. Credit:

Marley twists

Marley hair is great for someone looking for full bodied braids. Known for their coarse texture, Marley twists can be worn in a series of hairstyles, but as they are a little heavier than other braided hair, they’re mostly worn loose.

But fret not, that doesn’t mean you loose styling opportunities; you just have to think a little outside of the box! Play with fun accessories, and spruce up your Marley twists with a few hair cuffs or other hair jewellery options. Easy-peasy! Credit: @natalyneri

Rainbow coloured braids for black women - Instagram
Play with colour like this rainbow braided hairstyle. Credit:

Rainbow braided ponytail

Want braids for black women that will really make you stand out from the crowd? Then it’s time to embrace one of the hottest colour trends of the year, rainbow hair!

With colourful pastel strands woven into your hair, then left free to cascade down in a ponytail at the top of your crown, this look is sure to brighten any natural mane in an instant. Credit: @magavilhas

Box braids: best braided hairstyles for black women - Instagram
Jazz up your box braids with fun accessories. Credit:

Box braids

We couldn’t make a list of the best black braided hairstyles without mentioning box braids. These woven miracles have long been one of the most favoured braided hairstyles for black women; but with a multitude of celebrities and fashionistas now working the look, they’ve attained newfound fame. Credit: @the_braid_bar

Dutch braided updo: braided hairstyles for black women - Instagram
Dutch braided updo hairstyle. Credit:

Dutch braid updo

This dutch braid updo is ideal for those looking for a hairstyle they can do in a matter of minutes. The overall finish of this braided hairstyle is smart, but can also be worn to any high-intensity gym class with ease. Convinced? Then learn how to create Dutch braids with these easy steps, here. Credit: @kersti.pitre

Grey Senegalese twists braided hairstyle
Grey Senegalese twists look stunning. Credit:

Senegalese twists

Braids for black women don’t always have to be braided, don’t you know? Senegalese twists are a great hairstyle if you like the idea of Marley twists but want a hairstyle less dense. Senegalese twists also offer a soft texture and silky finish, and work best when worn in Rapunzel lengths for added style points. Credit: @keyiaw

triangle box braided hairstyle for black women - Instagram
Play with the parting of your box braid hairstyle for a new take on the braided hairstyle. Credit:

Triangle box braids

Now you’ve decided which braids you’ll go for, take a minute to think about your braiding pattern. Most people opt for a box style, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t experiment with an alternative weaving pattern. Just look how great these box braids look with a triangle pattern, giving a fail-safe style a slight twist! Credit: @beautycreationsinsta 

Editor’s tip: To ensure that you’re braided ‘do stays looking it’s best, give it a spritz of the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating MistThis nifty product can be taken with you anywhere, making for an easy on-the-go moisture boost!


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