7 easy braided bun hairstyles you need to give a go

Learn how to combine two of our favourite looks (buns and braids) in one with these braided bun styles.

Forget saving them for best, we love an updo for any occasion. But we also love braids, so instead of choosing between our two fave styles, we’ve decided it’s time to put this perfect pair together to create some stunning braided bun hairstyles.

Be it a simple 3-strand plait or a more elaborate fishtail look, we’ve rounded up an edit of our favourite braided bun styles that are sure to take your fancy. So, the next time you feel like throwing your hair into a messy bun, why not give one of these a try instead? You might just find a new hair fave…

7 beautiful braided bun hairstyles to try

brunette woman wearing an open back glittery dress with her hair in a high braided bun hairstyle
A classic braided bun is a great all-rounder whatever the occasion.

1. The quintessential braided bun

If we’re being really real here, one of the main reasons we’re such big lovers of the braided bun is that even the simplest DIY styles end up looking seriously impressive. Take the style above, which is essentially a regular 3 strand braid wrapped around on itself. There’s very little braiding skill required here but you’d never know that from looking at it!

brunette model wearing a floral print cardigan with her hair in a french braided bun updo
Put your braiding skills to the test with this French variation.

2. The French braided bun

With their plumped-up 3D appearance, French braids are especially great for girls with fine or flat hair. Whether you braid the top of your hair and leave the bun as a normal donut bun, or choose to go full on with a braided bun too, this is a really fun one to try.

Editor’s tip: If you find it hard to braid, we’ve found that using a texturising spray, like the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray helps make it easier. By adding more grip to your strands, it provides extra hold, so your hair is more likely to cooperate!

blonde woman wearing a patterned top with her hair in a braided low chignon bun
Find a more Instagrammable hairstyle, we dare you! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. The braided chignon

There are plenty of chignons out there (Pinterest is full of them!), but this seriously pretty braided variation is a gorgeous twist on the classic. Play up the ethereal, whimsical look by pancaking (AKA gently pulling apart) your braids for a perfectly imperfect, almost slightly dishevelled appearance.

back view of a blonde woman with an upside down french braided bun
Turn your ‘do on its head with upside down braided bun styles.

4. The upside down braided bun

If you want something a bit more unique, this upside down braided bun has your name written all over it. Not only does it change the area of focus from the top of your hair to the bottom, it’s got more of a high fashion feel to it than typical updos.

blonde model with braided space buns
Space buns are our festival favourite. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

5. The braided space buns

Space buns have been one of the biggest hair trends over the past couple of years, especially when it comes to festival hair.

One of the funkiest braided bun styles we’ve seen, this double trouble, fun-loving look has a quirky edge thanks to the addition of a simple plaited detail. Plus, you can whip up this look in a matter of minutes – so, no more having to hide your mane under a beanie when you’re running late.

Editor’s tip: Skipped hair washing day? We’ve all been there, which is why we know from first-hand experience that this look happens to be a great one for hiding signs of hair that’s limp or greasy looking.

Just freshen up your roots with a dry shampoo like the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo, make up your buns and your hair will be good to go until you next have time to wash it properly.

back view of a woman with blonde and brunette bronde highlighted hair styled in a side fishtail braided bun hairstyle wearing a black lace open back dress
Wow everyone with the intricate-looking (but surprisingly easy) fishtail braid.

6. The fishtail braided bun

If you’re plait savvy and want something with a little more sass for your next night out, why not try the fishtail bun? This relatively simple, yet ultra-stunning hairdo is one of our all-time favourite braided bun styles.

While this ‘do looks stunning on all hair colours, it looks especially pretty on highlighted, ombre or balayage hair, as the intricate plait detail shows off the blend of shades really beautifully.

back shot of a blonde woman with her hair in a low braided snake bun wearing a red top
Snake braids are probably the most underrated of all.

7. The snake braided bun

Okay, so this braided updo may not sound like the most alluring of hairstyles, but hear us out. The snake bun isn’t half as scary as the name suggests, in fact, it’s actually the perfect updo for an evening of glitz and glam, as the woven effect from front to back creates a really detailed result.


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