How to get the best braid out for natural hair (video tutorial)

Everybody do the braid out!

Do you ever find yourself gazing at your fellow naturalistas’ springy curls with envy? If you’ve always wanted to learn to braid out at home, but assumed it was too complicated, consider the All Things Hair team your new hair styling fairy godmothers.

Great for the time-starved (AKA all of us) and requiring no heat, learning how to do a braid out will allow you to embrace your natural texture and leave your locks looking polished for days!

So, for a pretty and low-maintenance ‘do, just follow the easy-peasy steps in our tutorial, below.


Section hair.

Start by dividing your hair into a box shape section at the back of your head.

Remember: the smaller the box shape, the more defined your style will be.


Apply leave-in conditioner.

Spritz this section with a good leave-in conditioner to help smooth and stretch the hair.

Our current obsession is with the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist which helps smooth, condition and gently detangles to leave hair beautifully hydrated and ready for styling.



Now that you’ve hydrated your natural curls, it’s time to smooth down any frizz that might try to ruin your braid out. 

Try applying the VO5 Frizz Free Cream from root to tip and comb through with a wide-tooth comb to further detangle your tresses.


Braid first section.

You’re now ready to start your braid out!

Simply do a regular 3-strand braid, twisting the end to give a more defined curl pattern.



Repeat steps 1-4 until you have braided your whole head.


Sleep with braids in.

Now you can either wait until your braids are dry or catch some beauty sleep with them in – just be sure to protect the hair with a silk scarf or bonnet if you’re sleeping with them in.

When you’re ready, undo the braids. To make this easier, apply a few drops of the TONI& GUY Radiating Tropical Oil to the fingers when unbraiding.

This will also add extra moisture and slip, helping to reduce frizz and tangles.


Separate the curls.

Separate the strands by gently pulling them apart with your fingers.

Tip: Separate them where they naturally want to go, as this will reduce frizz and help maintain definition.


Gel baby hairs.

For the finishing touch to your braid-out style, take a toothbrush and apply a small amount of the VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel to control any baby hairs around your hairline.



Not enough volume? Then fluff out the roots using an afro pick.

And you’re all done! A fabulous braid out complete in no time.