Hot braid hairstyles of 2017: The looks we loved and you will too

It's time to look back to our favourite 2017 braid styles!  

It’s fair to say that braid hairstyles in 2017 reigned supreme! And why wouldn’t they? Braids styles of 2017 have been versatile, pretty and practical, for both casual and formal events. And if you need cold hard evidence of this, you only have to look at the red carpet for proof!

So as the year draws to a close, we can’t help but look back on the best hair braids 2017 offered up! Of course we would never keep that information to ourselves, so if you want to get a little inpso for the year ahead, take a peek at some of our favourite pretty plaits that you can DIY at home, below.

2017 braid styles: The best looks you can still rock today


braid styles 2017: Keke Palmer red hairstyles braids in a half up half up down style in casual clothing
We loved box braids in 2017! Keke Palmer’s box braids are a great protective and chic style. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Box braids

One look and we were totally in love with is the box braid hairstyle. It was popular with the likes of Keke Palmer and looks great in a variety of colours. Yet although this braided ‘do takes a while to achieve, it’s still one of our favourite braid hairstyles 2017 produced.

For anyone who is looking for a protective hairstyle, minus the daily styling, take note of this look. Plus, once your entire hair is braided, you’re totally free to rock as many cute hairstyles as you like – score!

2017 braid styles: Sienna Miller hairstyles twist braids in a blue dress at a red carpet event
You can’t go wrong with flat twists! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Flat twist

Okay, this hairstyle isn’t technically a braid, but we thought we’d slip it into our best braids hairstyles 2017 round-up anyway, because it’s just so pretty! Flat twists are a close hair cousin of the beautiful French plait and Dutch braid, but only involves two strands, so it’s much easier!

Just remember to spritz your strands with a little hairspray (like the TONI&GUY Tousled Texture Creation Hairspray) before and after creating your twist, to give your hair grip and make your ‘do last longer.

braid hairstyles 2017: Vanessa dugens with halo braid hairstyle
When it comes to braid hairstyles for 2017, halo braids are perfect for work and play! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Halo braids

We couldn’t talk about 2017 braid styles without including the gorgeous halo braid (AKA goddess braids).

It’s super boho and beautiful, and despite its complex appearance, it’s rather easy to achieve. But if you really can’t master the look, fret not, as we’ll walk you through it with our step-by-step tutorial, here!

TRESemme Ultimate Hold Hairspray

Editor’s tip: Once you’ve created your braided hairstyle, lightly mist your mane with the TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspray to help it last all day and keep those pesky flyaways at bay.

back view image of a woman with long blonde braids - braid hairstyles 2017
Long double braids looked fairytale worthy! Credit:

Double French plaits

We’re going to go ahead and say that shows like Vikings and Game of Thrones definitely sparked our interest in fairytale-worthy braids, and what could be better than these dreamy double French braids? One of the most loved braids styles 2017 had to offer, we say! Credit: @gelija

front facing image of a woman with long twist braids - braid hairstyles 2017
We loved jumbo hair braids 2017! Credit:

Jumbo twists

These gorgeous jumbo twist braids are long and flowing – and were one of the hit hair braids 2017 featured.

This protective hairstyle would keep your locks safe from the harsh winter climates, while ensuring you looking oh-so stylish, too. Credit: @tifany_tifs

image of a woman with long blonde hair in braids with glitter roots - braid hairstyles 2017
Braid hairstyles 2017 looked amazing with glitter roots! Credit:

Braids and glitter roots

These sweet and simple braids were taken to a whole new level by combining another of 2017’s favourite trends – glitter roots!

Throw in a space bun and you’ve got yourself a killer look right there. Braids hairstyles from 2017 don’t get much more mesmerising and festival ready than this! Credit: @cleos_hair_design_

side view of a woman with boxer braids with white ribbon woven throughout
Team braid hairstyles with ribbon like hair in braids 2017. Credit:

Ribbon braids

Remember when we said that braided styles were all about romantic looks? Well, this is a prime example.

Rock a little ribbon within your braids and you’ll channel your own inner Disney princess. We love how this look is so pretty, yet somehow still looks edgy! How did she do it? Credit: @afrodict

back view of a woman with upside down dutch braids and buns
Braid hairstyles in 2017 often combined space buns! Credit:

Upside down Dutch braids

If you’re looking for braids hairstyles, 2017 has been chock full of inspiration that would make a standard plait shake in it’s simplicity.

While still simple enough to create, we love this upside down Dutch braid look, complete with space buns, for it’s achingly pretty, almost futuristic appeal! Credit: @missysueblog

back view of a woman in the snow with a fishtail braid in her long blonde hair wearing a bobble hat
2017 braid hairstyles were all about long, pretty looks. Credit:

The full fishtail

The best thing about a fishtail braid, is that it looks so intricate, when – in fact – it’s super simple to recreate!

If you’re not sure where to begin, be sure to follow our tutorial! This a great look to show off highlighted hair and it sure beats a simple ponytail as your standard winter ‘do. Credit: @theparlourby

back view of a woman with blonde hair in two braids with space buns - braid hairstyles 2017
Go romantic with one of our fave braid styles 2017. Credit:

Halo braids with long waves

Braid hairstyles 2017 featured halo braids a lot and we can’t help but love this look; combining a pretty halo braid and long flowing waves. This is the most perfect style to rock for almost any occasion! Credit: @twistmepretty

Khloe Kardashian with blonde hair and long double braids - braid hairstyles 2017
Rock long double braids like Khloe Kardashian! Credit:

Multiple cornrow braids

If ever a family got behind a hair trend, it would be the Kardashians and their love for braids. And how we admire them for it!

Here Khloe has combined four separate cornrow braids that merge into two separate braids. It’s casual, cool and a great way to keep all the hair off your face. Credit: @khloekardashian

Khloe Kardashian with a long ponytail in a blonde braid - braid hairstyles 2017
Braid hairstyles 2017 that were also simple and glam?
This one! Credit:

Long braided ponytail

There’s no stopping this one! Khloe can’t keep her hands off her hair and is always weaving in some braid or another. But when it looks this good, we don’t blame her!

Take this uber glamorous look, for example: it combines a simple ponytail and a simple braid, merging the two together to create a strikingly gorgeous style. Keep it up, Khloe! Credit: @khloekardashian

front facing image of a woman with colorful twist braids - braid hairstyles 2017
Braid hairstyles 2017 that featured twists were totally hot! Credit:

Colourful twists

The 2017 braid hairstyles we loved most also featured a lot of colour. Hey, we can’t help but love the rainbow!

This look is so vibrant, pretty and also protective, making it one of the best ways to rock your natural locks if you want to keep them snug as a bug for winter and beyond. Credit: @pretaraujo

back view image of a woman with long blonde hair in a mini fish tail braid - braid hairstyles 2017
We love this mini fishtail braid . Credit:

The mini fishtail braid

Braid hairstyles 2017 ranged from rather complicated to super simple. Spend a little time creating the perfect style and your braids will stay put for hours, while you gain maximum style points for rocking a look that’s pretty and interesting! Credit: @missysueblog

blonde woman with a side fishtail braid hairstyle
Looking for something a little different? How about side braid details? Credit:

The side braid

If 2017 braid styles taught us anything, it was that the more interesting, the better – take a simple look and give it a twist, that our motto!

As you can see, this full fishtail braid has been given a glam makeover, simply by sweeping the locks to one side and then braiding. We love, love, love this look! Credit: @studiostylco


Enjoyed checking out our favourite 2017 braid styles, but want even more inspiration? Then make sure you spend some time on our Braids page. There you’ll find for even more styles and tricks, that will have you looking like an extra from Game of Thrones in no time! 

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