21 Box Braids with Shaved Sides Styles You Need to Try Next

Shaved sides with box braids go together like jelly and ice-cream!  

Tempted to get a box braid hairstyle that’s full of creative flair? Not one to play it safe and want a look that reflects your confident personality? Then you ought to consider rocking box braids with shaved sides.

Below, we’ve put together an unmissable gallery that shines a spotlight on shaved sides with box braids hairstyles. Who knows, you might just find something worth trying.

Blonde Box Braids with Shaved Design

Woman with blonde box braids with side shaved hair design
Credit: Instagram.com/esponjamagic

If you love blonde box braids, you’ll be happy to know you can easily team the hue with a cool shaved hair design. Credit: @esponjamagic

Half-Up Box Braids with Shaved Style

Woman with shaved side hair and long red box braids styled into half up bun
Credit: Instagram.com/carolinegomesds

Who said you can’t rock half-up, half-down box braids with a quirky undercut? Credit: @carolinegomesds

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Purple Braids with Shaved Sides

Woman with purple long box braids with temple shaved undercut
Credit: Instagram.com/boxbraidsinspiracoes

If you prefer subtle looks, you’ll love this shaved hair design that is equal parts edgy yet still work-appropriate.Credit: @boxbraidsinspiracoes

Box Braids with Subtle Shave

Woman with side-swept long box braids with subtle shaved side
Credit: Instagram.com/rafafranco2

Give your long box braids some fresh edge with shaved sides, just like this! Credit: @rafafranco2

Buzzed Undercut

Woman with box braids ponytail with shaved blonde undercut
Credit: Instagram.com/boxbraidsbrasiloficial

This isn’t your regular ponytail, this a box braids ponytail with a buzzed undercut. Credit: @boxbraidsbrasiloficial

Box Braids with Temple Shave

Woman long golden blonde box braids with subtle shaved sides
Credit: Instagram.com/_paiixao

Golden box braids featuring a cool shaved hair design makes a simple hairstyle all the more eye-catching. Credit: @_paiixao

Box Braids with Half Shaved Head

Woman with blonde long box braids with shaved buzz cut
Credit: Instagram.com/boxbraidsinspiracoes

When you can’t quite decide between shaving off your hair or keeping it as is, a half-shaved style delivers the best of both worlds. Credit: @boxbraidsinspiracoes

Box Braid with Shaved Stripes

Woman with dark box braids styled into a high ponytail with shaved
Credit: Instagram.com/redbykiss

Follow this example and emphasise your undercut with some interesting stripes. Credit: @redbykiss

Braided Bun with Shaved Design

Woman with box braids updo with shaved undercut with
Credit: Instagram.com/hypehairmag

The best thing about this shaved hairstyle? You won’t be able to see it unless you style your hair up into a bun. Credit: @hypehairmag

Box Braids with Golden Buzz Cut

Woman with golden blonde box braids updo with shaved undercut
Credit: Instagram.com/boxbraidsbr

You can give your everyday style a bit of edge with a subtle buzz cut. Credit: @boxbraidsbr

Subtle Lines

Woman with shaved sides with half up box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/soulfloetry

Add a few lines here and there to make a subtle yet stylish statement. Credit: @soulfloetry

Grown-Out Shave

Woman with dark brown long box braids with
Credit: Instagram.com/thecutlife

Wondering what your shaved hairstyle will look like when it starts to grow out? Just take a look at this cute grown-out shave haircut! Credit: @thecutlife

Side Shave with Hair Thread

Woman with thick box braids and shaved undercut
Credit: Instagram.com/ghanaianhairstyles

Draw even more attention to your shaved box braids hairstyle by working in some cute hair threads. Credit: @ghanaianhairstyles

Spider Web Undercut

Woman with spider web undercut hairstyle with box braids ponytail
Credit: Instagram.com/boxbraidsbr

Who says you can’t have a spooky spider web undercut past Halloween? This photo will convince you to give one a go! Credit: @boxbraidsbr

Bold Shaved Hairstyle

Zoe Kravitz with micro blonde box braids and buzzed undercut hairstyle with heart design
Credit: Instagram.com/zoeisabellakravitz

If Zoë Kravitz is your hair icon, you’re going to want to copy her gorgeous micro braids and shaved undercut hairstyle. Credit: @zoeisabellakravitz

Box Braids Updo with Shaved Sides

side shot of woman with box braids with shaved sides hairstyle, wearing sunglasses and white jumper
Bet you never thought box braids with shaved sides could be this classy, eh? Credit: Instagram.com/authentically.b

Here’s an easy way to make your box braids with shaved sides style stand out: fashion your braids into a twisted bun updo. The final look is edgy, polished and a chic way to keep your braids out of your face. Need we say more? Credit: @authentically.b

Pink Box Braids with Shaved Sides

shot of woman with high ponytail box braids with shaved back, wearing black top and gold jewellery
A shaved back + a high ponytail = the stuff edgy hair dreams are made of! Credit: Instagram.com/magavilhas

Bye-bye, boring ponytails. A box braid ponytail with shaved sides, like this Instagram star, has will redefine this effortless style in a fresh and funky way.

Still not edgy enough for you? Then turn things up a notch and get your colour on! Rock this standout look with a bold hue of your choice (we’re especially feeling this bubblegum pink look, though) and you’re sure to turn more than just a few heads. Credit: @magavilhas

Box Braids with Shaved Sides and Back

shot of woman with long box braids with shaved back and sides, posing on the street
Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long box braids. Credit: Instagram.com/bestboxbraids

This long box braids hairstyle has scene-stealer written all over it. Not only does it tap into the ever-popular Rapunzel hair trend, but it also incorporates a smooth shaved back and sides, giving the style a modern, fashion-forward edge.

Partner the look with your favourite pair of sunglasses and a punchy lipstick, and get ready to #slay your close up. Credit: @bestboxbraids

Colourful Box Braids with Shaved Undercut

close up shot of woman with colourful box braids with shaved sides
Pair your undercut with colourful box braids for a showstopping effect. Credit: Instagram.com/africancreature

Not all box braids hairstyles have to be one solid colour, don’t you know? Just take a left out of this mega-babe’s mane diaries, who proves that rocking a plethora of colours with shaved sides is the way forward.

To take this striking look to a whole new level, try braiding your box braids to kick up those vintage-rocker vibes. Credit: @africancreature

Patterned Shaved Sides with Box Braids

back shot of woman with shaved sides with box braids, wearing orange top
Love art? Make your buzzed mane a work of art and getting a personalised design. Credit: Instagram.com/queenteshna

One peek at this Instagram’s patterned mane will have you lusting for the style. Whether you go for something beautifully wild or sweet and subtle, your mane will look like a piece of art 24/7. And honestly, who wouldn’t want that? Credit: @queenteshna

Side-Swept Box Braids with Shaved Sides

shot of woman with yellow box braids
You’ll always look on the bright side of life with this striking hue + shaved side combo! Credit: Instagram.com/jah.cherise

What happens when you sweep your box braids to the side while you also have shaved sides? Something seriously stunning, as this fearless beauty demonstrates!

To add a personal touch to this bold, romantic style, try adorning your hairstyle with some glitzy hair accessories, be they wraps, beads, clips or even pearls. The only question is: where will you rock this beautiful style? Credit: @jah.cherise

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