Drop everything: These looks will convince you to give box braids with colour a try

From medium box braids with colour to bold long bob box braids, we have all the colour inspo you'll need this season!  

Bored of rocking the same box braids day after day? While these woven miracles are great for natural-haired girls, that doesn’t stop you falling victim to hair boredom (sigh). Yet even if you’re in a styling rut, parting with your braids may seem impossible — which is where box braids with colour come in.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of rocking bold neon hues or more subtle pastels shades, there’s an entire spectrum of tones to try out in your box braids this season! We predict brighter days ahead…

7 amazing different colour box braids that put regular box braids to shame


woman with medium yellow box braids
Bring the summer sun with you this autumn! Credit: Instagram.com/sensitiveblackperson

1. Sunflower yellow braids

Usually, yellow is a big no-no in the hair colour department — but in this case we’re totally on board.

Here to brighten up even the greyest of days, this neon yellow hue is sure to bring the sunshine with you wherever you go! Credit: @sensitiveblackperson

woman with long red box braids in the pool
This girl’s braids give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘red hot’! Credit: Instagram.com/mad.kruss

2. Cherry cola braids

For all the colour newbies out there, get a glimpse of this cherry red colour. While it is technically ‘coloured hair‘ the deep red hue blends subtly into your natural shade, enabling you to test the waters in safety! Credit: @mad.kruss

back shot of a woman with long purple box braids
Blend a few different shades together to create a multi-dimensional, highlighted look. Credit: Instagram.com/dreamhair_slayer

3. Purple rain braids

Got long-length or medium box braids? With colour of varying shades, you’ll be able to create a flowing, highlighted masterpiece, like this lady’s mix of different purple tones.

A great way to add more interest and dimension to your locks, it’s a fab alternative to sticking to one block colour. Credit: @dreamhair_slayer

Editor’s tip: Whichever colour braids you decide to go for, be sure to protect your tresses with a leave-in conditioner spray, like the TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Bi-Phase Conditioning Mist. This will help to keep your strands hydrated and stop them drying out.

woman wearing a pink hoodie with long pink box braids
Who wouldn’t want to be pretty in pink?! Credit: Instagram.com/zwanettameyer

4. Bubblegum pink braids

Girly girls, this one’s for you. Wear your passion for pink loud and proud with candy pink box braids. Take the look one step further and match your hair to your outfit (like this Instagrammer) for a top-to-toe pink lady look! Credit: @zwanettameyer

woman with ombre mint green seafoam box braids
Looking mint! Credit: Instagram.com/inkysweet

5. Spearmint braids

The great thing about box braids is that you don’t actually have to colour your own hair at all, as the extra lengths are simply woven in during the process.

Thanks to this, you can try out colours that you wouldn’t usually be able to pull off on darker hair without pre-lightening with bleach. Just take this minty-fresh seasfoam shade as the ideal example! Credit: @inkysweet

back view of a woman with long blue box braids
Who could ever be blue with such stunning hair?! Credit: Instagram.com/khadajeeee

6. Electric blue braids

If you loved the denim hair trend as much as we did, you’ll be pleased to hear that getting box braids with colour will allow you to rock the blue hair trend with ease.

The only problem will be deciding between midnight blue, navy or indigo… decisions, decisions! Credit: @khadajeeee

woman with white and pastel box braids with a white cap on
Is anyone else getting unicorn vibes here?<br />Credit: Instagram.com/lifebynae

7. Pastel hair

Festival season may be over but pastel hair is for life (well, this is what we’re telling ourselves anyway!).

We heart this girl’s icy white braids and the way that she has selected a number of different coloured box braids to help accentuate the boldness of her ‘do. Credit: @lifebynae


We hope you loved these colourful box braids — will you be giving any of them a try? For even more natural hair inspo, click on over to our Black Hairstyles page to discover tonnes of fun styles to try, from bantu knots to flat twists!