You haven’t lived until you’ve seen these slay-worthy box braids updo looks

According to Instagram, these are the hottest updo hairstyles for box braids around!  

Bored of wearing your box braids down all the time? Well, if you want to really get yourself out of a beauty rut, and fast, we suggest you literally take your mane up a notch and trial one of the ultra-stylish box braids updo looks we’ve just discovered…

These updo hairstyles for box braids are Instagram-approved, easy to achieve, suitable for all occasions and are ready to take your mane game to slay-worthy heights. We can’t wait to see what you pick!

close up shot of woman with box braids updo hairstyle, wearing hoop earrings and grey top and leopard print jacket
You didn’t come to play, you came to slay! Credit:

1. High bun

As soon as we set our eyes on this dazzling box braids updo, we knew it’d be the perfect style for you to slay.

Wondering why? Because this high bun is super easy to create, is It girl-approved, practical and just what you need to make your mane feel chic as hell. Credit: @ebonygroup

close up shot of woman with low box braids updo hairstyle, wearing all black and posing
Shorter box braids? Try this! Credit:

2. Low bun

Let’s face it: you don’t always want to look like a ballerina, and after a long day of slaying the classic high bun, your box braids might start to feel super heavy. The solution? An elegant low bun, ofc! Credit: @faceovermatter

Editor’s tip: Box braids updo hairstyles look their best when they are well taken care of! So, make sure you’ve got a conditioning spray at hand, like the Dove Nourishing Care Leave-In Conditioning Spray.

This will help keep your box braids looking and feeling smoother, more hydrated, and all while making them look shinier. It really is a win-win situation!

close up shot of woman with messy box braids bun updo, wearing crop top and posing
Messy braids, don’t care! Credit:

3. Messy bun

Got a more casual event to attend? Opting for a messy, undone box braids updo (like this beauty has) will make you look like a street style star in no time. Now pose for the camera! Credit: @samiahamps

close up shot of woman with braided box braids ponytail hairstyle, wearing white and posing outside
Looking for a braided box braids updo to slay? We suggest this! Credit:

4. Braided ponytail

If you ever wondered what long box braids would look like braided (braidception!), just take a quick glance above, and you’ll be falling in love in no time.

Exuding tonnes of carefree and effortless vibes, this budge-proof braided ponytail is guaranteed to keep you looking on-point (even on the busiest of days!). Credit: @natalyneri

box braids updo hairstyles: close up shot of woman with high ponytail wearing
Janet Jackson is that you? Credit:

5. High ponytail

When it comes to fashionable updos for box braids, you really can’t go wrong with channelling your inner Janet Jackson with this Poetic Justice-inspired look.

The best thing about this gorgeous ‘do? You can experiment with different hairband colours or designs to really make your hairstyle look as unique as you are. Credit: @alexuscrown

Editor’s tip: The key to mastering box braids updo styles? The VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray, of course.

This spray gel will help you lay down your baby hairs and edges, leaving you with a polished and pristine finish. #Slay!

updo hairstyles for box braids: close up shot of woman with box braided pompadour, wearing low cut top and subtle makeup
There’s nothing wrong with looking to the past for inspo! Credit:

6. Braided pompadour

Think having box braids means you can’t slay retro hairstyles? Well, this mega-babe is here to convince you that vintage box braids updo hairstyles really do work!

Yep, she has fashioned her mane into a braided pompadour updo, giving her overall look an extra dose retro charm. And guess what? You can do the same, too! Credit: @badassboz

Find out how to create this look, plus 6 other box braid styles we’re loving.

updo hairstyles for box braids: close up shot of woman with half up, half down box braids hairstyle
Want an updo that’ll show off your lengths in a practical way? Try this! Credit:

7. Half-up bun

While this isn’t technically an updo, it’s hard not to mention it! Why? Because this fab half-up, half-down hairstyle allows you to show off your mane, all while ensuring your strands are kept off your face.

So, if you can’t decide which one of these box braids updo styles to copy, get the best of both worlds with this on-trend hairstyle. Credit:  @itsmyrayeraye