Box braids ponytail: 7 Instagram stars who’ll tempt you to try the trend

These trendy ponytail box braids are ready to take your mane game up a few notches...  

Okay, so you finally got beautiful box braids, but after wearing them down for 7 days straight, you might find yourself desperate to try a new hairstyle. Now before you hastily unravel your mane, let us ask you this: have you ever considered rocking a box braids ponytail?

If you’ve been paying attention to the runways and red carpets this season, you’ll know that there’s been a renewed love for ponytails in all shapes and sizes — so it was only a matter of time before the trend made its way into the box braids world.

Now forget everything you think you know about ponytails thus far, because as soon as you see how these Instagram stars rock box braids in a ponytail, you won’t want to wear it any other way!

Ponytail box braids: 7 ways to work the trend like an Instagrammer


box braids ponytail: woman with pink box braids hairstyle styled into a ponytail
Amp up the romance with this box braids ponytail ‘do! Credit:

1. Romantic low ponytail

Kicking things up a notch is this trendsetter, who has turned her mane into a romantic masterpiece by working her box braids ponytail low and with a delicate pink hue!

Exuding tonnes of carefree and effortless vibes, she has also chosen to leave a couple of her colourful box braids loose, giving it an extra touch of charm. Credit: @bestboxbraids

shot of woman with green ponytail box braids undone, shot in the lift
Loose ponytails are in, too! Credit:

2. Undone low box braids ponytail

Got a more casual event to attend and don’t need your locks to look pristine? Say no more. Opting for a messy, undone box braids ponytail (just like this Instagrammer has) will make you look like a street style star in no time.

Psst: Khaki green is the colour of the season, so earn yourself some extra sartorial points and get the hue in your box braids, too! Credit: @natalyneri

Editor’s tip: Whichever ponytail box braids style you decide to go for, be sure to protect your tresses with a leave-in conditioner spray, like the TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Bi-Phase Conditioning Mist. This will help to keep your strands hydrated and leave them with a lustrous sheen.

close up shot of woman with low braids in a ponytail, that are accessorised smiling
Get low low low! Credit:

3. Accessorised low ponytail

What’s one of the easiest ways to make a standard low ponytail into something super-chic? By adorning it with golden hair accessories, of course!

As this trendsetter demonstrates, adding in a few accent pieces to ponytail box braids can really make your mane look like a work of art. Take notes, ladies, take notes! Credit: @olay.mia

shot of woman with purple box braids in a ponytail in a bar
Dinner date? This high ponytail box braids style has got your back! Credit:

4. High ponytail box braids

We may not be mathematicians, but one equation we do know is this: box braids + high ponytail = the dreamiest hairstyle ever! This sultry yet minimal hairstyle is perfect for days or nights where you want to exude high-fashion vibes (so basically always).

Top tip: When you’re rocking box braids in a ponytail, you can easily make your hairband undetectable by wrapping a piece on your own braid around it, like this mega-babe has done. Credit: @graciii3

Editor’s tip: Finish off this flirty look with a healthy spritz of the TONI&GUY Iluminating Hair PerfumeNot only will this help add some shine to your look, but it’ll also make your hair smell absolutely divine!

shot of woman with box braids in a high ponytail hairstyle smiling
Channel Poetic Justice vibes with this nostalgic ‘do. Credit: Credit:

5. Poetic Justice box braids high ponytail

When it comes to high ponytail box braids, take your style cue from Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice and you’ll #slay wherever you go!

To channel ’90s Poetic Justice vibes to a T, you’ll need to gather all your hair up high and use a wrap of your choice to hold it all together. Credit: @bestboxbraids

close up shot of woman with side ponytail box braids hairstyle wearing pink bandana, hoops and dark lipstick
There’s nothing wrong with looking to the ’80s for #braidinspo! Credit:

6. Side-swept high ponytail box braids

We never though we would be happy to see the return of this ’80s hair trend, but this trendsetter manages to make a high side ponytail look super modern and cool. How? Simply with the help of a bright headband!

Whether you opt for a sparkly headband or even a floral one, you’ll have a gorgeously-simple hairstyle that’s ready for anything. Credit: @afrog4l

close up shot of woman with braided box braids ponytail hairstyle
Braided braids look like a masterpiece. Credit:

7. Side braided ponytail box braids

Who needs hair accessories when your hair can be an accessory? After fashioning your box braids in a ponytail, simply braid it for a chic and unique look that’s bound to get everyone talking.

Just imagine how cool this box braid hairstyle would look like with a fancy fishtail plait? Or perhaps a four-strand braid? No, wait, a headband braid! Argh, so many choices, we’ll just have to try them all. Credit: @natalyneri


And there you have it people, the ponytail box braids you should be rocking for the season ahead! But if these woven miracles weren’t enough to whet your appetite, we suggest heading over to our Braids page, where you’ll discover the all latest trends from the plaiting world!