7 women, 7 stunning variations of box braids on natural hair

Leona | 10 April 2018

Long, short, chunky or dainty, we’re talking all things box braids on natural hair. 


From the ’90s cult classic Poetic Justice movie to modern day style icon Beyoncé, box braids on natural hair have fast become the only protective hairstyle you need to be wearing right now. Far from a new hair trend, the resurgence in the style has never been more popular thanks to social media platforms like Instagram allowing women to show off their creative new styles – #braidgang.

So, whether you’re ditching the relaxer altogether or simply want to try this popular (and simply gorgeous) hairstyle, we’ve shortlisted the best natural box braids for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Chic & stylish box braids on natural hair


black woman with dark brown chunky box braids on natural hair with string wrapped around the front braid
Chunky and charming. Credit: Instagram.com/aaaashleylove

1. Chunky

Size matters when it comes to box braids with natural hair. From thick, rope-like styles to dainty, Dionne Davenport in Clueless braids, it’s important to consider the size and shape of your desired finish. Credit: @aaaashleylove

black woman with bob length box braids on natural hair with beaded ends
Beautiful beaded bob. Credit: Instagram.com/naturalbabe10.11-pro

2. Bob

Bobs are the timeless haircut many opt for when looking for chic and sophisticated styles, so why not team yours with a set of box braids?

The key to giving bob box braids a modern touch is to playing around with fun hues and accessories like beads and ribbon. Credit: @naturalbabe10.11-pro

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smiling black woman with golden brown small box braids on natural hair
Dainty and small but still packs a punch. Credit: Instagram.com/larissaglenda

3. Dainty

Small and dainty braids are ideal for hair that is more on the fine side. Why? Because choosing a chunky braid for fine hair could be too heavy and cause damage to your hair, ruining your overall style. Credit: @larissaglenda

woman with long blue ombre box braids on natural hair with curly ends
Curly ends give this look an individualistic feel. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbususy

4. Curly

While many women who choose box braids for natural hair will stick to the popular straight finish, you can choose to break the stereotype and opt for a curly finish instead. From all over curly braids to wavy ends, the world is your oyster! Credit: @hairbususy

black woman with long red box braids on natural hair wearing black sunglasses
Lady in red. Credit: Instagram.com/lxndxox

5. Bold

Fierce, fabulous and fully of fire. If this sounds like you, then we think you will fall head over heels in love with these electric red braids.

And it doesn’t have to stop at red, oh no: blue, platinum, green, you can pick and choose whatever hue takes your fancy, or even mix them all together for a truly statement style… Credit: @lxndxox

smiling black woman with long multi-coloured box braids on natural hair
I can see a rainbow. Credit: Instagram.com/keith_moura

6. Hidden rainbow

And on that note we see your single hair colour and raise you a whole rainbow of hues! Yes really. From unicorn to this hidden ombre, box braids are a great way to test out new shades without the full commitment. Credit: @keith_moura

woman with golden brown triangle pattern box braids on natural hair
Square or triangle? There is no one size fits all when it comes to box braids. Credit: Instagram.com/ghanabraidstyles

7. Triangle

The final piece of your box braids puzzle is the pattern. The most popular braiding pattern is of course box (square) shaped, but there are alternatives.

We love the triangle pattern we’ve seen popping up on all our social feeds and best of all it looks picturesque no matter what size, length and colour you choose. Credit: @ghanabraidstyles

Now that you’ve got out rundown of the hottest styles around, learn how to do box braids on natural hair, here!


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