11 Beautiful Boho Box Braid Hairstyles You Need to Try in 2020

Get ready to channel your inner boho-babe with these effortless box braid hairstyles!

Boho box braids, or goddess braids as they’re also called, are a more relaxed take on classic box braids embellished with accessories like coloured yarn, flowers and metallic cuffs. Super popular on Instagram thanks to stars like Zoë Kravitz and Jhené Aiko, they’re characterised by their effortless, carefree vibes and festival-inspired styles. Want to know how you can get the look? We’ve rounded up 11 beautiful boho box braids looks that’ll help you #slay!

Accessorised Box Braids

woman with boho box braids that have hair rings in them
Box braids + hair accessories = boho box braids! Credit: Instagram.com/shyinstar

Prefer to wear your gorgeous box braids down? Easily inject a mega-dose of boho charm to your ‘do by experimenting with fun hair ornaments.

Whether you opt for beads, ribbons or even hair rings, the results will be equally stunning. Credit: @shyinstar

Loose Low Ponytail

woman with boho box braids styled into a low ponytail hairstyle
Boho hair instantly? Yes please! Credit: Instagram.com/olaynoel

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple! So, to show off your boho style, simply fashion your box braids into a gorgeous low, loose ponytail. Instant boho box braids? Yes, please! Credit: @olaynoel


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woman with scarf updo box braids hairstyle
Wrap it up! Credit: Instagram.com/thechicnatural

While every braided hairstyle is a work of art, take a more literal approach and consider stylishly wrapping your locks up with a printed head wrap, just like this lovely lady.

Not only does this head scarf make the perfect protective hairstyle, it will also help take your look from drab to boho-fab in a flash! Credit: @thechicnatural

Braided Ponytail

backshot of woman with box braids hairstyle
Are you ready to become a braided beauty? Credit: Instagram.com/natalyneri

For an easy way to elevate your box braids to boho heights, consider weaving them into a loose 3-strand plait, like this stylish Instagrammer has done. Cool, isn’t it?

Perfect for festivals and work events alike, this romantic ‘do will keep you rocking out in style, all night long. Now, that’s what we call versatile! Credit: @natalyneri

Scarf Updo

woman with box braids hairstyle styled into a bun updo with a scarf around it
Exude boho vibes with this pretty ‘do! Credit: Instagram.com/viva_glam_kay

Looking for boho box braids hairstyles that’ll keep your hair stylishly out of your face? Then rock 2 hot hair trends in one by pulling your mane into a high bun updo and tying a simple scarf around it. Seriously, it’s a look that’s full of laid-back allure. Credit: @viva_glam_kay

Hat Hair

model with short box braids with hat accessory with sunglasses
When it doubt, put a hat on! Credit: Instagram.com/ronkeraji

Want to kick those fashionista vibes up a notch? Then throw a hat into the mix! It’s a perfect boho look to try if you’ve got a day of socialising ahead, as it will seamlessly and stylishly taking you from one event to the next. Credit: @ronkeraji

Floral Braids

boho box braids: model with box braids styled into a flower updo
Time to bloom! Credit: Instagram.com/vladespicable

Breeze through your fave festival like a floral Goddess with this ethereal, flower-adorned updo!

Giving a unique spin on even the simplest of updos, rocking a few fresh flowers in your mane will ensure you’re a bloomin’ beauty at your next event. Credit: @vladespicable

Half-Up, Half-Down Box Braids

model with short box braids half up hairstyle wearing white shirt
Half-up hair, don’t care! Credit: Instagram.com/nicolexashleyy

For a tried-and-true boho look that will keep your strands out of your face, try this half-up, half-down ‘do.

Beauty bonus: This uber-stylish hairstyle works well for ladies with short and long box braids! Credit: @nicolexashleyy

Ombre Box Braids

woman with ombre blue box braids smiling
Dip your toes into this trend! Credit: Instagram.com/adaezenoelle

Looking for colourful boho box braids that’ll help you standout from the festival crowd? Consider trying the dip-dye trend and just watch as the compliments come pouring in! Credit: @adaezenoelle

High Side Ponytail

woman with boho box braids hairstyle with beads on it
Pimp up your pony! Credit: Instagram.com/glowprincesss

If you consider a high ponytail a bit too boring for your festival style, amp up the look by fashioning your ‘do to the side for a more off-duty vibe.

Then, to top it all off, work in a few beads to really give your braids an extra boho feel. Fabulous festival hair, over here! Credit: @glowprincesss

Wavy Boho Box Braids

woman with wavy half up box braids hairstyle black and white picture
Bring the beach to you with these waves! Credit: Instagram.com/drengozi

Bring on the waves! For a beach-inspired look, undo the ends of your box braids and then style your tresses into an on-trend hun (AKA a half-up bun), to really show off your mermaid-esque mane. Credit: @drengozi



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