Big braids: 6 stunning hairstyles you will love to try

Big braids hairstyles are taking over the beauty scene! See our fave ways to rock the trend, here...  

Are you looking to upgrade your hairstyle but not quite sure where to look for inspiration? Or perhaps you’ve become out of the loop with what’s trending. Fret not as we have spotted some beautiful big braids that we think you will just love.

Big braids hairstyles have been popping up on our Instagram feed, and thanks to their versatility and minimal upkeep, they make for a great styling choice all year round.

Stunning big braid hairstyles to inspire your next look


Shoulder length extra large box braids with gold hair cuffs against pink plain backdrop
Talk about your #hairgoals. Credit:

1. Mid-length chunky braids

Need a big braids hairstyle that all your friends will love? Then we suggest trying this mid-length chunky braid.

This Instagrammer has gone for a style much like box braids, but a totally amped-up chunky version, which we absolutely love. Credit: @aiyanaalewis 

Large light and dark brown two toned big braids parted down the centre with hair cuffs in selfie image
When one hue isn’t enough, upgrade your look with a two tone hue. Credit:

2. Two-tone big braids

Since you’ll be sitting in the salon chair for hours getting your braids anyway, why not go all out and opt for a two-toned big braids hairstyle while you’re at it.

So whether you want to go for natural tones like this Instagrammer’s golden brown and chestnut brown hues or experiment with one of this summer’s hottest hair colours (i.e unicorn braids or denim hue). Credit: @caramalty

Long dark braided hair with cornrow design on girl with green eyes wearing pink jumper
Cornrows + big braids = a winning combo. Credit:

3. Cornrow braids

Cornrow braids are undeniably one of the most popular hairstyles around right now, being able to completely transform your style no matter what your hair type is.

So, whether you opt for a simple and sophisticated style or an intricate braided design, finish the style with some big braids for a unique edge. Credit: @braidsgang

Long bob length box braids parted down centre with model smiling in car selfie
This Instagrammer looks flawless with her lob length big braids. Credit:

4. Long bob

Lobs (AKA long bobs) are the hottest hairstyle to be seen wearing this year. From the likes of Kim Kardashian and Ciara, anyone and everyone can give the trendy cut a whirl. There really is no better haircut to try with your fancy new braids hair than a lob! Credit: @nenny_b

Long black big braids in half-up space buns hairstyle with gold hair cuffs against wall backdrop
This Instagrammer ups her mane game with cute space buns. Credit:

5. Space buns

Don’t go thinking just because you have big braids that you can’t replicate some of this year’s most coveted hairstyle. Yes, we are talking space buns.

Seen on all our fave celebs from Janelle Monae to FKA Twigs, this party-ready style needs to be your go-to look for summer’s biggest events. Credit: @lady_nefertitii

Long big box braid hairstyle with triangle parting worn with clear glasses
Trend setting styles like this triangle box braids style will be a huge hit. Credit:

6. Triangle box braids

Are you a fan of box braid styles? Join the club. Upgrade the style with a fun twist by parting your hair in triangle shapes, for a fresher take on the style.

This little style hack will make a world of difference and you will soon be known as the girl with the best braids! Credit: @beautycreationsinsta


All these big braids given you plaiting fever? Well, if like us you can’t get enough woven hairstyles, hop on over to our Braid Hairstyles page for all the latest how-to tutorials and celebrity looks that you can recreate at home.

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