The low down on the best twist hairstyles to try right now

Feel swamped by all the twist hairstyles for black women out there? Then just take a deep breath and scroll down for our favourite natural hair twist looks from Instagram!  

As much as we love a braided look, we understand that eventually the time will come when you need to switch up your protective hairstyle. But instead of weaving your tresses to keep them safe and sound, why not give them a little twist, instead? Twist hairstyles are a great alternative to braided ‘dos, with the array of styles and colours on offer, you’ll be amazed at just how many ways you can work the look!

Like your twists in an updo? We’ve got you covered. Prefer chunky twists? We have those, too. How about colourful natural hair twists? Duh, of course. We have all these stunning twist braid hairstyles (and many more) below – take a look!

Twist braid hairstyle pictures


twist hairstyles: Curly crochet twists - Instagram
Curly crochet twist hairstyle. Credit:

Crochet twists

To kick off our list of twist hairstyles for black women, we’re taking a step back and bringing some serious ’90s nostalgia! While crochet twists may not be a new trend, they’re certainly seeing a revival as of late, cropping up more and more on our style radar.

However, the latest twist braid styles are actually a little different from earlier designs. This crochet twist style works faux locs onto natural hair, leaving the dark roots on show. This gives a more relaxed, boho feel to the look, making us dream of the warmer months to come! Credit: @kersti.pitre 

twist braid styles: Flat twist black haired updo - Instagram
Flat twist updo styles look really elegant. Credit:

Flat twist updo

Prefer your tresses in an updo style? Then flat natural hair twists are for you. Requiring little maintenance, this flat twist updo will work great for multiple occasions; whether you want a smart style for work or a tightly twisted look for the gym. Ah, we do love a hairstyle that gives the best of both worlds! Credit: @naturalhair_tanzania 

Halo twist hairstyles for black women - Instagram
Halo twist hairstyles look really cute.

Halo twist hairstyle

This halo braid style not only keeps all your tresses neatly under wraps, but it’s also been given the A-list seal of approval by the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Rochelle Humes!

So, if you are looking for something a little different – or a style which requires zero braiding skills whatsoever – then this twist hairstyle is like hitting the jackpot.  Credit: @mrslgmb

natural hair twists: Kinky twist hairstyles with space buns - Instagram
We love how these kinky twists have been styled in mini space buns. Credit:

Kinky twists

All naturalistas, please gather around! We have style so sweet and simply that you can’t afford to miss it: and it comes in the form of kinky twists. Kinky twists are one of the most popular twist hairstyles for black women, being a great protective style for natural hair, as well as offering many styling opportunities.

Take the above look for example: this lovely lady has fully embraced her shorter tresses and worked her natural hair twists into uber cute space buns! Excuse us while we get twisting. Credit: @tshanimarithe

Vibrant Senegalese twist hairstyle - Instagram
Stand out with this vibrant Senegalese twist hairstyle. Credit:

Senegalese twists

Want to stand out from the crowd, yet can’t decide on a twist braid hairstyle? Pictures of these ‘dos are all over social media right now, so you’d be forgiven for not knowing where to start!

For a fail-safe ‘do try Senegalese twists, which offer a multitude of styling options, are ultra sleek and give off an enviable, high-shine finish! And for that head-turning addition you were after, try working a vibrant hue into your natural hair twists, for an undeniably bold look. Credit: @tupo1

twist braid hairstyle pictures: Havana twists with blue accent - Instagram
Add a pop of colour to your Havana twist hairstyle with a coloured accent. Credit:

Havana twists

If you like those extra few minutes in bed, and prefer to work a get-up-and-go style, we think you should take Havana twists for a test drive! Known for their full-bodied appearance and textured finish, Havana twists take less time to install than many other twist hairstyles as they’re much chunkier.

Now, due to their larger size, these twists are less suitable for updos. However, you can take solace in the fact that they look incredible when worn loose, making for a high impact look without any effort! Credit: @kersti.pitre 

Ombre micro twist braids hairstyle - Instagram
Choose micro braids for a natural hair twists style. Credit:

Micro twists

Going from one extreme to the next, the final look of our twist braids guide are the ever stylish micro twists! These teeny tiny braids are essentially one of the most versatile natural hair twists, all thanks to their smaller size, allowing you to manipulate them into tonnes of other styles.

While micro twists take the most time to install, they can last up to 3 months if well looked after! So choose a colour and style you’ll be happy to rock during that time. Credit: @lolaomonaija


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