18 braids for long hair to inspire your next woven style

Which of these gorgeous plaits for long hair will you choose?

Thinking of trying a new braided style in your lengthy mane, but need a helping of hair inspiration to get you on your merry way? Well, luckily for you, we have shortlisted the best braids for long hair to bring you the hottest and trendiest styles in the land.

1. Double side braids

Braids for long hair: Woman with long blonde wavy hair with side floral braid wearing summer dress top.
Get the summer look with this braided hairstyle for long hair. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Show off the length of your hair with this double half side braid. With the addition of flowers, this long hair and braids combo is perfect to wear for a wedding.

2. Side French braid

Braids for long hair: Woman with dark brown hair in side French braid against a blue backdrop.
Plaits for long hair are far from boring. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Switch your usual centre French braid to this cool side variation.

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Editor’s tip: Make styling your hair easy with the TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid Balm. Helping to give hair structure when styling, this braid balm is ideal for creating and maintaining weaved styles.

3. French braid bun

Braids for long hair: Woman with long brown hair in french braided bun wearing yellow pattern top against a pink backdrop.
Get the best of both worlds with this long braids updo. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Ready to up your bun game? Try creating French braids along your hairline and securing all your hair in a low bun.

4. 4-strand braid

Braids for long hair: Woman with long blonde straight hair in side braid wearing a black top
Do you dare to try this plait on your long hair? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

After plait hairstyles for long hair that will challenge your braiding skills? If so, you’ll love this 4-strand braid.

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5. Boxer braids

Braids for long hair: Woman with very long dark brown hair in boxer braids wearing a pattern top against a green backdrop.
Boxer braids are essential for protecting long hair. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

When looking for braid hairstyles for long hair, boxer braids are always high on the list.

Style tip: Wear this protective long braided hairstyle to a HIIT class for the ultimate #gymbunny look.

6. Half-up fishtail braid

Braids for long hair: Woman with long straight highlighted blonde hair with fishtail braid half-up half-down adorned with flowers.
This fishtail braid is perfect for a summer wedding. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Fishtail braids for long hair are ideal for those wanting something a little different from the traditional 3-strand plait.

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7. Crown braid

Braids for long hair: Woman with straight blonde hair in crwon braid against a blue background
You can’t go wrong with a crown braid, ever! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Crown braids make for the most beautiful updo for the summer and best of all, they’re super easy to create.

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Editor’s tip: Hold your look in place with a firm hold hairspray.

We love the TRESemmé Firm Hold Hairspray for leaving hair with a natural hold and helping to control flyaways.

8. Fishtail bun

Braids for long hair: Woman with long brown hair in fishtail high bun updo wearing a striped top and red dress against a blue backdrop.
Not your average bun. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Ready to give your everyday bun hairstyle a braided update? Add a fishtail braid through the length of your and wrap into a bun.

9. Dutch braid space buns

Braids for long hair: Woman with dark brown hair in dutch braids space buns.
This braid hairstyle for long hair is ticking all our hair goals. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

This double Dutch space buns style will have you looking good from all angles.

Style tip: Sprinkle some glitter along your parting for a fun festival look, and go one step further by adding hair rings to your braids.

10. Snake braid

Braids for long hair: Woman with straight dark brown hair with accent snake braid on one side wearing a yellow top against a pink backdrop.
It’s time to get creative with your braids. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Not just for long hair, snake braids are a cool, unique way to add interest to your hair.

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11. Ethereal side braid

Braids for long hair: Model with blonde hair in side braid with flowers wearing a yellow summer top.
Is this plait hairstyle the one? We think so. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Wearing your long hair in braids for a special occasion? Then why not try this dreamy mixed weave side braid.

Style tip: If the occasion permits, add some delicate flowers to your look for a charming boho vibe.

Editor’s tip: Create effortless, undone styles with the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray.

This spray gives a messy look to layers and waves, is perfect for reviving and dry-styling hair, but best of all, it adds grip to your hair making braided styles last longer.

12. Upgraded boxer braids

Braids for long hair: Woman wih brown long hair in cornrows wearing sports outfit.
Double up with this braid hairstyle for long hair. Credit: Instagram.com/indi.hairstyles

If you have already tried and tested the boxer braids look (and are ready to give your boxer braids an update), we suggest trying this 4 braid option.  Credit: @indi.hairstyles

Style tip: Do like this Instagrammer and finish the style by combining 2 of the braids together so you have a fuller, plaited pigtail effect!

13. Half head braids

Long medium toned blonde straight hair with front section braided back shown from side view
Show off your hair length with this half braid style. Credit: Instagram.com/laurenmichellemuaa

Much like tree braids, this hairstyle is braided from the front of your hairline to the back of the crown, where the braids are then secured. Credit: @laurenmichellemuaa

Style tip: This Instagrammer has finished the look by letting each braid end in a ponytail, however, you can also create mini buns for a picturesque festival look.

14. Side braid ponytail

long wavy blond ehair in low ponytail with thick side braid on the right side
Side braids but not as you know them. Credit: Instagram.com/crepagedechignon

If your everyday style is a ponytail (we feel you there), give your style a unique twist by adding braids.

Long braids can be incorporated into most styles, but we happen to think they’re perfect for a beach holiday, enabling you to give your style an instant refresh that doesn’t require any styling tools. Credit: @crepagedechignon

Braids for long hair: Girl with ombre curly hair in half-up braided space buns.
How cute is this braided space buns style? Credit: Instagram.com/laurenmichellemuaa

15. Braided space buns half-up

Space buns have quickly become the need-to-try style, however, if you missed the space buns boat, go for the newer, fresher take on the style, with this braided space buns look. Credit: @laurenmichellemuaa

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16. Waterfall headband braid

Medium toned blonde hair with waterfall headband braid in high bun updo finish
Waterfall braids are our latest obsession. Credit: Instagram.com/missysueblog

Plait hairstyles for long hair offer an array of styling possibilities and this waterfall headband braid is one of our personal favourites.

This intricate braid looks exceptional whether the hair is styled in an updo or let loose, giving you multiple style options with one look! Now that’s what we call smart styling. Credit: @missysueblog

Editor’s tip: Keep your braided updo in place by spritzing your hair with the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray, which will give you 24-hour humidity protection and all-day hold.

17. Simple single braid

Long brown hair in low ponytail with single braid down the centre shown from back view
Simple and elegant unicorn braid. Credit: Instagram.com/wnhairandmakeupstudio

Are you looking for long hair braids that don’t require much weaving skill? Then we suggest giving this single braided ponytail a whirl.

Simply braid a small section of your long locks at the front until you reach the nape of your neck (much like a parting braid), before tying your whole look together with a low ponytail. Credit: @wnhairandmakeupstudio

Dark blonde balayage hair with braids down the centre and up itno high ponytail with glitter sprinkled down the braid
Spruce up a braided ‘do with a sprinkle of glitter. Credit: Instagram.com/twistedsister.braids

8. Unicorn braid

Need a braided hairstyle with a bit of an edge? Then we suggest trying this glitzy unicorn braid!

Unicorn braids have been popping up on our Instagram feed a lot lately and we can’t get over how great they look. Credit: @twistedsister.braids

Editor’s tip: Create the ultimate festival look with VO5 Galactic Gold Hair Glitter. Use a damp brush or fingertips to apply the glitter and set with the VO5 Fixing Spray For Glitter.



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