Return of the pob hairstyle (yes, really!)

The posh bob has returned! So, it's time to spice up your life with our glam gallery of pob hairstyles! 

You heard it here first: the pob is back. For those of you wondering what on earth the pob is, let us explain.

The pob became popular during the heyday of the Spice Girls. Obviously, the rise of this hairstyle was due to Victoria Beckham’s iconic bob, hence the name: pob (AKA the Posh bob).

And although the Spice Girls are no longer and Victoria Beckham isn’t known as Posh Spice, the hairstyle has made a surprise comeback on our Instagram feeds. So, below we’ve gathered our favourite 7 pobs to spice up your life (pun totally intended). Enjoy!

7 pobs that would make Posh Spice jel!


A brunette Instagrammer with a classic pob (posh bob hairstyle)
The iconic shape of the pob. Credit:

1. Keep the shape classic

When it comes to really mastering the pob, remember to ask your stylist for an angled bob with face-framing layers. Credit: @ashleealexandria

White blonde/grey posh bob hairstyle from Instagram
Update the pob with a contemporary colour. Credit:

2. Contemporary colour

Want to instantly update your posh bob? Try rocking a contemporary colour like white blonde or pink Champagne for a fresh take on this classic haircut. Credit: @misshollyp

Ombre blonde pob Instgrammer with straight sleek bob
Keep your ‘do sleek and straight. Credit:

3. Sleek and straight

What’s posher than a prim and proper straight pob? Yeah, we can’t think of anything else either!

Just remember to protect your hair with a heat protectant like the VO5 Express Primer before running off to straighten your hair. Credit: @makeupbykg

A brunette Asian woman with a shiny posh bob hairstyle
Keep your ‘do polished with the help of styling products. Credit:

4. Styling is everything

Want a posh bob that would really make Victoria Beckham beam with pride? Well, just make sure that you use the right styling products, of course.

We love the Toni&Guy Shine Gloss Serum for creating a glam, glass-like finish for your tresses. Credit: @mauloa_kyoto

White blonde posh bob hairstyle from Instagram
Lovely layers also work well with ‘do. Credit:

5. Layers

Think that this bob is a little too bold? Adding lovely layers to this haircut is an easy and instant way to soften the strong angles of the look. Credit: @misshollyp

A blonde with natural looking ombre and an angle bob (pob) wearing a white dress taking a selfie
Why not try working natural-looking ombre with your pob? Credit:

6. Ombre

Natural-looking ombre paired with your pob, gives the trend a fresh, summery feel, which will look perfect during your upcoming beach holiday or staycation. Credit: @dearingkinga

Blonde woman wearing sunglasses with a posh bob parted to the side
Keep it to the side. Credit:

7. Side parting

And last but not least: remember to keep your parting to the side. It might seem like a small detail, but trust us, it matters a lot.  Credit: @sarita.sisk


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