18 Best Layered Bob Hairstyles for 2019

Tempted to get a layered bob cut? These gorgeous layered bob hairstyles will convince you to take the plunge.  

There’s no denying that layers work for just about any hairstyle. The perfect way to either add volume or take it away (if your strands are too thick), layered cuts come in all styles and lengths. And right now, layered bob hairstyles just so happen to be one of this season’s freshest ways to amp up your look.

Now, if you’ve found yourself at loss for a source of pretty hair inspiration, rest assured that we’re about to answer all your hair prayers. From beautiful blunt cut layers to retro shaggy styles, we’ve got a variety of layered bob hairstyles that’ll have you running to the salon, pronto!

1. Graduated bob

Layered bob: Back view of a woman with a dark brown graduated bob with tousled layers
Create shape and body with a stylish graduated cut. Credit: Instagram.com/maygovintage

This graduated short layered bob is soft but edgy and we love how this brunette beauty has tucked her hair behind her ears for an easy, casual look. Credit: @maygovintage

2. French girl bob with bangs

Layered bob: Woman with a brunette shaggy bob with a fringe, wearing a white t-shirt
Channel the French girl vibes with this cosmopolitan inspired style. Credit: Instagram.com/michaelforrey

If you want to give your locks a more Parisian inspired makeover, try the blogger-approved French girl bob on for size. The tousled layered bob with bangs haircut is super low-maintenance and always looks très chic. Credit: @michaelforrey

3. Long layers

Layered bob: Side view of a woman with an ash blonde bob with long layers
Keep some of your lengths with minimal long layers. Credit: Instagram.com/torihoward7

With long, feathered layers, this ash blonde layered bob is perfect for those who don’t want to go too short as the longer layers make the look seem longer than it is. Credit: @torihoward7

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4. Messy bob

Layered bob: Side view of a woman with a blonde/light brown messy layered bob, wearing a rust orange jumper
Bed hair has never looked so polished. Credit: Instagram.com/creativeartacademy

Give your hair a dishevelled, undone finish with some short, piecey strands and a touch of texturising sprayCredit: @creativeartacademy

Editor’s tip: Enhance your layers by spritzing your roots with some of the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray, massaging it in with your fingers to give a ruffled look.

5. Pink blunt bob

Layered bob: Side profile of a woman with a pink highlighted bob
Blunt cut layers are sophisticated and ultra-stylish! Credit: Instagram.com/jessicadaniellehair

This same-length cut is ideal for ladies with fine hair, as the layers are cut bluntly and at random (rather than blended), which creates the illusion of thicker hair.

But to really make a style statement, why not consider pairing your new cut with some dimensional juicy, peach-coloured highlights? Sign us up! Credit: @jessicadaniellehair

6. Piecey ends

Layered bob: Photo of model/influencer Taylor Lashae with a brunette wavy bob with a fringe, wearing sunglasses and a shaggy pink jacket
This playful and flirty layered cut looks gorgeous with a set of bangs. Credit: Instagram.com/taylorlashae

For a playful and flirty layered cut, consider adding in some piecey layers that start from the ear down to the chin, as spotted on influencer Taylor Lashae. This modern look is perfect for girls with fine hair, as it can be styled in minutes and will give your hair effortless movement!

We particularly love it when it’s rocked with a set of romantic, feathery bangs. Credit: @taylorlashae

7. Classic stacked bob

Layered bob: Blonde woman with a graduated layered bob style
Fine hair? This gorgeous gravity-defying bob will give you all the volume! Credit: Instagram.com/salon_vicaro

Layers are not only great for taking the weight out of thick hair types, but they’re also perfect for creating the illusion of fuller and more voluminous locks in fine hair!

So, to get a gravity-defying bob, ask your stylist to add stacked layers to help create shape, movement and texture. Easy peasy, right? Credit: @salon_vicaro

8. A-line layers

Layered bob: Photo from above of a woman with a light ash blonde curly asymmetric lob
Perfectly uneven aysmmetrical layers will give you a unique stylish edge. Credit: Instagram.com/goinggoingblondee

Tempted to give an asymmetrical bob a whirl? Add in some light layers to your asymmetrical cut to give your edgy cut a dose of feminine charm.

The best thing about these type of layers is that they have a softening effect, since they’re not perfectly even on both sides. This makes them the ideal go-to for ladies with square face shapes. Credit: @goinggoingblondee

9. Curly bob

Layered bob: Woman with naturally curly hair with a bob cut and fringe
Want to make thick hair a breeze to style? Give undercut layers a go! Credit: Instagram.com/iamnikolee

The best layered bob haircuts for thick, curly hair are those that bring out the best in your curls without losing any of the texture. This modern bob style works great with coily and natural hair types and the fringe will help to add shape and frame your face. Credit: @iamnikolee

10. Undercut bob

Layered bob: Back view of a woman with chestnut brown hair in a short layered bob with a shaved undercut
Looking for an easy way to lighten up thick hair? Try an undercut! Credit: Instagram.com/stylesbydeniseealy

Think getting undercut layers means you’ll have to brave the shave? While we do have a soft spot for edgy undercut hairstyles, you’ll be happy to know that this layering technique is far from that!

If you have thick, unmanageable hair, subtle layers cut from underneath will help remove weight from your mane and make it as light as candy floss. Styling your curls is about to become a lot easier! Credit: @stylesbydeniseealy

11. Shaggy layers

Layered bob: Kylie Jenner with dark brown wet look shaggy hair
Add rock and roll vibes to your mane with shaggy layers. Credit: Instagram.com/kyliejenner

It’s no secret that shag hairstyles are fast becoming the look du jour. Instead of meticulously blended layers, shaggy layers are more edgy and messy, providing you with effortless rocker-chick vibes. Credit: @kyliejenner

Editor’s tip: To get that wet-look effect (a la Kylie Jenner), spritz the VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray over your waves, before scrunching your hair with your hands to help work the product in.

12. Textured wavy layers

Layered bob: Woman with a honey coloured wavy lob
Bring the beach to you with this wavy, textured hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/kristin_ess

Are you lusting after all the gorgeous wavy hairstyles out there? Well, it’s your lucky day, because you can easily give your hair a more lived-in feel with some textured layers!

And if you need any more convincing, just take a long, hard look at this lush layered wavy bob. See? Adding a playful edge to your everyday style doesn’t have to be difficult! Credit: @kristin_ess

Editor’s tip: To really amp up the volume of this look, we’d recommend styling with a texturising spray, like the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, after blow-drying. Warning: this look will turn a lot of heads.

13. Face-framing layers

Layered bob: Blonde woman with face-framing layers
Amp up the romance with a lush set of face-framing layers! Credit: Instagram.com/camerakelly

Thinking about getting a layered bob with bangs? Getting a fringe cut is a big deal, especially if you’ve never tried one before, so ease yourself in gently with some shorter layers around your face for a faux fringe effect. It’ll give you more of an idea of whether a fringe suits you or not and requires less upkeep than an actual fringe.

Plus, if you do decide it’s not for you, growing it out won’t be such a painful process. Credit: @camerakelly

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14. Layered bob with highlights

Layered bob: Brunette model with a tousled bob, with face-framing blonde highlights
Accentuate your best features with subtle highlights. Credit: Instagram.com/carolinereceveur

After a daintier-looking bob? Keep things low-key with this sweet and short romantic layered bob hairstyle, which features soft face-framing layers.

And for an extra delicate touch to your final look, try adding in some blonde highlights in the front layers, to really brighten your features! Credit: @carolinereceveur

15. Bronde layered bob

Layered bob: Side profile of a woman with a bronde highlighted sleek bob with layers
3D hair is possible with classic layers and multiple shades of bronde. Credit: Instagram.com/theblondebrunette901

When it comes to adding extra depth and dimension to layered bob hairstyles, we’d recommend using different shades of the same colour. This will help lighten your overall look and give it a healthy dose of youthfulness.

Don’t believe us? One glance at the summery bronde layered bob above will convince otherwise! Credit: @theblondebrunette901

16. Sliced layers

Layered bob: Side profile of a woman with a blonde bob hairstyle with layers
Sliced layers work like a charm for thinning out thick hair! Credit: Instagram.com/studiokawaii888

Looking for more layered bob hairstyles to help make your thick hair easier to style? Then you should consider getting sliced layers. This nifty technique is done with a pair of scissors that a stylist runs down on small sections of hair (from the top to bottom), to remove weight.

This technique is great for very thick or curly hair, as it enhances natural texture and leaves you with a boho-perfect, feathered appearance. Credit: @studiokawaii888

17. Side-swept bob

Layered bob: Outdoor shot of a woman with a brunette tousled side-swept bob with highlights
Side-swept styles add extra volume. Credit: Instagram.com/amychristinehair

Worried about volume? A clever styling hack we’ve found for short layered bob hairstyles is to wear them in a side parting. This way, all of your hair is swept to one side, giving you extra oomph at the roots and long-lasting body. Credit: @amychristinehair

18. Soft lob

Layered bob: Dark haired woman with a long wavy layered bob, wearing a shaggy beige cardigan
Stars like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Bella Hadid have rocked this look. Credit: Instagram.com/hairdaaays

Currently growing out a bob? This long layered bob is a perfect in-between bob and mid-length cut and has a ’90s feel about it. Credit: @hairdaaays