How to do a faux bob: A step-by-step tutorial

Short hair without the commitment? We're in!

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Have you been lusting over the stunning cropped hairstyles on Instagram and various social media platforms, but can’t quite bring yourself to commit to chopping off your long locks? Fear not, for this does not mean the end of your short hair dreams: the faux bob is here to save you. Yes, we’re really saying that some strategic twisting and pinning is all you need to channel this on-trend hairstyle – and we’re here to show you exactly how. No scissors involved, we promise.

So, to go from long to short locks in minutes, read our quick and easy step-by-step tutorial below. Trust us, you’ll be tricking everyone with your new cropped length in no time.

The faux bob tutorial



Blow-dry your hair.

Starting with damp hair, spritz some VO5 Plump It Up Amplifying Volume Blow Dry Lotion into your mane. This will to help add lift to your roots and inject some soft, moveable body.

Next, blow-dry your locks until they are completely dry, and brush through your strands to remove any knots.

blonde girl blow-drying her

Curl the front section.

Spray the TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray all over your locks and use a large curling wand to create voluminous curls.

Now, using a large-barrel curling wand, curl the front section of your hair towards your face.

a woman iron curling her blonde hair

Pin your curl.

After curling the front section of your hair, loosely roll it around your fingers and pin it to your head using a clip. This will help the curl to retain its shape better while it cools, meaning your curls will last longer!

Blonde girl pinning her curl



Curl the rest of your hair.

Then, working on 3 inch-wide sections of hair at a time, curl the rest of your hair towards your face, and pin each curl up as before.

Blonde haired woman curling the rest of her hair



Brush out your curls.

Wait until each of your of your curls have cooled, before releasing them one by one. Then, using a paddle brush, gently brush out the curls to loosen them.

Blonde girl brushing her curls out

Create a ponytail.

Create a loose, low ponytail, and secure it with a hairband approximately 4 inches from the end of your hair. Then tuck the ends of your pony into the hairband, to create a mini loop.

Blond girl creating a ponytail

Roll up your ponytail.

Now roll and tuck your ponytail underneath itself until you’ve created a faux bob shape.

a rear view of a blonde woman tucking in her hair

Pin your faux bob.

Pin your faux bob in place with several bobby pins that match the colour of your hair, so that they’re fully concealed.

Blonde woman pinning faux bob

Final look.

Once you’ve perfected the look of your faux bob, spray it with some VO5 Classic Ultimate Hold Hairspray, to help keep it in place all day long!

And there you have it, your cute, cropped ‘do is complete! Now revel in your (faux) short locks – don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone the truth.

The finished look of the faux bob


If you loved this look so much that you’re actually considering cutting your locks, then you’ll want to check out the best bob hairstyles for 2016! These celebrity-endorsed ‘dos are so hot, everyone will be looking to you for styling inspo.

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