Has Demi Lovato gone back to her trusty bob again?

Arianna | 18 August 2016

Has the queen of bobs ditched her extensions?

Singer Demi Lovato has graced the beauty world with a number of hair transformations over the years (think blue hair, blonde hair and purple hair!). Yet more recently, she’s been sporting gorgeously long hair extensions as part of her 2016 Honda Civic tour, alongside fellow ex-Disney star, Nick Jonas. That’s why it came as such a huge shock to us when we logged into Instagram and saw a picture of the artist with what appeared to be a much shorter ‘do! But the question is, did Demi Lovato get a bob?

Short hair, don’t care: Demi’s bob haircut


Demi lovato bob: bob haircut instagram
Demi Lovato bob: Did she really get the chop? Credit: Instagram.com/ddlovato

Demi posted the above picture on her social media account last night, where it looks like she’s swapped the long hair extensions for a short, choppy bob. So has she finally decided to join the ranks of other celebrities who’ve recently opted for the chop (like Kaley Cuoco and Shay Mitchell) and jumped back onto the bob bandwagon?

However, all is not what it seems. Demi accompanied her Insta-pic with the caption: “BTS of a cover shoot yesterday… ps. My hair is behind my shoulders.. It’s still long I swear! Haha”. Well, we guess she wasn’t quite ready to give up her long locks just yet! Credit: @ddlovato

Demi Lovato bob: haircuts
Demi Lovato bob: Bob haircuts are part of her look! Credit: Instagram.com/ddlovato

It may have all been a rouse this time, but the singer has sported her fair share of bobs in the past, usually styling it wavy and with a deep side part. And if you ask us, we can’t wait ’til she’s back to the bob for good. Long live the Queen of the bob! Credit: @ddlovato

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