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Celebrity pictures of bob haircuts that will inspire you to get a chop

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Celebrity bobbed hair with all the flair!


Against a backdrop of Kardashian-esque Rapunzel length locks, we’re starting to see more and more celebs opting to do the exact opposite, by cutting their manes into short and chic bobs! And, with so many pictures of bob haircuts circulating social media as of late, now is the ideal time to join the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kelly Rowland (and many, many others) with an effortlessly flattering crop.

But before we reveal to you our favourite bob haircuts from the red carpet, let us give you a little warning: they will make you want to chop off your locks…

Celebrity pictures of bob haircuts that will inspire you to get a chop


jennifer lawrence on the red carpet in a black v neck dress with blonde curly short bob hair
Celebrity pictures of bob haircuts: Jennifer Lawrence. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Jennifer Lawrence

Let’s be honest: managing to look polished, yet undone at the same time is no easy feat – but J-Law has honed her skills and nails the look every time. Not only has she coupled a luscious texture in her wavy bob, but she has also seamlessly pulled off a bold platinum hue using the ombre technique! That makes 4 ultra on-trend traits in one look – Jen, you really are our hair styling hero. 

kelly rowland in a colourful dress with a short black bob haircut
Celebrity pictures of bob haircuts: Kelly Rowland. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Kelly Rowland

For anyone living under a rock this past year, let us tell you that Kelly Rowland famously went from long to short in 2 simple steps. Her first chop took her long style to a shoulder-length bob, which was quickly superseded the next day by this razor-sharp blunt version.

This chin-grazing ‘do works in perfect harmony with her face shape, helping to highlight her amazing cheekbones, as well as give her look a quirky edge! Pretty neat styling, eh?

rashida jones in a silver glittery dress with brunette short bob hair with a fringe
Celebrity pictures of bob haircuts: Rashida Jones. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is somewhat of a chameleon of style, flirting with long locks to short and then back again. However, despite her past indecision in length, Rashida seems to have settled for a good in between look, with this stunning lob (AKA a long bob), complete with a brow-skimming fringe!

Now, while a bob might mean less opportunity for wearing hair in an updo, you should never underestimate the sass power of a good ear-tuck, to show off those dazzling droplet earrings.

Taylor Swift in a leopard print slip dress with platinum blonde curly bob hair
Celebrity pictures of bob haircuts: Taylor Swift. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Taylor Swift

Sticking with bangs, Taylor Swift gives us a lesson on how to create a fringe from where there is none. She simply opts for a sweeping side parting and ensures that the length cuts across the forehead, to create faux bangs with bite. Of course, this style relies on some epic staying power, so invest in the TIGI S-Factor Creamy Molding Wax to give hold that can’t be shaken off (sorry!).

kelly osbourne in a floral shirt and black blazer with a short lilac bob
Celebrity pictures of bob haircuts: Kelly Osbourne. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Kelly Osbourne

Not just content with a sleek and chic long bob, Kelly opts for one of the season’s most covetable colours. A delicate balance between lilac and silver, this ‘do highlights the bob’s neat cut, while giving a huge boost in shine. And since Miss Osbourne has been dabbling in edgy hues for quite some time now, it’s no surprise that this cut and colour combo looks ah-mazing! 

Editor’s tip: If you’re looking to inject some bright tones into your mane this season, ensure that you keep it looking it’s best by using a wash and care set specifically designed for coloured hair. We particularly love the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditionerwhich will ensure your hue stays vibrant!


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