The best bob haircuts with bangs: Ultimate celebrity inspiration

Arianna | 22 November 2016

Bobs + bangs = the epitome of modern elegance.

Looking for the best bob haircuts? Well, who isn’t? This year, a large number of celebrities have taken the plunge and swapped their long locks for uber cute bobs and on-trend lobs, cementing the fact that the cropped ‘do is one of the hottest hairstyles around. And, we have to admit, after seeing Marion Cotillard’s fashion-forward ‘do, the All Things Hair team became especially drawn to bobs with fringes, too.

Want some inspiration for your next visit to the hairdressers? Have a scroll through our gallery (above) for the best bob haircuts with bangs, and read below for some top styling tips. Warning: you may want to join the bob brigade after reading this, ASAP.

4 of the best bob haircuts with bangs


best bob haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Marion Cotillard
Best bob haircuts with bangs: Marion Cotillard. Credit: Getty Images

Marion Cotillard

The Inception actress flaunted this sleek blunt bob last year, and we’ve been obsessed ever since. For this particular occasion, the ends have been curled ever so slightly inwards, and her cropped bob has been paired with a micro side fringe that sits about an inch above her eyebrows. Elegant, yet totally effortless – the French certainly know how to do it right, don’t they?

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best bob haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Anna Wintour
Best bob haircuts with bangs: Anna Wintour. Credit: Getty Images

Anna Wintour

It would be a fashion crime if we didn’t put American Vogue‘s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour on our list. Her trademark rounded bob cut with blunt bangs has been her signature look for as long as we can remember – we can’t even imagine what she would look like without it! Guess you can say she’s got some serious dedication to the bob gang!

best bob haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Rihanna
Best bob haircuts with bangs: Rihanna. Credit: Getty Images


Mega-babe Rihanna rolled up to the 2016 Billboard Music Awards with this shaggy, tousled bob and a gappy fringe, and we actually did a double take! In her new edgy look, she styled her bob into textured waves and created a slight gap in the centre of her fringe – a far cry from the long, sleek black locks she was recently seen sporting!

Editor’s tip: Love Ri-Ri’s sexy tousled waves (who doesn’t?)? Then we suggest making Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray your BFF, pronto!

best bob haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Emma Stone
Best bob haircuts with bangs: Emma Stone. Credit: Getty Images

Emma Stone

This may not be Emma Stone’s current hairstyle, but admittedly, we’re still obsessed with it – and you can probably see why! For this particular red carpet appearance, she styled her tresses into effortlessly gorgeous beachy waves and swept her fringe neatly to the side for a nonchalantly polished finish. The most perfect day-to-night ‘do if ever there was one, don’t you think?

So now that you’ve seen our selection of the best bob haircuts with bangs, the question is: which one will you go for? Decisions, decisions…

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