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Confession time: if you have naturally wavy hair, we envy you. Getting luscious, wavy locks can be hard to achieve if you’ve been born with pin-straight hair. But don’t worry, there is something you can do to recreate those natural-looking waves you’ve been coveting since forever. Behold: our step-by-step guide on how to blow dry your hair for a wavy effect.

If you’ve ever attempted to style your tresses with a curling tong, then you’ll know that it’s quite easy for them to end up looking too uniform and stiff, losing that relaxed vibe you were aiming for (sigh!). But that is all about to change, because all you need to do, is follow our easy tutorial below, and prepare to have envy-inducing loose curls by the end.



Start with Clean Hair.

Start with clean, fresh hair after washing it with the Nexxus Frizz Defy Shampoo and Conditioner which will help smooth your locks, for an extra luxurious look and feel.


Apply Mousse.

Next, apply some mousse to your hair to help build volume and retain the waves you’re about to create.

For a mess-free method of application, squirt some of the VO5 Mega Hold Mousse into the palm of your hand, and dip your comb into it. Then comb through your hair to evenly distribute the product.


Dry the Mousse.

To help set the mousse (and to prevent it from going crispy) you’ll need to use a hair dryer.

Did you know?: “Mousse has a polymer content that, when dried, swells and holds together to give great volume and hold. When left to dry naturally, the formulation will feel crispy on the hair, but if fully dried using a hair dryer, it should feel soft and touchable.” – Unilever Creative Director and Head Stylist, Dan Lynes.


Create a Wave.

Starting with the hair nearest to your face, take a 3-4 inch wide section and wrap it around your round brush.

Then, at arm’s length, blast this section hair using a hair dryer – this will help to create a wavy shape, as with the help of heat, your hair will mimick the shape of the round brush.


Pin the Wave.

To help set your wave so that it really lasts, pin it in place while tending to the rest of your tresses. Once you’ve created the wave, gently remove the round brush and ensure that the curl doesn’t get separated when you release it.

Now wrap the curl around your fingers to help it retain its shape, then remove them as you clip the curl in place on your head.



Curl and Pin the Rest of Your Hair.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you’ve curled and pinned your whole head.

Tip: Make sure to roll all of your curls back and away from your face, in order to create gorgeous, blow out-style waves.


Unpin Your Hair.

Once your hair has completely cooled, let your curls down one by one – your hair should tumble into loose, natural looking waves. For added volume, tip your head upside down and lightly shake your head to separate the waves.


The Finished Look.

And that’s it, you’re wavy ‘do is done! There’s also no need for a setting spray, as the mousse you applied earlier should help keep your waves in place all day.

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