How to do white blonde hair for winter

Jeanette | 21 October 2016

Forget grey, white hair is the new in thing!

White blonde hair for winter, you say? There’s really no denying that most of us associate blonde hues with summertime. And yes, golden hues do seem to go hand-in-hand with warm weather, but this blonde hair trend is very different from the sunny shades of surfers and beach babes. For this winter hair colour trend, it’s all about cool, white blonde tones that look, well, like snow! So, want to know how to work this icy look best? Then scroll down and see our top tips on how to be a winning winter blonde, now!

3 Tips for going white blonde hair for winter


White blonde hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - white hair with grey highlights
Tips for going white blonde hair for winter: Be prepared. Credit:

1. Be prepared…

To get your tresses white blonde, your colourist will probably use bleach to achieve the pure-looking finish – so bear this in mind when thinking about jumping on this hair trend bandwagon. Not sure what bleaching actually entails? Well, before bounding off to the salon, read our article on hair bleaching, here, to swot up on everything you should know before embracing white blonde tresses! Credit: @sollebijoux

White blonde hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long white hair
Tips for going white blonde hair for winter: It can be a gradual process. Credit:

2. Don’t expect white blonde hair in a flash

While anyone can rock this beautiful hair hue, just remember that the lighter your current hair colour, the fewer treatments it will need to attain your desired shade. So, if you’re already a natural blonde, jumping to white will only require a couple of sessions, whereas for dark haired beauties, the leap will be much bigger. Your hair stylist may also suggest a more gradual hair dyeing process, allowing you to achieve the bright white look over time, and helping to minimise the negative impacts of bleaching on your tresses. Credit: @lushairdesignwilloughby

White blonde hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - grey hued white
Tips for going white blonde hair for winter: TLC! Credit:

3. TLC is paramount

If you do decide to go white blonde this winter, then don’t forget that you will have to give your hair some extra TLC. Because, like with most chemical hair treatments, dyeing your tresses can leave it prone to dryness and damage. So, first thing’s first: give your coloured tresses a periodic treat, with a conditioning hair mask – trust us, your locks will be practically thanking you for the pamper sesh! Credit: @haileygubbelsmua

Editor’s tip: Looking for a new shampoo and conditioner that’s been specifically designed for coloured hair? We suggest trying the TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, to help avoid your white blonde hair becoming brassy. And want to give hair some lovin’? Then the TIGI Fashionista Blonde Mask, will be right up your street!


Has this stunning, snow-inspired hair hue got your dying for a bright new colour for the chilly months ahead? Then you need the help of our trusty Blonde Hair page! Psst, it’s even got loads of celebrities who have gone blonde for winter

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