Learn how to really work white blonde hair with our hair inspiration gallery and practical tips

Forget grey, white blonde hair is the new in thing!

White blonde hair, you say? There’s really no denying that most of us associate blonde hues with summertime. And yes, golden hues do seem to go hand-in-hand with warm weather, but this blonde hair trend is very different from the sunny shades of surfers and beach babes.

For this winter hair colour trend, it’s all about cool, white blonde tones that look, well, like snow! So, want to know how to work this icy look best? Then scroll down and see our top tips on how to be a winning winter blonde, now!

Tips and inspiration for rocking white blonde hair


back view of a woman with white hair with grey highlights
Be prepared for the process! Credit: Instagram.com/sollebijoux

1. Be prepared…

To get white blonde hair, your colourist will probably use bleach to achieve the pure-looking finish – so bear this in mind when thinking about jumping on this hair trend bandwagon. Not sure what bleaching actually entails? Well, before bounding off to the salon, read our article on hair bleaching, here, to swot up on everything you should know before embracing white blonde tresses! Credit: @sollebijoux

3 images of a woman with long white blonde hair and roots
If you can handle the upkeep, this look is well worth it! Credit: Instagram.com/lushairdesignwilloughby

2. Don’t expect white blonde hair in a flash

While anyone can rock this beautiful hair hue, just remember that the lighter your current hair colour, the fewer treatments it will need to attain your desired shade. So, if you’re already a natural blonde, jumping to white will only require a couple of sessions, whereas, for dark-haired beauties, the leap will be much bigger. Your hair stylist may also suggest a more gradual hair dyeing process, allowing you to achieve the bright white look over time, and helping to minimise the negative impacts of bleaching on your tresses. Credit: @lushairdesignwilloughby

front view image of a woman with grey hued white blonde hair
Try your hair kind and it’s sure to look fab! Credit: Instagram.com/haileygubbelsmua

3. TLC is paramount

If you do decide to go white blonde this winter, then don’t forget that you will have to give your hair some extra TLC. Because, like with most chemical hair treatments, dyeing your tresses can leave it prone to dryness and damage. So, first thing’s first: give your coloured tresses a periodic treat, with a conditioning hair mask – trust us, your locks will be practically thanking you for the pamper sesh! Credit: @haileygubbelsmua

Editor’s tip: Looking for a new shampoo and conditioner that’s been specifically designed for coloured hair? We suggest trying the TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, to help avoid your white blonde hair becoming brassy. And want to give hair some lovin’? Then the TIGI Fashionista Blonde Mask, will be right up your street.

White blonde hair looks that you’ll love


front view of a woman looking down with white blonde hair in a pixie cut
Team your white blonde hair with a sweet pixie cut! Credit: Instagram.com/katcuvashair

The white blonde pixie cut

You don’t need to sport Khaleesi-length locks to rock stunning white blonde hair. In fact, we think that this sweet pixie cut looks amazing and is a great way to rock the look. Credit: @katcuvashair

 side view of a woman's head with long white blonde wavy hair
White blonde hair looks amazing worn relaxed and curly. Credit: Instagram.com/blakerosesalon

Relaxed curls

Give your white blonde hair a touch of romance by tonging your tresses and gently running your fingers through the curls. Your locks will look polished, pretty and ready for any occasion. Credit: @blakerosesalon

side view of a woman with long pearl coloured white blonde hair
We love this shimmering pearl hue! Credit: Instagram.com/punktg_fryzjer


The idea of having locks with a pearly finish just too dreamy for words! Take your hair to an ‘other worldly’ status, by asking your stylist to use a shimmering pearl toner on your hair. Credit: @punktg_fryzjer

front facing view of a woman with wavy white blonde hair with a flower in it
This white blonde hairstyle is icy perfection. Credit: Instagram.com/rw_hair

Ice white

We love the pretty waves in this look and how one side of the hair has been braided for an extra interesting touch. Add in a pretty flower and you’ve got yourself the perfect wedding guest hair ‘do. Credit: @rw_hair

two images of a woman with long white blonde hair
Give your white blonde hair a glamorous edge with a killer blow dry. Credit: Instagram.com/alibehindmychair

Voluminous blow-dry

Looking to make your white blonde hair turn heads? Then a stunning voluminous blow dry should do the trick. Be sure to add plenty of volume at your roots by reaching for VO5 Instant Volume Powder, this will help amplify your ‘do and give it plenty of drama. Credit: @alibehindmychair 

side view of a woman's head with wavy shoulder length white blonde hair
Rock your white blonde hair, short and sweet. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbydrea

White blonde highlights

Looking for multi-dimensional colour? Then why not rock white blonde highlights instead? This style of colouring is a tad easier to maintain than an all-over hair colour as you can combine elements of your natural hue into the look. Credit: @hairbydrea 

image of a dark skinned woman with white blonde hair
This might be a Halloween look, but we really dig it! Credit: Instagram.com/musegetes


Ok, ok, so this is a Halloween-inspired version of Storm from X-Men, but we absolutely love it. Plus, we think you’ll find this is a totally wearable look, year round. Obviously, without the contact lenses. Credit: @musegetes

image of a woman sitting on steps with very long white wavy blonde hair
Wear your white blonde hair long and wavy. Credit: Instagram.com/meredith_bollinger

Long and wavy

Become the real-life princess you always wanted to be with stunning long and wavy, white blonde hair. We just love the versatility of this look, it’s perfect for brunch with the girls or a night out. Credit: @meredith_bollinger

back of a woman's hair with a smooth blonde blow dry
This smooth blow dry works a treat with white blonde hair. Credit: Instagram.com/studiobesalon_kacyb

Darker roots

Having white blonde hair is a commitment, but the good news is that regrowth can actually look pretty cool. And did we mention, that carefully placed highlights teamed with slightly darker roots, give a more natural, snow brushed look? You’re welcome. Credit: @studiobesalon_kacyb

image of a woman looking at the camera white short blonde white wavy hair
Rock short, messy, white blonde tresses. Credit: Instagram.com/ryan_u.g

Short and messy

Give sultry tresses a touch of added glamour by creating tousled, messy curls. This is the ultimate ‘I just woke up like this look! Credit: @ryan_u.g

image of Karlie Kloss sitting on steps wearing a white dress white white blonde hair
Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe, like the stunning Karlie Kloss did! Credit: Instagram.com/karliekloss

The ‘Marilyn’

If anyone made white blonde hair uber glam, it has to be Marilyn Monroe. Now stars like Karlie Kloss are rocking the hue and the style. Credit: @karliekloss

front facing image of a woman with white blonde hair in a braid
Braid your long white blonde hair for princess worthy locks! Credit: Instagram.com/musegeteElsa

Bold blonde braid

If you’ve always dreamed of being a real-life Disney character, this white blonde, Elsa-inspired look is simply magical! This simple braid adds an ethereal twist to an already magical hair colour. Credit: @musegetes



Excited to try this bright new hair colour? Then you’ll need to get your locks in tip-top condition! Start by reading our fabulous guide on the best shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. 

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