Will the swimming pool turn my dyed blonde hair green?

Does dyed blonde hair plus pool water equal green hair?

Sorry blonde babes, this one is true!

However, this isn’t down to the chlorine as most people think. It is actually caused by the copper in the water binding to the protein in the hair.

This then causes a chemical reaction which ruins your perfect (and pricey) dye job.

How to avoid green swimming pool hair

1. Apply a leave-in conditioner before your dip as this will help create a film around your hair. We love the TIGI S Factor Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spray, which also smells like a tropical paradise.

2. Wear a swimming cap. It’ll help protect your hair from the chlorine and create a physical barrier.

3. Use a purple shampoo to cleanse like the TRESemmé Violet Blonde Shine Shampoo and Conditioner which is formulated especially for blonde hair and is enriched with pearl extract and violet toning pigment to help neutralise brassy yellow tones.


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