Why platinum blonde hair is having a major moment

Upgrade your membership to platinum, pronto.  

If you haven’t already noticed, platinum blonde locks seems to be having a fashionable resurgence at the moment, with countless male and female A-listers swapping their dark locks for cool, icy tresses. Often associated with bold, confident, and sexy Hollywood personalities, it should come as no surprise that this striking hair colour has taken the beauty world by storm.

But as you’ve watched the likes of Olivia Wilde, Ashley Benson, and Katy Perry each take out a platinum membership, we’re sure you’ve also wondered: why platinum blonde and why now?

To get to the root of this phenomenon, we’ve outlined why this statement-making hair colour has timeless allure, below. So read on and prepare to take the platinum blonde hair plunge, too.

Just why do we love platinum blonde so much?!


front facing image of a woman at the Balmain SS16 catwalk show with platinum blonde hair
Platinum blonde never strays too far from the runway. Credit: indigitalimages.com

It’s fashion’s favourite hair colour

From pale platinum to silvery champagne shades, ice white blonde hair seems to always have a place on the high fashion catwalks.

We’ve seen Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing send the majority of his models down the runway with platinum blonde wigs, in full awareness that it was a sure-fire way to make an impact. But he wasn’t the only one…

front facing image of a model with platinum blonde curls and dark roots
Platinum blonde can work on all skin tones. Credit: indigitalimages.com

…Over on the Rag & Bone runway show there was also a parade of icy hues! Because not only does white hair boast a sort of supernatural, otherworldly quality, but it also looks expensive, which is part of the reason why it complements luxury designers’ clothes so well. 

front facing image of a model with platinum blonde hair colour
How blonde would you go? Credit: indigitalimages.com

Not forgetting that several high profile models – like Sasha Luss, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Lara Stone and Soo Joo Park – have also turned to platinum blonde hair dye, giving their look a striking and shimmering transformation.

Interestingly, their careers seemingly took off because of this decision! More proof that platinum hair really is fashion’s favourite colour of the moment.

Editor’s tip: In order to maintain this colour’s vibrancy, and ensure you’ve got a hue worthy of the runway, you’ll need to invest in a shampoo made specifically with blonde hair in mind, like the TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo.

image of a woman with shoulder length platinum blonde hair and purple lipstick
Most skin tones can pull off platinum blonde! Credit: Instagram.com/iamjaelroumain

Platinum blonde hair colour has a lot of history

When 1930s film star Jean Harlow dyed her locks platinum blonde, she unknowingly paved the way for many more actresses and models to come.

Just look at Marilyn Monroe, whose platinum Hollywood curls became a symbol for all things sensual in the ’50s! But the platinum craze didn’t stop there, oh-no. Credit: @iamjaelroumain

side view of a woman's hair with smooth and sleek platinum blonde hair
We’re loving this smooth and sleek platinum blonde ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/salon_gaston

Turn an eye to almost any of Alfred Hitchcock’s heroines, or even Andy Warhol’s ’60s muse Edie Sedgwick, and you’ll see a platinum hair colour!

Back then, the hue wasn’t just reserved for the sexy, it also became the choice for the sophisticated and creative mavens alike, allowing them to express their inner selves through their hair. Credit: @salon_gaston

front facing image of a woman with long blonde platinum blonde, curly hair
Team your platinum blonde hair with bouncy waves for true 70s chic. Credit: Instagram.com/beautybycrystal

Step forward a couple of decades to the ’70s and ’80s, and you’ll notice how the shade underwent an edgy makeover, with musical muses of the time (like Debbie Harry, Annie Lennox and Madonna) all opting for this white-hot colour, that seemed to garner attention wherever they went. Credit: @beautybycrystal

image of a woman looking away with platinum blonde hair and dark roots
Try your hand at platinum blonde locks with dark roots! Credit: Instagram.com/xcentricabydeeacodrea

But aside from their icy locks, what these famous female figures all had in common was an impeccable sense of style, accompanied by a cool and wildly intriguing exterior, that was both alluring and empowering.

Looking back, it’s no wonder platinum hair dye has always been the colour of choice for those who really want to make an impact! Credit: @xcentricabydeeacodrea

front facing image of Rita Ora with blonde hair in pigtails and a full fringe with platinum blonde hair
Make like Rita and channel your inner baby spice! Credit: Instagram.com/ritaora

Platinum hair can work with all lengths and skin tones

Contrary to popular belief that platinum blonde hair only suits those with fairer skin, in recent years, this cool shade has actually been wonderfully showcased by females of all skin types and denominations.

While reality TV star Kim Kardashian went for true, full-on platinum with tones of silver, Rita Ora and Rihanna both opted for a bleach blonde look with contrasting dark roots for an edgier outcome. Pretty striking stuff, don’t you think? Credit: @ritaora

front view image of Kim Kardashian wearing a grey crop top with long blonde platinum hair
Wear your platinum blonde hair long and flowing, like Kim Kardashian. Credit: Instagram.com/kimkardashian

Did you also notice that they all had different hair lengths, as well? Yet another indicator that says no matter the cut or length, you too can pull off this daring hair colour with success. Credit: @kimkardashian 

So, you see, anyone can rock a platinum hair colour like the best of them – it’s just a matter of finding the right shade for your skin tone. And with so many stars leading the way and making bleached tresses their trademark, you’ll be in the best company.


Want to go blonde but not ready to jump straight to onto the platinum blonde hair dye? Then to test the waters, head on over to our Blonde Hair page, where you can find all the best and brightest shades for your mane!

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