7 Celebs who’ve successfully rocked blonde hair with highlights

All Things Hair | 07 December 2016

Goldilocks, eat your heart out!

Are you currently rocking a brilliant blonde hair hue, but feel like it could do with a little something extra? Well, you’re in the right place. Over the last year, we’ve seen countless A-list celebrities opt to enhance their already blonde hair with highlights, and take their mane game to a whole new level! 

This versatile trend will allow you to explore a wealth of colour ways, that are perfect for lightening, brightening, and uplifting your blonde locks. And being the helpful souls that we are, the All Things Hair team have gathered a list their fave blonde celebs, all of whom have successfully pulled off the look – see for yourself!

Blonde hair with highlights: Celebrity inspiration


blonde hair with highlights: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Beyonce long wavy ponytail
Blonde hair with highlights: Beyoncé. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock


Kicking things off in true pop-star style, is Queen Bey. Constantly experimenting with her hair, we thought we’d see it all: but this season, Beyoncé gave us all a serious case of hair envy when she stepped out sporting dark roots, blonde hair, and baby blonde highlights. This stunning colour combination not only enhanced her deep olive skin tone, but this high-impact look also helped to illuminate and brighten her face! #Flawless.

blonde hair with highlights: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Chloe Grace Moretz wavy long bob middle fringe
Blonde hair with highlights: Chloe Grace Moretz. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Chloë Grace Moretz

If you’re looking to add a little warmth and depth to your coppery, auburn hair colour, then golden blonde highlights are the thing for you! These subtle, yet rich tones of blonde are a great way to uplift your look, without opting for a single, all-over colour.

However, if you’re thinking of working your highlights with an edgy ‘do, why not take a leaf out of Chloë Grace Moretz’s book by opting for some choppy layers and a feathered fringe? Trust us, this is a surefire way to earn instant style points!

blonde hair with highlights: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Ashley Benson long wavy bob
Blonde hair with highlights: Ashley Benson. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Ashley Benson

In need of a way to tone down the boldness of your platinum blonde locks? Well, all it takes, is to incorporate a set of oh-so-sweet honey blonde highlights, à la Ashley Benson. This colour not only suits any skin tone, but it also works great for blending with dark roots – so if you’re looking to cheat a little with your root touch-up, this is exactly what the stylist ordered! Simply ask for neutral highlights that are not too ashy or golden, and wave goodbye to any re-growth nightmares.

blonde hair with highlights: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Rita Ora long blonde hair
Blonde hair with highlights: Rita Ora. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Rita Ora

If you’re a fan of the lovely Rita Ora, then you’ll know she’s somewhat of a hair colour chameleon, having worn almost every hue under the sun (we especially loved the baby pink bob she was rocking, not so long ago)! But while her bold colour choices have been some of her most memorable looks, we have to admit, she looks undeniably stunning with her latest hue: golden blonde highlights with dark roots.

The contrast of her base colour and bright blonde tones make for a totally on-trend ‘do, which was even topped off with a fashion-forward middle parting. Rita, you really are our hair style hero!

blonde hair with highlights: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Lauren Conrad short wavy lob
Blonde hair with highlights: Lauren Conrad. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Lauren Conrad

This season is all about embracing ombre locks, and Lauren Conrad knows exactly how to pull this look off with ease. Sporting a soft ombre ‘do, Lauren has brightened her famous locks by working warm toffee tones at the roots and top lengths of her hair, before gradually brightening the hue through her mid lengths and ends. The end result is a natural-looking style, that works effortlessly to uplift her features!

blonde hair with highlights: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Hayden Panettiere long bob slicked back
Blonde hair with highlights: Hayden Panettiere. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Hayden Panettiere

Come on, is there anything more luscious that a set of warming, honey blonde highlights? Nope, we don’t think so either. And it seems Hayden Panettiere agrees, since she has decided to add a load of depth and dimension to her locks, with some subtle honey highlights.

Although rather understated in her colour choice, Hayden really manages to give a high-impact finish to her look, by chopping her locks into a neat bob and slicking it back for a totally on-trend wet look ‘do!

blonde hair with highlights: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Taylor Swift short wavy bob fringe
Blonde hair with highlights: Taylor Swift. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Taylor Swift

There is no denying that Taylor Swift has blossomed into a fabulous style icon, in recent years. She has worked a platinum blonde bob, choppy layers, and a set of blunt bangs – but the look that has garnered our attention the most, has to be this vintage wavy bob and dazzling blonde highlights! With this captivating style we can’t help but think she looks like an old Hollywood silver screen starlet.

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