image of NIcole Richie with short bob and bleached blonde hair

Bleached hair: Why you should become a bleach blonde babe

Peroxide hair horror stories got you afraid of the bleach? With our guide to doing it right, you'll be aching to be a bleach blonde babe!  

If you were ever scared of getting bleached hair, it’s time to set those fears aside! Why? Well, in the past few months alone we’ve seen superstar celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian West debut bleach blonde hair, filling up our Instagram feeds with endless inspiration.

But if you still can’t shake off the image of peroxide hair disasters, we’re here to get bleach blonde looks back in your favour. Below we’ve compiled a list of thing you need to know so you can hot foot it down to the salon and jump on board the trend, like yesterday!

Bleach blonde hair: The tips, tricks & inspiration you need!


bleach blonde hair on gwen stefani getty
When in doubt look to Gwen Stefani for platinum blonde inspiration. Credit: Getty Image

Find your blonde idol

Gwen Stefani (AKA the queen of bleach blonde hair) has been working the hue for as long as we can remember!

Famous for her bleached hair, killer red lipstick and pin-up-inspired locks, Gwen is definitely one of our ultimate bleach blonde hair idols – and boy, does she wear it well.

Editor’s tip: If you’re going to go for bleached hair, switch your normal shampoo and conditioner for formulas that have been specifically designed for blonde hair, like the TONI&GUY Illuminate Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.

This duo will help to maintain the vibrancy of your blonde hue and add shine to dull strands.

front view of Bleach blonde hair on Kim Kardashian West
Make like Kim Kardashian and go for a bold new look. Credit: Getty Images

Go bold

Take a leaf out of Kim KW’s book: while her tresses are a nod towards Hollywood glamour, her platinum colour features a medley of different tones to give a fresh and vibrant edge.

Image of Taylor Swift with bleached hair and think choker and black dress
Rocking another hit hue, we love this look on Taylor Swift. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Know the process

Transforming your locks into bleach blonde hair is long, especially if you’re starting off with a very dark base. Once you’ve finally achieved your desired colour, you may well find that your hair is drier and more damaged than before.

To keep your hair in tip-top condition, and to help maintain the vibrancy of your colour, there are a few things that you can do…


Tips and tricks for maintaining bleach blonde hair


Image of Miley Cyrus with short cropped hair and black top
Miley Cyrus looks stunning with cropped, bleached hair! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock.

Tip 1: Discover your perfect bleach blonde hue

Bleach blonde hair isn’t the easiest of looks to pull off, but with the right help, you CAN pull off this look – no matter what hair colour or skin tone you have!

Chat with an experienced stylist to work out the perfect shade of blonde that suits your complexion and eyebrow colouring, otherwise you could end up looking washed out.

image of NIcole Richie with short bob and bleached blonde hair
Work bright bleach blonde hair like Nicole Richie. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Tip 2: Deep condition your hair once a week

Deep conditioners can work wonders on bleach blonde hair, as they help provide your strands with extra hyradation and nourishment. If your hair is particularly damaged from the bleaching process, then it’s super important you treat your tresses to a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. Trust us, your mane will thank you!

Read more on how to deep condition your hair and brush up on the dos and don’ts of deep conditioning, now.

image of Anne Hathaway with bleached hair in a pixie cut and glamorous makeup
Give your pixie cut an added wow factor with bleached hair like
Anne Hathaway. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock.

Tip 3: Avoid excessive exposure to sun and chlorine


“Wearing a swimming cap will massively reduce contact with the chlorine, and thus hugely reduce the risk of having blonde hair turn green.”  – Unilever Creative Director and Head Stylist, Dan Lynes.


So if you’re an avid swimmer or love outdoor sports or sunbathing, ensure that you are treating your hair with the right products to help minimise any fading or discolouration. Be smart and you’ll be able to keep those gorgeous blonde tresses the same colour as when you first stepped out of the salon!


Now you’ve had the bleached hair low down, have we convinced you to go blonde? Have your vote on which blonde look you love best and see what others think!

And if you’re still on the fence or perhaps you want a subtler way to rock blonde tresses, why not check out our balayage looks instead?

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