The best blonde hair colours for summer: Know your shades

Ink | 13 June 2016

From platinum to ash and beyond, we’ve rounded up the hottest blonde hair colours perfect for the sunshine season.

There’s something so appropriately summery about blonde hair. Maybe it’s just the way it brightens up the complexion, and the cool, effortlessly feminine attitude it truly transcends from city to beach. No wonder it’s back on the radar again for 2016. Thinking of lightening up? Well, you won’t be the only one – which is why we’ve put together a list of the coolest, most fashionable blonde hair colours, just in time to welcome the sunshine season in style.

Whether you style your flaxen locks sleek and straight or with sexy, beachy waves and plenty of texture, remember: the most important trick to carrying off this bold shade is with confidence. From subtle ash sombre and soft honey tones, to brazen platinum, we’ve rounded up the best blonde hair colours you should know about – and try out – now.

12 Blonde hair colours perfect for summer

True platinum blonde. Credit:

True platinum

If you’re committed to the upkeep, this striking platinum shade is worth all the hassle of maintenance, we promise. Chic, modern and especially sophisticated when paired with sleek, straight tresses, it’s also the perfect colour match for those with fair skin and pink undertones.

White blonde hair. Credit:

White blonde

Because it’s one of the boldest variations of platinum you can get, it should come as no surprise that this almost white shade isn’t the easiest to maintain. But the good news is that it can also work for those with slightly more olive-y skin tones, for a cool, directional effect. Don’t believe us? Just check out Rita Ora.

Golden platinum blonde. Credit:

Golden platinum

Probably the most glamorous take on platinum, this light, golden shade – AKA “Marilyn Monroe blonde” – also boasts incredible brightening properties for the complexion. Elegant and expensive-looking, it makes an ideal pairing for perfectly polished, old Hollywood-style finger waves and a red pout.

Tip: To maintain the vibrancy of a golden platinum hue, switch up your current shampoo and conditioner duo for one that’s been made especially for blonde hair. We recommend the Toni&Guy Cleanse Shampoo For Blonde Hair and Nourish Conditioner For Blonde Hair (£6.49 each*).

Bronde hair. Credit:


Is it brown? Is it blonde? Well, actually, it’s both, hence the name “bronde”: the breakthrough shade of 2016. Best achieved with balayage or flamboyage, this beautifully subtle blend of light and dark is a favourite of many an A-lister, including Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Heard and Elizabeth Olsen.

Ash blonde sombre. Credit:

Ash blonde sombre

Another brilliant option for those who want to go lighter – but are concerned about having to constantly manage regrowths – a cool, ash blonde sombre just feels utterly fresh and modern. Wear it with smooth, straight tresses for maximum sophistication when in the city, and make the most of your naturally-tousled texture by letting it air-dry while on the beach.

Melted butter blonde. Credit:

Melted butter

Now this is what we call a true, statement-making blonde. Yellowish and rich in tone, it can be quite overpowering on the wrong hairstyle. So opt for an ultra-short pixie, bob or, at the most, mid-length for the most effortless-looking, mellow effect.

Pink champagne blonde hair. Credit:

Pink champagne

We love the chic yet playful nature of this rich golden shade with subtle pink undertones because it just oozes summertime elegance and warmth. Looks as delicious as it sounds, right?

Beach blonde hair. Credit:

Beach blonde

Best teamed with natural-looking, messy, tousled waves (hello, VO5 Give Me Texture Rough & Sexy Sea Salt Spray, £3.99*!), it’s no wonder this exotic, summery shade has long been the bohemian girl’s favourite. Now, all you need is the beach, the sea and plenty of sunshine.

Baby blonde hair. Credit:

Baby blonde

Favoured by the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kate Hudson and Gisele Bündchen, this light and bright yet delicate golden shade is great for lending a hint of youthfulness to any look. (Hence the name, baby blonde.)

Caramel ombre. Credit:

Caramel ombre

Have a darker complexion and want to dabble in the blonde palette without looking, er, cheap? This rich caramel ombre is perfect for olive-based or darker skin tones. Root regrowths could pose a potential pain to maintain, but that’s where the ombre effect comes in to help.

Dirty blonde hair. Credit:

Dirty blonde

For those desperate to go lighter, but are concerned true blonde might be too mainstream, look no further than the directional golden shade du jour: dirty blonde. Slightly duller in tone, with soft grey tints, it’s the perfect option for those who want to inject a little bit of an edge, while maintaining a summer-appropriate look and feel.

Honey blonde hair. Credit:

Honey blonde

Ideal for those with yellow or olive undertones, this luxurious and luscious, rich honey blonde colour works pretty much all year round. The best thing about this versatile shade is that there are so many variations that can be tailored to suit different times of year without requiring you to go through a dramatic change. Clever, right?

See? With so many blonde hair colours to choose from, surely there’s something for everyone!

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