9 lush blonde afro styles that’ll make you wish you had blonde hair

Time to let your natural strands shine bright!  

When you stop and picture a head full of golden blonde strands, many of us would conjure up images of sleek, straight hair, right? Well that’s all about to change, because we’re here to tell you that blonde afro strands are taking over the beauty scene!

Often overlooked in the hair colour department, naturalistas everywhere are staging a revolt and dyeing their tresses all sorts of incredible hues – but our favourite has to be with the goldilocks girls.

So, to help you on your blonde afro hair journey, we’ve scrolled through Instagram and found 9 ladies who work the look brilliantly, to inspire your next ‘do.

9 blonde afro hair colours that are about to become your new obsession


backshot of woman with golden blonde afro hair, wearing black outfit
All that glitters is gold! Credit: Instagram.com/hereiscee

1.  Golden blonde

We’re a sucker for anything gold and that includes this dazzling hair colour, which this mega-babe rocks like a total pro!

When coupled with a gorgeous, bouncy afro, this trendy shade works to highlight your best features and make your curls come to life. Pretty neat, right? Credit: @hereiscee

ownbyfemme with sunkissed blonde afro hair smilling Instagram
Sun-kissed hair? Yes, please! Credit: Instagram.com/ownbyfemme

2. Sun-kissed blonde afro

Keep your afro looking California chic with a sun-kissed hue, that’ll make people think you’ve been away on vacation.

But this isn’t just a summer shade, oh no! The warm tints of honey, gold and light caramel in this pretty hue makes your hair perfectly-suited for any season, outfit, or event. Sign us up! Credit: @ownbyfemme

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woman in park with buttermilk blonde afro hair colour smiling at curlfest
Butter isn’t just for spreading, don’t you know? Credit: Instagram.com/drewskie.f

3. Buttermilk blonde

If you’re looking for a creamy hair colour that’s more on the honey-yellow side, let us introduce the shade that’s about to become your new BFF: buttermilk blonde!

This subtle, buttery hue will work a charm with natural swirls and spirals, plus it will give you a natural-looking, sunny glow. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to look like a glowing goddess? Credit: @drewskie.f

hannahfaith with caramel dark blonde big afro hairstyle Instagram
Who wouldn’t want their hair to look a little like caramel? Credit: Instagram.com/hannahfaith

4. Dark blonde afro hair

Want to go lighter but worried it’ll clash with your skin tone? Then take inspiration from this Instagrammer‘s caramel, dark-blonde afro.

The flattering ribbons of dark and light honey, caramel-coloured tones throughout her mane are ultra-flattering and bound to make a splash at your next event! Credit: @hannahfaith

woman with strawberry blonde afro hair styled into a updo, wearing white shirt and jewellery
Strawberry + blonde hair = match made in heaven! Credit: Instagram.com/modelesque_nic

5.  Strawberry blonde

When you mix blonde hues with strawberry-red tones, you get the dreamiest hue ever: strawberry blonde. And when this mega-babe debuted her playful, fruity blonde afro hair colour on Instagram, we just had to stop and stare.

The ribbons of red and bronze running through her mane blend seamlessly, making for subtle yet show-stopping look! Credit: @modelesque_nic

woman with rose gold blond afro hair colour in the park smilling
Rose gold hair, don’t care! Credit: Instagram.com/mckenza_

6. Rose gold blonde afro

Still obsessing over pastel colours like peach or blorange? Then give your blonde afro hair a sweeter appeal by getting a gorgeous rose gold colour added in – just like this beauty has done.

This pretty, rose-tinted hue is the perfect colour to rock during summer months and it will give your hair that magical pastel effect you’ve been dreaming of. Yay! Credit: @mckenza_

an afro woman with ombre color
Highlight your best features with colouring technique! Credit: Instagram.com/oliviaxpauline

7. Bronde highlights

Worried that bleaching your hair will damage your locks? Instead of going for an all-over dye, opt for more low-maintenance bronde (AKA blonde and brown) highlights.

The trick to achieving this look? Keep your roots your natural hair colour and get touches of light brown and honey-coloured hues placed throughout your mane, and just watch as your curls take the mane stage. Credit: @oliviaxpauline

woman with short blonde afro style
Icy blonde is one of the coolest hues out there! Credit: Instagram.com/lenablu_

8. Icy blonde afro hair colour

Okay, so you’ve already got a blonde teenie weenie afro, but what’s next for you? How about giving this icy, greyish-silver blonde hue a go!

This cool-toned, fashion-approved shade isn’t for the fainthearted, but will definitely have those around you wondering if you stepped off a catwalk! And honestly, who wouldn’t want that? Credit: @lenablu_

woman with platinum blonde afro wearing peach hair and sitting down
Upgrade your look to a new level with this hue! Credit: Instagram.com/kassalaholdsclaw

9. Multifaceted blonde afro hair

After a blonde afro hair colour that’s full of creative flair? Test out the waters of multicoloured hair by adding tones of platinum and gold through your mane, while keeping your roots their natural colour, for an extra edgy effect.

This head-turning hue will add a tonne of movement and dimension to your ‘do, while also making your locks look as bright and beautiful as a diamond. Credit: @kassalaholdsclaw

Editor’s tip: If you’re tempted get a blonde afro hair colour, remember to use a wash and care system specifically formulated for dyed blonde hair. We’re currently fawning over the Toni&Guy Illuminate Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, as it helps hair look frizz-free, all while helping maintain your hue’s vibrancy.


Are you ready to get blonde afro hair, or do you want to consider other hues? If so, check out our Hair Colour page! From ocean hair to peachy-perfect hues, you’ll be sure to find something to fall in love with.

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