10 Flattering Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

Whether you're after a curly weave hair look or a straight one, these Insta-ready weave hairstyles are here to inspire!  

Bored of your natural hair? Practically pulling out your box braids in style frustration? Honey, we feel you. But instead of falling into an endless style rut, we suggest taking a peek at these Instagram-approved weave hairstyles we found glowing up our feeds.

From curly weave hair looks to sophisticated short weave styles, there’s bound to be a ‘do you’ll fall in love with! We can’t wait to see what you go for…

1. Straight weave

close up shot of woman with straight weave hair, wearing pink dress and posing from behind for an Instagram shot
Straight weave hairstyles will make you feel just like a Kardashian sister. Credit: Instagram.com/ama.peters

If you’ve always wondered what you’d look like with straight hair, but don’t want to have to get an extensive chemical treatment done, a straight weave is the exactly what you need to up your mane game. Credit: @ama.peters

Editor’s tip: Straight weave hairstyles like this one look their best with the help of a shine spray. Our must-have? The Alberto Balsam Stunning Shine Spray, which’ll help give your mane a star-worthy shine, plus leave it smelling of peach and roses!

2. Pink weave

straight weave hairstyles: close up shot of woman with pink straight long weave hair, wearing grey tracksuit and posing in a kitchen setting
On Wednesday’s we wear pink, do you? Credit: Instagram.com/goldenbih

We’ve had a bunch of fabulous hair looks take over our feeds lately, but the hands down coolest trend to have hit the social sphere is pink hair. And guess what? With weave hair extensions, you can get the look without worrying about any damage.

So, who’s ready to show the world how amazing colourful straight weave hairstyles are? You! Credit: @goldenbih

3. Short sleek weave

short weave styles: close up shot of woman with short grey straight weave, wearing micro sunglasses and beret, posing on the street
With this look, you’ll get all the likes! Credit: Instagram.com/nyane

If anyone’s going to show you how to pull off short weave styles, it’s this lovely Instagram star with her amazing grey dye job!

Not only is her blunt cut bob totally in tune with the short haircut trends we’ve been seeing everywhere, but it also works with this season’s staple accessories: the beret and micro sunglasses. Credit: @nyane

4. Short weave + bangs

straight weave hairstyles: close up shot of woman with straight medium length weave with side-swept bangs hair, wearing white top
Bangs + weave hairstyles = the dreamiest duo ever! Credit: Instagram.com/bby_cai

2018 is your year to be fierce, so dive in with this bold and sexy Pulp Fiction-inspired bangs hairstyle. #Slay. Credit: @bby_cai

6 different types of bangs to rock in 2018, plus how to style them.

5. Loose curls

curly weave styles: close up shot of woman with loose long curls, wearing checked suit top and posing in front of green scenery for Instagram
Want to give off #girlboss vibes? Copy this look. Credit: Instagram.com/ashleejanelle_

It’s not all about straight weave hairstyles in 2018, as curly hair weave looks are also on the rise and destined for those who crave texture.

Tip: Take your loose curly weave hair to the next level by pairing it with a power suit and some statement earrings for an utterly retro-chic look. Credit: @ashleejanelle_

Editor’s tip: What’s the secret behind most curly weave styles? The TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream.

Scrunch a few pumps of this in damp hair and then either blowdry or allow to air dry, before running your fingers through your mane to give it that tousled finish.

6. Hollywood curls

close up shot of woman with long curly hair weave, wearing hoop earring and glam makeup, posing for an Instagram picture
Hollywood hair, don’t care! Credit: Instagram.com/itsmyrayeraye

A romantic curly hair weave like this will have everyone convinced you just stepped out of an old Hollywood movie. Just don’t blame us when Hollywood does start calling! Credit: @itsmyrayeraye

7. Afro curls

close up shot of woman with afro curly hair weave, wearing khaki top and posing for an Instagram picture
Afro weave hairstyles are seriously gorgeous! Credit: Instagram.com/alexandra_nx

Never seen or heard of afro curly weave styles? Then take a good long look at this beauty’s mane.

This bouncy, beautiful weave look is perfect for anyone after a voluminous style that’ll leave a lasting impression. Credit: @alexandra_nx

8. Cool girl waves

curly weave styles: close up shot of woman with loose wavy weave hair, wearing baker boy hat and basic top and posing outside
It-girl vibes here we come! Credit: Instagram.com/ryandestiny

If the previous weave hairstyles weren’t enough to inspire you to try them, then this next wavy look surely will. It’s textured, it’s sexy, and it’s bound to make you feel like an off-duty model. Credit: @ryandestiny

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9. Short beachy waves

close up shot of woman with short ombre curly weave hair style, wearing army top and black leather skirt and sunglasses, posing outside
If you’re not feeling straight weave hairstyles, this curly weave hair is destined for you. Credit: Instagram.com/breenylee

This beauty slays with this loose, tousled wavy bob, and you can too!

If you’ve got a wavy weave, simply spray a little sea salt spray to amp up your texture. Alternatively, if your weave is straight, you can use a wand to create plenty of natural-looking movement. Credit: @breenylee

Editor’s tip: Short weave styles like this really pop when styled with the VO5 Texturising Sea Salt Spray

This sea salt spray is your ultimate styling accessory for effortless waves, as its light hold formula adds definition and texture, leaving you with perfect, natural-looking waves.

10. Pixie weave

short weave hairstyles: close up shot of woman with short pixie hairstyle, with turtleneck and red lipstick, posing outside
Short weave hairstyles are an option, too! Credit: Instagram.com/micahgianeli

Bet you didn’t think that short weave styles could look this stunning, eh? With its choppy finish and side-swept bangs, this dramatic look is all you need to make you feel brand new again. Credit: @micahgianeli



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