Short hairstyles for black women that you can wear to school

Get an A+ in hair with these stylish 'dos!

So, it’s that time of year again, where schools reopen and you have to march sombrely through the gates each morning, ready to learn (sigh). But with the new term starting, there is a silver lining to this otherwise dull situation – it presents the perfect opportunity to show off a brand new ‘do! And boy oh boy, have we got a whole host of amazing short hairstyles for black women that you need to see.

We at All Things Hair know that trying to rock a super chic ‘do can be quite time consuming – potentially making you late for class. So, in the spirit of keeping you out of detention, but in the hair game, we’re going to share some quick and easy short hairstyle for black women. No need to thank us!

Back to school: Short hairstyles for black women

Short hairstyles for black women: mini buns
Short hairstyles for black women: Mini buns. Credit:

Whether you’re rocking relaxed or natural black hair, mini buns make for the perfect back-to-school look: not only are they super cute, but you can also whip them up in a matter of seconds! Meaning that you can snooze your alarm once or twice more in the morning. Credit: @viva_glam_kay

To get this look, start by applying some VO5 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Creme (£3.99) onto your hair to help reduce frizz and flyaways. Then, create a neat centre parting and, working on one side of hair at a time, scrape your strands back into a high ponytail. Wrap each pony around its base to form a mini bun and secure with some bobby pins.

Short hairstyles for black women: teeny weeny afro
Short hairstyles for black women: TWA. Credit:

If you’re after a hairstyle that requires zero effort in the mornings (but still looks totally fabulous), then look no further than a TWA (AKA, teeny weeny afro!). For a neat, uniformed look that’s perfect for school, ask your stylist to shape your afro the same length all over. Credit: @ronkeraji

To add an extra element of interest to your TWA, why not try popping in some hair colours to really take this look to the next level? For some seriously hot coloured afro inspo, click here! 

Short hairstyles for black women: bantu knots
Short hairstyles for black women: Bantu knots. Credit: kwenasays

Ah, bantu knots: while they work on any type of hair texture, they’re also one of our favourite short hairstyles for black women. Why? Because bantu knots work as a protective hairstyle, meaning you’ve got one less thing to worry about while you study! To style this look up, try tying each knot with a different coloured hairband. Who said school hairstyle had to be boring? Credit: @kwenasays

Short hairstyles for black women: pixie cut
Short hairstyles for black women: The pixie cut. Credit:

If you have relaxed hair, then why not get the chop and opt for an uber stylish pixie cut? Ask your stylist to add some choppy layers and a sweeping fringe, and you can rest assured that everyone will be staring at your chic mane when you walk down the corridor. Credit: @salonchristol

If you’re usually working a longer hairstyle, but are desperate to try a cute cropped look, then check out our article on natural hair growth – it’ll give you everything you need to know before you transition!

Short hairstyles for black women: mini high top
Short hairstyles for black women: Mini high top. Credit:

For an edgy twist on a traditional afro hairstyle, we recommend rocking a mini high top. Not only does it make your ‘fro a little easier to manage, but it also works a treat for those with rounder face shapes, helping to make your face appear longer. For this look, you’ll need to keep some length on top of your head, but clip the sides and back much shorter. Credit: @avielleamor

Tip: Use a few pumps of the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment (£6.99*) as a pre-poo treat and its lightweight formula will help to replenished lipids, as well as thoroughly nourish every curl, kink and coil. We think we’ve just found our new ‘fro BFF!

If you’re after more fabulous short hairstyles for black women, then take a look at the hottest hairstyles on Instagram right now. Also, head over to our Black Hairstyles page for more great styling tips, as well as all your natural hair needs!

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