From TWAs to long box braids, these are the best shaved hairstyles for black women right now

Prepare to fall in love with these gorgeous shaved hairstyles for black women...  

When it comes to shaved hairstyles for black women, there are so many styling possibilities out there – much more than you might initially think. Whether you want to go for a short shaved style like Black Panther’s Danai Gurira or a discreet undercut à la Rihanna, there’s no denying just how fierce and fabulous a shaved style can be.

For anyone who has ever gone for a big chop, you will know the mix emotions you get as the strands are snipped and shaved away. From fear to euphoria, going for a bold new hairstyle is a liberating feeling that comes with many pros (just think about the time you’ll save when styling!).

So, if you’re umming and erring about trying a new shaved hairstyle, simply read on and let these incredible looks make the decision for you.

side view of black women with shaved sides long dark brown box braids wearing sunglasses and white jumper
Braids for days. Credit:

1. Braids

When it comes to protective hairstyles for natural tresses, box braids are perhaps the most popular style choice. But if you want to give yours a unique stamp, why not team them with high shaved sides? Just picture how beautiful it will look with your hair piled into a trendy topknot. Credit: @lisaalamode

side view of black woman with short shaved dark brown hair with shaved design
Experiment with shaved detailing to make your look stand out. Credit:

2. TWA

Teeny weeny afros are an incredibly chic hairstyle for black women, and as more and more women choose to embrace their natural hair, a TWA tends to be the natural style they gravitate towards.

From Lupita Nyong’o to Solange Knowles, a TWA may be A-list approved, but why not make it your own with a simple shaved design cuffing the ear? Credit: @mrs_tahirah

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black women with platinum blonde buzzcut wearing burnt orange bardot dress
Platinum princess. Credit:

3. Buzzcut

The hair world can’t get enough of buzzcuts right now. From Zoë Kravitz to Amandla Stenberg, buzzcuts are the hottest shaved hairstyle for black women and when it looks this good, need we explain why?  Credit: @ohhhjas_

side profile of black women with shaved sides curly mohawk top in chocolate and caramel brown highlights
We are loving this curly mohawk ‘do. Credit:

4. Mohawk

If you’re looking for shaved hairstyles for black women that still show off your curls, then we suggest trying this mohawk as your next style.

Make the most of your new mohawk by adding a fresh hue like this Instagrammer, who teamed her brown hue with golden highlights. Credit: @misskenk

back view of black woman with dark brown hair in updo with nape undercut design
Nape cut goals. Credit:

5. Nape undercut

Nape undercuts can not only be a super fun way to get creative with your cut but if your school or workplace requires a more professional hairstyle, you can simply wear your hair down and no one will know any different – think of it as your own little secret. Credit: @theundercutnaturals 

side view of black women with short shaved hair in pastel light blue hair colour with taper fade finish
Spring vibes with this gorgeous blue hue. Credit:

6. Taper fade

Taper fades make for a great option when looking for shaved hairstyles for black women. Want proof? This Instagrammer beauty styles her taper fade with fun hues (a yellow hue for the bottom and blue for the top), making for a subtle yet impactful spring/summer style. Credit: @sambialieu

black women with platinum blonde short buzzcut with diagonal shaved design across the front
Not your average buzzcut. Credit:

7. Parted buzzcut

So often we see buzzcuts all one level with no distinctive parting that we forget how chic it can look with even the simplest of shaved details. This blonde babe added a sharp parting across the front of her look, giving an unconventional and stylish finish. Credit: @itslisannemarie 

Editor’s tip: If you’re thinking of showing off your shaved hairstyle with a bold hue, make sure you switch to a wash and care system formulated with coloured tresses in mind. We love the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner for keeping our colour vibrant.

black woman with shaved sides and long dark brown marley twist locks wearing bright red lipstick
Get the best of both worlds with this shaved hairstyle. Credit:

8. Locs

Not a fan of box braids? Team your shaved haircut with side sweeping locs instead. Badass and beautiful, what more could you want from a shaved hairstyle for black women? Credit: @theundercutnaturals

black women with long dark brown hair with shaved undercut at front of hair
Undercut babe. Credit:

9. Side undercut

Who else remembers when Cassie went and shaved off her long brown locks for a cool undercut? Sending many women into a frenzy, her style has been replicated over and over again, yet never gets boring.

Team your long tresses with a discreet undercut for added wow factor. Credit: @sonjadradeluxe

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black woman with multi-coloured braids and shaved undercut sides wearing sunglasses
Go bold or go home! Credit:

10. Multi-coloured braids

Want a shaved hairstyle that will be sure to turn heads of admirers where ever you go? Then this multi-coloured braided style is definitely the look for you. Add shaved sides for further style points. Credit: @magavilhas

black woman with braided pompadour hairstyle with shaved sides wearing glasses
We’d be smiling if this was out hairstyle too. Credit:

11. Pompadour

The classic pompadour, loved by hair icon Janelle Monae, has been given a modern update by the Instagrammer who shaved the sides of her hair to draw even further attention to her retro braided styleCredit: @ohh_naydia