Is the ninja bun this year’s new top knot bun?

Take your bun to striking new heights!

Trend alert! It seems that there’s a new black hairstyle in town: the ninja bun. This gravity-defying, top knot bun has slowing been bubbling up, ever since Lupita Nyong’o rocked a similar hairstyle at this year’s MET Gala, and finally, it’s trending in the Instagram hair world. Curious to see what this new top knot bun looks like? Click through our gallery above or scroll down to see the hottest recreations we found on Insta. But we have to warn you, with its statement height and retro futuristic vibes, this updo is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

The ninja bun: 2016’s new top knot bun


ninja bun
Meet the ninja bun. Credit:

Endearingly coined the ‘ninja’ or ‘corn’ bun, this new top knot bun is unmistakable because of its skyscraper-like appearance. There also has been a lot of buzz over the origins of this hairstyle, with some sources saying it was inspired by Audrey Hepburn. While Lupita herself has insinuated that it was based on the traditional hairstyles worn by African tribes. But for those who are still confused, the ninja bun is basically a top knot bun – just a really, really tall one! So all you have to do is tie your hair into a bouffant bun! Credit: @shanoahh

black hairstyles ninja bun
Use handy hair extensions to make your ninja bun. Credit:

Don’t despair if you have short hair that can just about be tied into a ponytail. With the help of handy hair extensions, you can still easily nail the look by creating faux hair buns. Credit: @armybeautygal

natural hair ninja bun
Relaxed hair? Natural ‘fro? The ninja bun works on both! Credit:

The best part is that this on-trend ‘do is also a pretty effective protective hairstyle, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your tresses because your ends are safely tucked away. And it doesn’t even matter if you have relaxed or natural hair – this hairstyle works a treat on both! Credit: @chimeedwards

braided top knot bun
Braided ninja? Try plaiting your top knot bun. Credit:

You can even jazz it up by plaiting your top knot bun, turning it into a beautiful braided ninja bun! Cool, right? Credit: @beautyisliife

top knot bun with undercut
It’s also perfectly showcases edgy undercuts. Credit:

Or… You can tap into two trends at once and show off your edgy undercut. So versatile! Credit: @tystyl3s_

So, what do you make of the ninja bun? Well, whether you love it or hate it, you can always find more #hairspiration on our black hairstyles and hair updos pages!

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