6 ways to rock natural hair bangs now that fringes have become 2018’s must-wear look

Full, split or micro, the fringe potential is limitless.   

Literally everyone – be it celebs, Instagram influencers and even just us regular folk – are making the decision to get a fringe cut in this year. There’s no doubting it’s one of the hottest hair trends right now and for those of us with naturally curly hair, there are so many different variations of natural hair bangs out there you can pretty much have your pick of the bunch!

Obsessed with the retro-inspired parted bangs look, or love the statement nature of a bold pair of baby bangs? Whatever vibe you’re after, read on for styling advice on combining your curls with natural hair bangs.

6 different natural hair bangs variations for curly girls to try

blonde natural haired woman with a full fringe wearing a denim jacket and striped tshirt
Bangs aren’t off limits to curly girls. Credit: Instagram.com/laurissawillems

1. Full

With so many different fringe styles getting the love lately it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choice. But really, you can’t go wrong with a classic, full fringe – so if you’re a newbie they’re perfect!

Straight across bangs already add shape to a minimal cut and your curls will give the look an even cooler, shag-cut effect that’s really on trend right now thanks to models like Alanna Arrington. Credit: @laurissawillems

close up selfie of a woman with natural hair with side bangs wearing an off the shoulder blue shirt
Sweep it to the side for a flirty, feminine look. Credit: Instagram.com/iamtwala

2. Side-sweeping

Never thought you’d be able to get a side fringe like your straight-haired friends? This Insta beauty proves otherwise.

Sweeping curls add a softness to the face which no other bangs style can and on a more practical level, they’re great at balancing out a long face or prominent forehead. Credit: @iamtwala

Editor’s tip: Contemplating booking in for a fringe? Define your curls with the TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream to keep your mane moisturised and smooth.

woman wearing a white printed hoodie with her natural hair tied up with a short micro fringe
Baby bangs are one of 2018’s hottest hair trends. Credit: Instagram.com/true_whit_

3. Micro

Ever since Emma Watson and Emma Roberts gave them their public debut, micro (AKA ‘baby’) bangs have risen to the top of the trends table. They’re the ultimate in edgy, unconventional style and make a regular cut that bit more daring. Credit: @true_whit_

selfie of a natural haired girl with split bangs
Retro split bangs are all the rage on Insta and the red carpet. Credit: Instagram.com/raerodriguez_

4. Split

With curly hair, you’re lucky that any style you try will automatically exude boho vibes – just take this split, undone fringe for example.

Our advice? Pair with a centered middle parting and ask your stylist for layers that gradually get longer as your fringe flows into the rest of your hair, making for a seamless feel. Credit: @raerodriguez_

side profile of a woman wearing a black zip up top with her natural hair in a topknot with tinkerbell style bangs
Bangs will instantly elevate any updo style. Credit: Instagram.com/freshlengths

5. Tinker Bell

Now, not to rain on Ariel and Rapunzels parades or anything but we’ve always had a soft spot for Tinker Bell’s bun and fringe combination.

Upgrade your go-to pineapple with long, wispy natural hair bangs and you’ll never look at a basic updo the same way again. Credit: @freshlengths

selfie of a woman with natural hair in a top knot with faux bangs
Fake it ’til you make it. Credit: Instagram.com/chelsie_noelle9

6. Faux

Too emotionally attached to your curls to let anyone within a 10-mile radius of your mane with a pair of scissors? We feel you. That’s why faking it with faux bangs is so much fun. One day you’ve got bangs, one day you haven’t – gotta keep the people guessing! Credit: @chelsie_noelle9

Follow along with our step-by-step faux bangs tutorial.


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