X-Factor’s Gifty gets a hair makeover and we love it!

Jeanette | 24 October 2016
Gifty hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long blonde wig

Has Gifty got the answer to rapid hair growth?

It seems that the ‘Gifty hair transformation’ is all that anyone is talking about on Twitter, as of late. The X-Factor contestant not only wowed viewers and the judges with her performance this weekend, but equally stunned us all when when she debuted a new, fabulously long hairdo!

Okay, so we might be exaggerating a tad about the length, but the truth is, that this new hairstyle is miles away from her blonde, signature TWA (that’s teeny weenie afro, FYI). So, if you’re yet to see Gifty’s new mane for yourself, keep on scrolling and prepare to be amazed!

The stunning ‘Gifty hair transformation’!


Gifty hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long blonde wig
X-Factor’s Gifty gets a hair makeover and we love it! Credit: Instagram.com/giftylouise

Apparently, Gifty’s new ‘do has caused a lot of confusion among viewers, with plenty of people taking to social media to voice their shock at her rapid ‘hair growth‘. However, for those of you astounded by the appearance of her lengthy tresses and wanting to know what ‘hair treatment‘ she used to get her fresh new look, unfortunately, there is no miracle hair growth enhancer available. Sorry to break it to you! Credit: @giftylouise

Gifty’s hair is in fact the result of an amazing (wait for it…) wig. Yes, you heard that correctly – she’s followed in the footsteps of A-list celebrities, like Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry, and masterfully nailed the art of wig wearing. She certainly did fool a lot of people into thinking that it’s her real hair!

Gifty hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - TWA afro hair
X-Factor’s Gifty before her hair makeover. Credit: Instagram.com/giftylouise

But just what did spark Gifty’s stunning hair makeover? Well, we can’t say for sure what caused the talented singer to change up her look so drastically, but why should it matter? She looked absolutely incredible, and it definitely got people talking! Credit: @giftylouise


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