Black History Month 2016: Our favourite black hairstyles on Instagram

Arianna | 17 October 2016

Celebrate black hair with us!

We’re midway through Black History Month 2016, and to celebrate the event, we’ve been lusting over all the gorgeous black hairstyles displayed on Instagram (AKA the source of all our inspiration!). From bleach blonde crops to bantu knot mohawks (trust us, they’re so cool), we’ve rounded up our fave Instagram pics to give you some mane inspiration! So go on, have a scroll through our gallery above, and read on to find out more about each of these fabulous naturalista looks!

Celebrating Black History Month 2016: Best black hairstyles on Instagram

Black History Month 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - blonde buzz cut black hair Instagram
Black History Month 2016: Blonde crop. Credit:

Blonde crop

Beauty influencer and YouTuber, Alissa Ashley demonstrates how to perfectly rock a blonde short crop! Not only does her bold colour choice help give this ‘do a cool and contemporary update, but the super short length really works to enhance her amazing makeup looks! Credit: @alissa.ashley

Black History Month 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - bantu knots mohawk Instagram hair
Black History Month 2016: Bantu mohawk. Credit:

Bantu knot mohawk

For a truly edgy look, that’s sure to turn more than a few heads, why not opt for an inventive bantu knot mohawk? You can choose to work as many – or as few – knots as you wish, but just bear in mind that the more you create, the smaller they will look. And we have to say, as stunning protective hairstyles go, this has to be one of the best we’ve ever seen! Credit: @chimeedwards

Black History Month 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - black hairstyles long Instagram faux locs
Black History Month 2016: Faux locs. Credit:

Faux locs

If you love wearing your hair down, why not style your strands into luscious faux dreadlocks? The hairstyle possibilities are endless with this type of loc: fashion your mane into an updo, braid your strands, or leave your locs tumbling down your back. And if you want to something a little more lengthy, why not try some dreadlock extensions? They’ve even been given the A-list treatment by the likes of Rihanna (seriously, they’re pretty long!), so you know this ‘do is worth trying. Credit: @toboreoweh

Black History Month 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - afro mohawk fauxhawk Instagram
Black History Month 2016: Afro mohawk. Credit:

Afro mohawk

We at All Things Hair really do love a good mohawk, especially when working with sky-high, curly locks! So, if you’re feeling brave, why not shave the sides of your head to create an edgy afro mohawk? The true beauty of this hairstyle, is that is looks good from literally all angles: we’re talking front, back and sides. What’s not to love about such a bold and beautiful look? Credit: @chidalu_

Black History Month 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long brown braids
Black History Month 2016: Beautiful braids. Credit:

Hair twists

Want a protective hairstyle, but tired of your usual cornrows? Then do we have the style for you, enter: hair twists. This stunning look is a fun hairstyle choice that requires minimal upkeep, making them perfect for you ladies who don’t have tonnes of time in the morning to style your mane! Credit: @kellechie

Black History Month 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - bantu knots mohawk Instagram hair ponytail
Black History Month 2016: Bantu knot ponytail. Credit:

Bantu knot ponytail

Are you as obsessed with bantu knots as we are? Then this incredible hairstyle, that’s as fun as it is sophisticated, is just what you need! Fashion several small bantu knots down the centre of your head, and gather your remaining hair into a sleek ponytail. Trust us, you’ll have heads turning wherever you go! Credit: @chimeedwards

Black History Month 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - afro hair
Black History Month 2016: Over-the-top afro. Credit:

Over-the-top afro

Let’s be honest, when it comes to natural hair, nothing beats the traditional afro. We’ve seen this volumised ‘do on the heads of numerous celebrities and models over the years, so you know that rocking your curls out and proud is a surefire way to win some instant style points! Credit: @loveimanigold

Editor’s tip: As many of you fabulous naturalistas will know, black hair needs a little extra TLC – so, ensure it’s moisturised with the LOC, LOCO or LCO method (liquid, oil and cream). For liquid, try the TIGI S-Factor Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spray, to get fully hydrated and beautifully smelling locks! And for oil and cream, we suggest trying the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment and the Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Crème Serum


Can’t get enough natural hairspiration? Then check out the amazing ‘dos from Afropunk London, as well as our all time favourite black hairstyles – you’ll be wowed at the glorious manes on offer!

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