7 Black hair ideas for Halloween from Instagram

Jeanette | 18 October 2016

Spooky hair ideas for Halloween? Right this way.

Looking for black hair ideas for Halloween? With All Hallow’s Eve fast approaching, we know that most of you will be on the hair hunt for loads of fun and quirky ‘dos to try this year (black women cosplayin’ as Harley Quinn, we’re looking at you)! So, with that in mind, we’ve scoured Instagram for some of the best hairstyles in town. And don’t worry, if you’re not planning to dress up as something ghoulish, we have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling and check out our favourite Insta looks, now!

Our favourite 7 black hair ideas for Halloween from Insta!


Black hair ideas for Halloween: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Flapper
Black hair ideas for Halloween: 1920s Flapper. Credit: Instagram.com/makidarko

1. 1920s Flapper

Want to look more stylish than scary? Then 1920s-inspired finger waves might be the perfect look for your hair this Halloween. And did we mention, that this look was also a big hair trend for the autumn/winter 2016 catwalk shows, so you can even work this super on-trend, retro ‘do after the spooky celebrations are over! Credit: @makidarko

Try: The VO5 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Crèmeto create smooth, frizz-free finger waves. Now, which way to Jay Gatsby’s house?

Black hair ideas for Halloween: All Things Hair - IMAGE - vampire
Black hair ideas for Halloween: Vampire. Credit: Instagram.com/nvte_blvck

2. Vampire

Dressing up as a fiendish blood sucker this year? Then you’re going to need some seriously big hair to mesmerise your victims! All you have to do is create a beautiful blow-out and do your very best impression of Angela Bassett (circa Vampire in Brooklyn). Now, where’s that hair dryerCredit: @nvte_blvck

Editor’s tip: Before blow drying your tresses, remember to prep and protect them with a heat protectant, like the TRESemmé Heat Protection Heat Defense Spray.

Black hair ideas for Halloween: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Medusa
Black hair ideas for Halloween: Medusa. Credit: Instagram.com/discocurls

3. Medusa

Whether you have real dreadlocks or are deciding to rock faux dreadlocks a la Rihanna, we think that this Medusa updo is the perfect black hair idea for Halloween! It’s innovative, it’s simple to create, and it’s just down-right spooky. Now all you have to do is practice your stony stare for maximum effect. Credit: @discocurls

Black hair ideas for Halloween: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Joker
Black hair ideas for Halloween: Female Joker. Credit: Instagram.com/thesmartista

4. Female Joker

Who said that the Joker had to be a man? This Instagrammer is break down barriers and going all out this Halloween with her incredible, gender bending hairstyle! But don’t worry if you don’t want to permanently dye your tresses, there are plenty of bright wigs and temporary hair colour sprays that will do just the trick. Why so serious?  Credit: @thesmartista

Black hair ideas for Halloween: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Storm
Black hair ideas for Halloween: Storm from X-men. Credit: Instagram.com/heirofglee

5. Storm

No ‘black hair ideas for Halloween’ list would be complete without the obligatory Storm-inspired hairstyle. And the best thing is, this look also taps into the surprising new grey hair colour trend, that’s been spreading like wildfire on social media! To get yourself ready for your new role this Halloween, we suggest watching all of the X-Men films back to back – you’ll be looking and thinking like Halle Berry in no time. Credit: @heirofglee

Black hair ideas for Halloween: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Greek goddess
Black hair ideas for Halloween: Greek Goddess. Credit: Instagram.com/ya_bz

6. Greek goddess

Keep your hair straight and sleek to nail this gorgeous, Olympian look. Remember: it’s all about understated tresses, because your golden, Grecian hair accessories should be doing all of the heavy lifting! Credit: @ya_bz

Editor’s tip: Want to rock this look, but still want to protect your tresses? Then why not try Mini Marley’s goddess braids? It’s pretty, practical, and this updo will keep the ends of your hair nice and safe. Triple win for you!

Black hair ideas for Halloween: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Mad Max-inspired
Black hair ideas for Halloween: Mad Max-inspired. Credit: Instagram.com/mayasworld

7. Mad Max-inspired

Looking to channel some dystopian vibes into your Halloween get-up? Then you can perfect your post-apocalypse hair by drawing inspiration from the Mad Max films. Think shaggy, 80s-influenced haircuts and metal, retro-futuristic hair accessories. Trust us, follow this advice and we’re sure that both Mel Gibson and Charlize Theron would be mega proud! Credit: @mayasworld


Have our black hair ideas for Halloween whet your hair appetite? No? Then you need to check out our Black Hairstyles page – it’s got all best looks to style your natural tresses this season!

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